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Spent some time working on this this evening.

Turns out I have a lot more to say on game design and figuring out what the game we're building is, and justifying my decisions, than I ever had considered.

I'd love to get some feedback from trusted members of the community before posting this next bit, too, as it's a bit less technical, a little more of me trying to synthesize the reading I have done on game design, as well as my intuitions.

So far I am trying to hammer home the idea that a lot of the work we have to do as game developers is not writing code, but is trying to build a coherent world with reasonable rules that can be fun for the player, as well as stressing the idea that we have an awesome heritage of sighted games to tap for inspiration.

I've also got started on part 3, which is a little more meaty, and will have you actually getting a project directory structure with its own virtual environment and will conclude with you having a window up on the screen.

I'm pretty new at any sort of long-form writing like this, and so am trying to figure out stuff like where to cut up my posts so they are easiest to digest. Forgive me for the roughness, I intend to evolve this over time until I'm actually happy with it, but that'll require feedback, which will require me actually, you know, getting it posted big_smile

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We are here to help.
A good way to slice up posts is in heading form, where the headings represent subsections of the post. Go from the beginning to the end. As in, where someone can follow along with what's being read, and have the post instructions completed by the end. The first post was great, and I was able to understand it very well.

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Hi ctoth
I agree with steev here.
I think you should classified it heading by heading

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