Well Dee time has come to report another landmark in aud dee o games.net's and the dee ata base. People might recognize dees way of speaking from dees topic back from dee sember of 2014.
Well now we've dee on it again. We now have Dc games in da dee ata base.
Dc?  am I talking about a dee tective constable? or maybe dee capiddal of dee unite deed states. No, I'm talking about dc, the number 600, since yes, we now have 600 games in da dee atabase!
And here you can dc what the most recent batch of updates have been:

Updates by dee ark:

Supercube: Entry, description and links.
Copter mission: entry, description and links.

Rocky's space invaders: entry, description and links.
4dimensions: entry, description and links.
BG Twenty 20 cricket: Entry and description.

Blindfold Barnyard: Added description of additional barn yards used to customize the game.
Renamed Blindfold Roadtrip toBlindfold Travel cards.
changed genre of Blindfold Hearts to shareware, (ie free game with locked modes available upon purchice even if no sharing of the game happens other than by the ap store).

Blindfold Pinball: Entry, description and links.
Blindfold Juggle: Entry, description and links.
Blindfold Snakes and puzzles: Entry, description and links.
Eurofly: Added link to Orin's Eurofly for dumbies guide.
Manamon: Added link to David Solomon's self trading guide.
Survive the wild: Entry, description and links.
Bloodshed, release the pain: Entry, description and links.
Sammy Senter: Entry and description.

Updated all Japanese game entries with links to the newly updated translation guide and to the Jgt Nvda addon.

Updated page and download links from the audiogames archive for Fartman.

Pontes escape: Entry, description and links.
Villains from beyond: Entry, description and links.

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THat's a NIce UpDAte, DArk! BTW, I hope the game will reach up to 1000!

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I know this isn't the place to ask, but do you guys need more db editors?  I'm more than happy to volunteer. smile

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@Socheat we'll see, eventually perhaps big_smile.
@Dan I'll discuss this with the other mods and we'll have a think about it, since even accepting that only fully accessible games belong in the db, there is still a lot to add.

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Thank you Dark. smile

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