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I have a major issue with the automated stop bot part of the forum. Every single time I post from my laptop (since I was randomly logged out of my desktop...) I get the pun stop bots screen, and regardless of what answer I put in, it kicks it back as a wrong answer.

For instance it can ask me for the name of the site, I put the right answer in, it reloads the page with the same question and acts as if I never answered the question.

Can you guys take a look at this please as it's highly annoying to have to fight through this every single post.b

EDIT: Okay, that's just weird,there's absolutely questions that are broken in the stop bots thing, that's for sure but why is it flagging every single post I do as a potential spam bot post? I even got the page when opening a new tab to check new posts in the new releases forum, does it think I'm trying to throw spam posts out there or something?

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Today it asked me THREE TIMES in a row a question. I think that's a bit excessive.

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I'll pass this on to sander who first installed the bot questions.
Unfortunately, this sounds rather similar to what happened last time we installed something like this, it got so intrusive and persistent that it had to be removed.

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Keeps happening to me 3 or 4 times in a row no matter what computer or tablet I'm on, it's honestly getting infuriating I have to answer a question every. single. time. I want to post something honestly....

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Gee I must be lucky. The name changes problem and the intrusive questions aren't happening to me. OK, I did get a stop bots question once, but it was easy to get past. What exactly are the conditions that have to be true for the question to appear?

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Hello, my friend can't log in because the forum thinks he is a bot. His username is vojvoda

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I have same problem and the forum think  that i'm bot. And i have a problem with the pun s to bot question. How can i fix this problem? Regards Karlitos

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Hi guys, sorry to hear this. I'll disable this horrible form of intelligence, since it's obviously misbehaving!

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The stop bot question had appears to me once, but I can deal with it easily. And it never came back again.

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