I have two questions.
Firstly: How i can pasting the links in post witch name? <a href="example">example</a> this not working.
2: I can or can't paste named link in signature?

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the forum is PunBB, so it doesn't accept standard html link code, you have to use bbcode for posting links either in signatures or in posts themselves.

You post a link using brackets, ie the punctuation marks just to the right of the letter p along with u r l.

So if you wanted a link to audiogames.net you'd type
left bracket u r l equals www.audiogames.net right bracket this is a link to audiogames.net left bracket slash u r l right bracket.

or using the actual punctuation marks but putting in spaces you'd type [ url = www.audiogames.net ] this is a link to audiogames.net [ / url ].

if you do that you end up with something like this:

this is a link to the audiogames.net website

Find out more about bbcode using the bbcode link at the bottom of the page (you can also put in headings and such if you wish).


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Thanks for reply, this is a test.
Wisit my page

If you want, you can wisit my page.

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