Welcome to the forum Tim!  Glad to have you here with us.  big_smile

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Hello everyone!
I'm Saiteja, an 18 year old student from India, a country in Southeast Asia. I'm blind by birth. I'm currently pursuing graduation in commerce. I like fiddling with computer software by experimenting with new features, changing settings and such. I like playing audio games as well. I'm proud to be a part of this awesome community!

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Hi saiteja!
welcome to the forum I am also from india.

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Hello saiteja,
Welcome on board smile

I'm Feeling pleasurable  to have another gamer from our country; very few folks are here from India.
So, explore the forum as well as the main website, you'll love to do it!

And yes, here we have a fantastic community to help you out in your every gaming needs and queries.

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Hi Asian's  here!

My name is Ines wink

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Welcome to the forum Arborescent.  smile

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Hello Arborescent
  and welcome to the forum. Any questions, feel free to ask, though a lot of common questions are answered in the site and forum faq which is just next to this introductions topic.

Hope you have fun.

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Hi, everyone, I'm new and just wanted to stop and say hello. I love adventure games, role-playing games and exploration games.

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Hi and welcome.
Me as well, hope you have fun here on the forum and site.

any questions, feel free to ask, though there is also the site faq if you want quick answers.

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Hi all
I go by Drako. Or Scott, I dont' mind which one honestly....but I'm mostly found in Wales and I'm the sort of person who has been looking for audiogames for ages and finally, FINALLY found this place, and am impressed with the audio games side of gaming and how creative people are.

I've been on a bit of a downloading spree so yeah, sorry site admins, it was probably me downloading games at 3am that broke everything....oops smile

Seriously though, I'm picky about what I play, mostly simulators, for me and RPGs, I'm a big, big fantasy fan, and also an adventure game fan too and I like my game books too, somewhere I have on my computer a bunch of game books I scanned in and never did anything with....and nope, not gonna share them, a) I boughht them and b) I'd rather not have book publishers hammering on my door with legal notices at all.

That being said....I am currently ever so slightly addicted to Warsim from this site, it's like my gaming drug on my laptop for the moment....gah....why's it so freaking addicting and why does NVDA love to read out the worst bits first? >.<

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Ahoy Scot!

Welcome to the forums.

  Funnyly enough my interests for the most part are similar to that of yours,and I hope you do enjoy all the nice stuff that's awaiting you in the world of audiogaming. big_smile

Choiceofgames has pretty good text adventures available, speaking of which. If RPGS is what you like, you should give Entombed a spin, and a game that has a kickstarter going on at the moment and you might want to have look at is A heros call

Warsim, I tried ages ago, thanks for reminding me of it. big_smile

If you haven't tried out Eurofly and tubesim I suggest you do so,too. I know I am not helping the download binging situation at all. wink

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Hi Scot and welcome.
any questions, feel free to ask, though there is also the site and forum faq in general games discussion which tries to answer most common questions.

On the downloading, we don't actually host game files on this site, we just point people in the direction of games, so download away, that's what we're hear for.

I agree with Grryf about Entombed and hero's call, though if you like pokemon style games you should also give Manamon a look, there are also lots of interesting muds kick around, (I'm on a cosmic rage binge at the moment but I've had lots of fun with games like Alteraeon in the past too).
Indeed, Alteraeon is probably as close to an audio mmorpg as we hav ewith it's very extensive sounds, though if you don't mind playing ames in text there are lots of other good things kicking around.

I'd also highly recommend The Wastes, by the same developer as Warsim. Sadly a data crash meant that no further work is being done, but it's still an amazingly awesome and rather random game.
LAstly, if your into gamebooks, don't forget to check out the fighting fantasy project site, indeed we have a gamebooks category in the db which lists several entries (though as usual there are more to add), big_smile.

Have fun.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Steve and I'm a long time video game player with an interest in accessible games.

I'm currently studying a computing course at the Open University which is where I developed an interest in accessible technologies, in particular video games.

As part of my final project I aim to develop an accessible PacMan style game that will rely on audio to depict the walls of the maze areas along with the ghosts and bonuses.

I would like to ask a few questions in the future about the style of games people are playing and how they interact with them if that's okay, although I've already found this site very helpful for ideas, resources, and information about audio games so thank you to everybody involved!

I would like to add that I have no commercial interests here and should I hopefully release a game it would be free to download, although that would be after my course has finished.


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Welcome Steve!  To help keep your questions all together in the same place, I welcome you to make a new topic so you can ask your questions.  There are tons of people here who will be more than happy to answer them, and provide helpful feedback.

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Hi Aprone!

Thanks for the nice welcome, I'll start up a new topic shortly.


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Hi everybody !
My name is Romain, I'm a french sound designer student.
I'm actually working on an audio game which is my diploma project !
I'll be looking for people to try it and give feedbacks, I will write about it soon.

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Hello, All Xbox one users.
Can I get some help?
I have both Mortal Kombat XL, Killer Instinct Definitive edition.
I have searched the forums and even the web for a current up to date manual but I am not having any luck.
What I found for both games was not written out exactly like the way that my games are.
Can someone please give me a layout of the menus and character select screen?
Also can you tell me the things that you have to adjust before getting into the main menu when launching the game for the first time?
From what I have been told there are things youhave to adjust before getting to the main menu.
Thanks for the help!

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@Rom, a belated welcome to the forum.
Feel free to post a topic in general discussion, or indeed new releases if your game is ready and people would be pleased to test it.

Hi Psycho and welcome to the forum.
This really isn't the best place to ask for tips on mortal combat etc, since this topic is more a general introductions topic than one for specific questions.
I'd recommend posting a topic in general game discussion, with a subject like "Looking for Mortal Combat Xbox info" or the like , asking for what your looking for.
People around here are generally always very glad to help, however obviously people need to know what your looking for, and while people do check the introductions topic just to say hi, generally you can't guarantee that anyone who knows about access in the latest mk game will do so, which is why posting a topic with a more specific question might be a good idea.


Hope you both have fun on the forum and find what your looking for.

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Hello. I go by my internet pseudonym of Jase. I'm a long time reader... or... Listener? first time... err... um... Writer? Replyer? Participator,  perhaps? Oh well. I've been studying the forum and thought I'd come aboard.

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