recently, avast for the pc stopped being accessible, and I am super pissed about it. even worse the sounds aren't playing. so I was thinking of installing a second antivirus program. is it a good idea what would you recommend?

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Uninstall Avast first since having multiple AV's at the same time can cause conflicts.

In terms of accessible AV I'm not certain; I use Malwarebytes; someone else should fill you in to an accessible AV.

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Having more than one AV product on your machine is not good, as they can conflict with each other, causing instability and/or crashes. Uninstall Avast first.

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I came here to say only have one running at a time, but Daigonite and JasonSW beat me to it.
I had exactly this problem last year, where two antivirus programs (I took it to PCDocs. Would not recommend.) were fighting and it caused my computer to run at half speed.
Having no antivirus does the same thing, possibly because there are viruses getting through. On that note, how do you back up your data without backing up malware?

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if you're using windows 10, people say windows defender actually does stuff now, though I have no idea how true that is because I work by the mentality of the best firewall is just not allowing infection via careful browsing
but, I remain uninfected for now as far as I know... no alerts have popped up

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I've been wondering about good AV to use on Windows as well. True,  we have Defender, but I'm not sure how effective it is. Also, if more people start using Defender, then the malware writers will have less AV products to try to break.
On the other hand, I've been hearing a lot of discussion lately about third party antivirus products causing more problems than they solve, by introducing more vulnerabilities into the system. The Security Now! podcast recently talked about a lot of problems caused by many AV products.

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Lately I haven't bothered using antivirus, but Defender on Win 10 actually does work. However I found it took over and found a fair number of false positives on my drives and machines. There's no real way to disable it either unless you go into the registry and do it, which is a pain because the keys may not have adequate permissions for you to do that. It was a nightmare but I eventually disabled it. I just can't be bothered to deal with its always running in the background. But if you just want protection, I think for the novice Defender is at least a great start. How effective it actually is in practice is something I don't know.

Ever since I used Win 7 I've never used an antivirus and I've never gotten infected. The best antivirus, I'd say, is common sense. Don't click on links or download something that sounds like it's too good to be true, or just looks odd. If you do want protection, I'd say Malware Bytes is a good solution. I also use two other programs, JRT and AdwCleaner, to kill spyware, adware and other annoying things. None of these are antivirus but they all are useful to have around, and they all are either free or have free editions. Malware Bytes has a paid realtime protection suite but I don't know how good it is. Imho it's better to have protection when you need it but to not rely on it, which is why I've drifted away from antivirus. If booting from a disc or reformatting your machine wasn't so difficult as a blind person, I'd say have a Windows dVD at the ready so that you can use it whenever you suspect you're infected. But that's still not the easiest thing in the world. Back when I was on Win7 I used a DVD image which comes pre-loaded with NvDA which I used to reinstall Windows. I've heard that Win10 is making this possible natively, similar to how Apple does with Voiceover. I really do hope it happens.

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You should get Esset smart security. It comes with a firewall. It's just great and fully accessible with JAWS. I use it along with Malwarebytes and both are working flawlessly together.

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Is the latest version of Eset accessible now? Or are you still using version 8? I didn't renew my subscription last year because I had heard that the new version was inaccessible.

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Like Jason SW i've come across articles like [this one] that make the case that antivirus vendors are creating more of an attack surface rather than mitigating it. The article mirrors whats generally being said here though, practice safe surfing and stay up to date. I have heard good things about Malwarebytes in the past though.

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