greetings fellow developers and programmers, this post is directed to the programmers mostly.

As some of you know, back in the Eurofly topic under the new releases room I said well let's build our own flight sim then. I've got a team together with sound engineers and airplane-knowhows, but we still require a programmer.
It's a very ambitious project and I think there's a huge demand for a good flight simulator. Flying is something I believe a lot of blind people have done, at least I did as a kid to get my operations. Sadly though, it's not  something we can do.
We have every kind of game out there, aside from a good flight simulator.

we need a programmer to help us develop a prototype, and if it reaches our expectations and the programmer is willing to go further we will kickstart the project to get money for sounds, voice actors and licenses. We're hoping to sell the final product and split it up amongst us or use it for future projects, this is not clear yet.
We require an experienced programmer, or at least someone who has had a few successful games under his belt and maybe want to step it up a challenge. This is a flight sim, not a game of black jack.

We're not sure about the programming language yet but we need a language that can support a relatively decent MAP API, in my personal view the accuracy of the map isn't super important, it's first and foremost the mecanics and interface.

To anyone who's wondering what we want to accomplish with the flight sim, here are a few things:

1. realistic airplane physics. Not down to the very core of course, mostly because new things about aerodynamics is being discovered constantly, but to the level to which a beginner pilot has knowledge about, winds, throttle, rudders, elevators, hydraulics, etc.
2. real checklists with real procedures, that actually change the behaviour of the airplane and isn't just button pressing for button pressings sake.
3. realistic sounds. What's an accessible flight sim without the feeling like you're actually in a plane?
4. game continuity. Goals to work towards, improving your piloting skills, building up your career, competing with others, and more.
5. realism. I can't stress this enough. We want you to feel like you're actually flying a Boeing 747 or a Cesna Skyhawk for real (without the airsickness of course)

if you want to be applied for a position as a programmer (sadly without payment for now) write me an email at:
vdrum2012 (at) gmail.com

remove the parenthesis, and put it into one whole chunk to get the email address. This is done as a protection against spambots.

another alternative way of contacting me is through skype, this is actually probably faster, my skype is

We are all looking forward to receiving applications from possible programmers because this is something we want a lot, no I correct myself; this is something we need a lot.

Best regards:
Andreas, airplane freak.

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two questions here. First, you say we don't have good flight sims, yet we have tdv and zero sight on the combat side of things, and eurofly on the airline simulation side of things. While eurofly isn't that realistic and doesn't have top noch sounds, its still a good flight sim in my opinion, so I think that claim is a bit overstated. Second, are you attempting to make a combat flight sim, or is it going to be transporting pasangers like in eurofly?

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@LordLundin, it also sounds like you'd need a physicist and an airplane pilot as a part of your team. The idea you propose is going to be extremely tricky to implement in any programming language.

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@Connor sorry mate, but the "flight sims" ... what the fuck ... they aren't any good, what so ever.

Furthermore, it's going to be well ... cargo and passangers mainly. Remember, I said realism here. A scaled down version of fsx with more audible queues and stuff.

@ethin what we don't know I guess the internet knows. I'm sure we could get a physisist too since one of the guys in the team knows a lawyer, and I personally know a couple of pilots. I also have prier experience in programming so I know what the programmer has to do and what part he solves vs what the designers do.
The only reason I am not personally working on the Project from the programming aspect is because I lost a fuck tun of work once and totally lost the interest after that.

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No, Eurofly is far from realistic at all. It does not model how the four forces (lift, thrust, drag and gravity) act on an aircraft, it only models thrust in a static form (i.e. thrust is a constant regardless of your altitude, air density, or the aircraft's attitude), gravity is not modeled on the aircraft at all, and nor is drag.

The engine model in Eurofly is very, very basic. Essentially, you set the power instantly with the engines performing perfectly all the time, which is simply not how actual aircraft engines operate, given that the higher you go, the thinner the air becomes.

Add to that the simple fact that you do not have to worry about a lot and you can, in the Cat III planes, press one button to fly the plane from takeoff, to landing without any user input. Yes, modern aircraft are automated, but not to that degree.

Second point....

Not as tricky as you think, as physics is merely mathematical formulas. It is simpler than a car tire model for instance, and there are published lookup tables for open source graphical flight sim engines, for instance.
As for what the sim is going to be....here's a planned career mode stage breakdown:

1. It will take you through ground school in the beginning to teach you the ropes

2. You will graduate from the ground school and be placed with a regional carrier in the country that you pick

3. You will again recieve training on the  new aircraft and be paired with an experienced captain, as at many airlines they ban two new pilots flying together

4. Once you graduate to Captain status, you can opt to move on to bigger and better airlines or stay with your current employers. Bear in mind you may not keep your captain rank if you move up to a bigger airline.

Now, as far as other modes go?

Free flying. Do I need to explain this?
Also, as far as planes go, having done some research into the legalities of actually licensing existing aircraft....the team actually has come up with a list of aircraft they'd like to include, but it's not the average roster of Cessena/737/747

Instead, there will be a Cessna in the sim, but...the rest of the plane list is secret. The only hint is expect the unexpected...

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Well, you would need some testers eventually.
I'd be happy to be one and maybe some promoters I do do the odd bit of work for sonnar, and I could also do with more projects.
But you would need this 3d like, so you would need someone that could do c++ or something not bgt, not visual basic, and you would need graphics and such if you wanted to make it accessible to everyone.
Its a large undertaking, I am not a programmer but if I was I would take the challenge.

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This sounds pritty interesting. Only thing is, I don't have any big games under my belt, so I don't meat the criteria.
and map related every programming language should have libraries for maps, so that won't be a problem.

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I don't have the time or inclination, but this sounds like a worthwhile idea.

I guess what EuroFly was trying to do was suspend parts of reality in order to make an engaging gaming experience. Realistic simulators are great for certain types of games or gamers, but that's not what everyone wants to do on every run, and EuroFlyy probably appeals to a certain type of audience that might not want a flight sim necessarily.

Happy to donate once you get to the kickstarter stage.

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Hi Andreas,
This is mostly doable. If you don't mind using a physics engine which will be compatible with the game's license, game development can be sped up considerably. I'm thinking of something like Bullet.
Unfortunately, I don't think I would have enough time to make this happen on my own, even though I have the required experience and skills. If someone else is open for making this possible, though, I would be more than happy to collaborate. The programming language does not matter, any serious programmer would know the limits of a chosen language and work accordingly. I have quite high standards.
I wish you good luck, I am definitely keeping an eye on this topic!


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I don't have a lot of experince as i am still trying to learn some new tricks.
And techneecks.
Altho i want to ask, if you want beater testers, please considder me, as i am more than willing to help.
Best regards.

best regards
never give up on what ever you are doing.

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