If anyone has any examples of games in Python, they are interested in everything, please share!
It is advisable to use pygame.
Thanks in advance!

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I don't know of any example games that use python spacifically. Soundrts does, and rsgames is written in python but I don't know if it uses pygame. There are plenty of example python programs available. Pygame's documentation has plenty of examples of how to do things I'm sure.

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Helllo dood you want to use BGT, and then python?
not to be meen you should use 1 language to get use to programming.
how do you want to get use to bgt if you are using python?
and the same goes to python.
choose a language and use it to get use to it

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well, i don't see the bgt as a language myself

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@ashleygrobler04, you do not need to

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Actually, I do sort of understand the idea of learning more than one language at a time. Course not if you can't lose the confusion aspect, but you might be able to solve problems or better understand certain elements of a programming language itself.

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