Hi, so I'd like to politely request that the moderators consider a new policy regarding the recent uptick of posts in relation to private arguments as well as posts that seem like they may degenerate into flame wars as well as unneeded drama. I'm pretty sick of seeing the silly little kiddie posts going on around here and am therefore writing this. Forum users, if you agree with me in this, please thumb this post up, answer the poll, and/or write why you agree in a reply. Mods, please take the thumbs up as a sort of petition. I just want to see a little less of the ridiculous drama that happens over Skype, games, IRC or wherever, thanks.

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It's very tricky because we don't exactly want to sensor stuff, but at the same time I hear you. I'm not sure what's going to happen.

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Yes, this! Or if we must let people work out their drama here because there's nowhere better, can we at least make a Drama Room and quarantine it all there? And set up some very clear guidelines and move criteria when someone inevitably complains that their thread about how the admins in whatever game unfairly banned them got moved from New Releases to Drama?

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Well with the business of being banned from games, the rules are already clear, however in terms of other arguments I'm not really sure if there is an easy way to actually   distinguish things enough to have any concrete rules about them, or indeed any easy way to  distinguish what is or is not an arguement, other than having moderators be on side and taking care of things when matters get personal and  flamy.

After all, I'd be willing to bet money that if we did write up some sort of official "no drama" type of rule, we'd then get a hole bunch of arguements about what  was or  was not drama, when someone was generating drama, who was responsable for the drama etc, quite aside from the fact that anything too clearly concrete would risk something like nazi moderation.

Unless it's something specific that is causing issues, like discussing bans from online games, I'm not sure there is much we can do apart from the general "be nice to each other" that we have at the moment.

Besides, usually the people responsable for the drama are either A, the people who categorically don't read the rules anyway, or B, the sort of people who  don't  believe the rules apply to them.

Rather reminds me of the time I was sitting on a train in the quiet coach, ie, the coach where  use of mobile phones for conversations wasn't allowed.
There was a woman sitting opposite me, chattering  away very briskly on her phone. When the announcement played, she said to the person she was talking to (who'd planely asked what the noise was).

"Oh, it's just a message about not using your phone!" big_smile..

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Hmmm. yeah its like a double edged sword because at one end its like oh god here we go another one of these topics, but then I can't resist and I dive in anyway. But yeah the whole I'm write, here's my DM, skype, twitter, bla bla IRC logs, like really? why in the hell should we look at your logs, no one cares outside the circle you are in at the moment, that's all.

I'm a cat! What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine to :P XD

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Agree with Dark here. If it's just good-natured argy-bargy I see no reason why it shouldn't go on, just as long as its civilised. Its when we get into all the childish name-calling and chest-thumping and ego trips that I just tire.

So yes, we'll leave it open until there's something concrete.

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