Hi there,

So, looking forward, I would like to have a greater skillset than I've currently got, development-wise. I've got a few good skills, but I'd like to have more.

Here's what I've got:

1. A strong grasp on the English language, and a strong imagination
2. a good head for numbers (not complex math, just general stats and the like)
3. The ability to think logically/algorithmically (I understand a lot of the fundamental issues that must be taken into account for gaming projects)
4. a basic understanding of code logic (conditional statements, variables, loops, and a very very basic understanding of arrays)

Now, here's what I'd like help with, in no particular order.

1. BGT. This being a scripting language, I hear it's quite easy to work with and also quite robust. I'd like a sort of jumping-off point, using someone who's more proficient.
2. The same sort of jumping-off point for some other programming languages at some point (python? c sharp? I hear they're both good for gaming).
3. Someone to teach me PHP and Javascript, maybe MySQL.

And look, I know I'm asking a lot. I also know there are probably resources to help me with this sort of thing. But I really do learn best by being taught, at least at first. I'm kind of a roll-downhill sort of person, in that once I pick up a head of steam, I tend to move very quickly and self-teach.

If nothing else, could one or more of you good people chime in on this and set me in a good direction? I'd be hugely appreciative.

I want to do more for game development than just being the idea person one day. It would, in fact, be nice to actually make my own games one day, or at the very least to be at the head of a project. I'm thinking long-term here, by the way, and I know I'm not going to be pumping out games, say, this summer or anything. But looking forward, if I'm involved in someone else's project I'd love to be able to do more than just give ideas, and for my own projects, I'd love to be able to just...get on and do them rather than having to get lucky seeking out other builders to do the heavy lifting.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried the language tutorial in the BGT manual? It's not complex at all, and should get you going on that.

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Hello. I recommend the below website. It teaches python, Csharp, php and java script I think:
Hope to see much more better games from you.

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Hi there,

No. To my shame, I have not looked at the tutorial for BGT, but I'll do that. The only defense I have is that a lot of tutorials begin thinking you know a lot more than you do. If BGT is much more user friendly, then I daresay I should give it a look.

As far as the rest, thank you for the link. I'm still leaving this request open though, mind you, as I'd love to get some one-on-one if at all possible. Someone who's got a little time and a little ambition to help someone else get off the ground. I'm not expecting it to happen overnight though, and I know that many of you have better things to do.

Righto. Off to look at BGT's tutorial.

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Okay, I just downloaded BGT and read the manual. I understand about 80% of that manual straight up. I took a couple of programming classes, so much of what's there is at least passingly familiar.

Really, I think my main problem is the hurdle of how to turn ideas into code.

For instance, how would you make an AI for an RPG which would let a specific enemy spit fire at you only if you used a water attack on it? Or how would you put together an irregularly (non-grid) map in two dimensions with a couple of freestanding buildings on it? Or how would you make a stat system using, say, HP, attack, defense, special attack, special defense and speed?

That's really what I'm struggling with. A lot of the examples provided in the tutorial assume you know how to make that leap. And the thing is, I can understand the theory behind, say, a Simon-style game, or even a Space Invaders clone, but some of the ideas I have are pretty big and complex, so I don't even know where to start.

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What sort of ideas do you have in mind? Stats are usually just offset numbers for various calculations, when moving a character around for example you usually use x and y coordinates for positioning them in a space, so you just add or subract from its x and y values to move it around. So a speed stat would just determine how much or how fast you add or subtract from those values, ie:

#move left
x -= speed

#move right at half speed
x += speed / 2

#move up at double speed
y += speed * 2

The same applies to HP, attack, defense, etc. Attack would be how much HP is subtracted, with defense being an offset to reduce attack, so the equation could be something like:

hp -= (attack/defense)

As for non-grid maps, it depends. A 2D map, that is a space you move around in, is always a grid because you still have to keep track of where objects are inside it. This means using an x and y coordinate, whether thats for a 2D array or just a set of spacial coordinates to be looked up is just a matter of implementation. If you like I could throw together some simple examples, though much of my own experience is with Python.

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I'm looking more into the RPG genre. I don't need NPCs that move a lot (or at all, I don't mind if some of them pace). I don't mind some occasional hazards/interactibles you can move on the map (switches, blocks, conveyor belts, pits, that sort of thing). The thing will be completely turn-based, mostly one-on-one but occasionally groups (two-on-two, four-on-four, etc).

Like I say, the basic ideas of the tutorial I sort of understand, it's just getting from raw code to idea that I'm going to have trouble with.

Honestly, it sounds to me like the sort of thing I'd want to play with down the road would need millions of lines of code. It probably won't, but that's just how it looks from here.

Also, I want to be able to ascribe hotkeys to things. Forgot that. So if you're highlighting something, hitting the u key will use it, hitting the e key would inspect it. Or if you're highlighting a member of your party, hitting the s would bring up its stats menu, the w key its "worn items" menu. Stuff like that. Obviously the game isn't going to check every 5MS to see which key I'm pressing at all times.

This is very dautning, at least at first.

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I know where you're at, I am sort of the same, I get what variables are, I understand data types, arrays, classes etc. but its making that leap into the wild blue yonder that's tricky to do.

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You're wrong, the game is checking it if you put your if codes in a while.
The if things are always for checking, otherwise they won't be called this way.
As for stats and so on, you should use variables in combination with formulas like division, multiplication, and so on, depends on what you have to do.
You can also use arrays and bool for character stats.
As for surfaces and grids, arrays are the best metods. You can fill the grid with anything you'd like by simply using an array and a for if necessary.
Also, the sound positioning thing, is very useful if you want to do your map more dynamic, by adding sounds for the objects located on it

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I'm at the same place as you are. I'm having trouble converting ideas into code. I know what variables, arrays, classes, arrays, etc. are but I'm not sure how to create a basic idea into code.

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Jade and folks,  I would encourage you to write a little game with what you have got already.  Programming is not my background, I was where you are at around a year ago, and have probably moved on just a little bit.  However I decided to make games and software with what I can do.  I have started with small projects, there are now 5 games and 3 other utilities up on my website.  www.rockywaters.co.uk  and for my self part of the learning curve is bringing things forward.  I am at a stage to learn more from tutorials as I can now imagine a use for new coding, and perhaps I'm also moving towards bigger projects.  I would suggest making something, even a copy of a simple game out there, not to release, but just to get the satisfaction of building.  It's a journey, some of the masters have been developing and developing their skills for years.

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I also want to learn coding, so first of all where should i download bgt?

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You can get bgt over [here] from Blastbay Studios website.

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