re post 3442:
I don't have access to this area on any of my saves at the moment but I remember having to push some of the letters past some of the moving fireballs to form the word. I think that I formed the word against the south wall sort of across from the ascending ladder. Also, there might have been   a mass of stationary fire that forced you to go down and around for one of the letters.


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I can tell you why I didn't answer the question, anyway.

I took a few dozen hours to write a walkthrough. The dropbox link to download it is in my signature.

If you don't want a whole walkthrough though, I'll say this much:

It doesn't matter where you spell "shadow". You can spell it anywhere in the room as long as the letters are in order and consecutive.
If you can't find all the letters, you are not looking hard enough. One of the letters, you'll have to get above and shove downward, with fire very very close on your right. Listen for rumbling, use headphones if necessary. The rumble of the stone and the roar of the flames are kind of tough in the sense that one will bury the other if you're not listening too hard. You absolutely do not have to use the letters in front of the ladder, and in fact, if you do, and block it off, it might be a bit of a pain in the neck.

I've mostly stopped answering questions in here because frankly, if you want the answer to damn near anything, it's in my guide. And if it's not in my guide, you can probably figure it out. I'm still hoping for someone to actually set me straight on exactly where my walkthrough is wrong regarding the rocket hideout (err, I mean the shadow area in the arcade). I know it's not accurate, but there's no way I'm restarting my game anytime soon just to fix that issue, not with a fully complete manapedia and a whole bunch of very well-set-up manamon at decent levels with good stats.

I predict that outside of the odd question that doesn't really need asking anymore, this thread is well and truly dust on the wind by the anniversary of this game's launch. And that will make me sad. I had high hopes once.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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The only thing I noticed that wasn't accurate were the instructions for the box puzzle in the secret hideout. After pushing the box on to the switch, push it up until the west wall stops, then push it left all the way or until you hear the north wall. Get on it's left side and push it right once, (only doing that because I don't remember how many spaces exactly you had to push it left) then push it up on to the teleporter. One other thing, maybe you should say that to get to the upgraded Master Stadium, you have to beat all the other stadiums first. In Ascendance Path F 2, you forgot one Manamon on the list. It's Ghoperto. Manamon available: Embird, Friggle, Miterosier, Terruffalo, Zapistan, Bayowoof, Thornita, Ghoperto. So far that's all the errors I've found. And yes, these are not. Things I've made up. Maybe you can't find Ghoperto there, I know you can find it in Ascendance Path, and it's not in the area with the Sheepit, Donnammer, Promolder and other things.

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I don't know if I've already said this, but it's worth saying again.  thank you so so much for the guide Jade.  I completed manamon before, but for future playthroughs, it's incredibly useful and allows me to focus on the game rather than tedious things. smile

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Hello everyone! I'm with a doubt that bothers me a lot in manamon, I would like to know step by step how to do for me to fight or trade items with a friend online, I already tried doing all the procedures at the hotel to connect more we have not been able to establish the connection to the server. Please if someone can show me step by step how to forward the UDP ports to configure the manamon to be able to play online properly I thank you

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The way to do that differs between routers. This is one of the many glaring issues with this game. Many people, self included, did not or do not know how to monkey around with that sort of thing, and some routers aren't terribly accessible. Rather than spring for an inexpensive way to host locally, given the forty-dollar price tag on the game, VG Storm put everything in the hands of players without really getting into a lot of detail on the process. This is the middle of three reasons why the game is nearly dead. The first and foremost is that it's badly balanced and the company is extremely resistant to virtually anything which would shake up what we've got. Bad balance = less reason to trade or fight. The lesser reason is that the game has a very...abbreviated postgame. Just a couple new fights, one small new area, a couple of mythicals, a cutscene that feels extremely tacked on, and...that's it. There's just not a whole ton of incentive. Every pokemon game after red/blue/yellow had a pretty decent postgame (some better than others, but all pretty substantial), and it's not as if VG Storm is a pioneer in this area of game design. Pokemon is the game they most heavily borrowed from, and they've been doing this sort of thing for the better part of two decades now.
So I definitely can't help you with your port forwarding issue, and were I to offer advice, it would be to maybe find someone who knows for sure that they can host a room, and trade that way. As far as online battle? Just let it go. If you want to succeed you'll both be using virtually the same team anyway. Haha.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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hi guys,
anyone knows what needs to be on posision 112 in your manapedia? I completed the game and can't find it out lol

kind regards and have a nice day,
just you can find me on most multiplayer games with this name lol. If you wish to come in contact with me, just pm me on stw, i'm around there for the most.

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I fully agree with jayde. Post 3457, read a couple of posts back. Is it me, or I just misst other players that haven't been stuck on this or that part of the game? I only read about  erodium,  but that's because I think it's really stupid.  It limits your team. All other stuff I did on my own.

Jayde, Aaron isn't that good on the post game stuff. You can tell that from paladin. With Manamon he just burned out by the master stadium I think, so  maybe that's why the post game is so rushed.

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When trying to fill in your manapedia, the search function here on the forum is your friend.
For easier referencing, however, if you want someone else (not me, I won't answer the question directly because I've answered questions like it many times already) to help you, maybe tell us what manamon 111 and/or manamon 113 are. Speaking for myself at least, I don't memorize manamon by their manapedia entry or number. I memorize them by who they're related to or, in some cases, who they follow.

Paladin's postgame wasn't awful. It was definitely rushed, and you can tell he just wanted you to get to level 100 already. But it had a couple of neat bosses, and a really, really weird storyline, along with the Hell on Earth area, and that stupid, oh-so-frustrating beeps-that-destroy walls gimick that got really old in Infinite Matrix. But Paladin's postgame was leaps and bounds better than Manamon's postgame. Does that say something? lol

I also think it's funny that an electric type wrecks like half the Elite Four (ahem, Master Tamers) when all that would've needed to be done to get around that is to make one of them use, say, plant types instead of water types, or plant types instead of flame types (flame doesn't resist electric the way plant does). Or...well, anything really. It's just not designed well. It was actually fighting the final fights that I realized just how many holes there were, and really started digging into the meat of the game, and exposing all of the design choices I've pointed out elsewhere in the thread and in my guide.

But hey, at least he found/borrowed some neat tracks for both games. There are some gems in there. He does seem to have an ear for tracks that suit in certain areas, I can't fault him there.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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so I finished the manapedia, but still can't fight the doctor. I just get how many manamon I caught.

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I've written a self-trading guide for Manamon which is now in the articles room. I hope this helps with some of the trading issues.

@JimmyDub: This may be a silly question, but what number of manamon are you being told you've caught? Also, are you running the latest version? The battle with the doctor wasn't implemented until one of the more recent versions.

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still looking for an answer about the doctor. I have all 158, but still can't fight.

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Did you get all the mythicals? If you didn't, look at jade's walkthrough, and it tells you how. I think this may do it, but I don't know exactly how to fight the doctor's lvl 100 manamon... not saying anymore.

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Jimmy, are you sure you're running the latest version?

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Sorry yeah, that's the only thing I can think of is that your version might be out of date. The doctor should give you a rewarding bit of dialogue and ask if you want to battle after you've caught all 158. If not, then you might consider reporting it as a bug to VGStorm... for all the good it'll do.

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Post 1465, AK A, nothing

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where can i get the old playthrou of manamon? the liam.selfip.com is not working

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I think the BTSync key is on page 28 of this topic if you set something called "Display the post per pages or something" to 75. I can't remember it off the top of my head. But it's there.

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how can i get the old playthrou of liams manamon from the liam.selfip.com

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Hi everyone,

Can I defeat the first stadium leader in the demo version of Manamon or not? Which Manamon does the first stadium leader use? Which attack or attacks can I use to defeat the first stadium leader?

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Soundtrack request, anyone have the piano theme that plays at the top of mt. cinder before the cage fight? Love that theme.

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Good Morning!

First and foremost, please stop bashing this game, its concept, its origin and most of all its price. If you don't have money, then don't buy it.
I would like to thank Aaron and his team for a job well done! I for one am very appreciative for any game that comes down the line, that is not only accessible, but is an RPG. I love the Final Fantasy games, but as they have gotten away from the Turnbased environment they have become more and more inaccessible.
Your concept of navigation with the wall and environmental sounds is absolutely brilliant!! I can't stress that enough. I have purchased the game, and I look for ward to my next "Unknown Gift." Smilyface
With Paladan of the Sky's resemblance to Legends of the Dragoon, I look forward to beating that one as well. I just finished the Demo.

Thank you very much for thinking of the visually impaired gaming community, and I sincerely hope you continue to expand upon your releases, and you can look forward to my patronage in the future.

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Hey everyone,

What type of Manamon should I use in order to defeat the first stadium leader? Can I pick any Manamon from my party or should I pick a speciffic Manamon for the first stadium battle?
Have a nice day,

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Well finally I'm restarting manamon after my slightly abortive ateempt last year and it's going better thus far mostly thanks to Jayde's walkthru which I'm checking intermitantly just to assist things (I'm about to do the bell tower).

I am a bit worried about the online trading part since as far as I know my server isnt' open and I have no idea how to open ports, ---- -ghod I hate that mechanic! likewise I don't particularly fancy playing a separate game up to the point when I can trading then going through the rather daunting process of trading.

personally i don't agree with most of the cryticisms of manamon, or at least they are things that don't bbother me, ---- eg, I have only a passing acquaintance with pokemon so don't care about similarities, but the fact you need this clunky and complex online  trading mechanic in order to fully complete your manapedia is not a good thing at all, indeed this is one thing Aaron could! fix, even if he just had a perminant bot trading partner which people could connect to purely for the purpose of obtaining online only tradie manamon, or, else a bugfix which allowed them to  be caught or evolved in the single player game, indeed I might contact him about this directly.

Still we'll see as I'm not there yet and for the time being I'm having fun.

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