So I'm coming back after a while, and I'm not sure what to do. I just saw this "senaptic signal" system and was like WTF? I realize that it is the account system, but what if I already had a character? Do I create a new account? How would I put my old character on it?


hello folks!
It has been a while since I updated this thread but feel it is time I should.
Here are some details for you in which the rp has shifted recently:
1. Hosts have withdrawn from roleplay. this opens up more high-ranking roles for players.
2. The ryacus warlord roleplay has ended.
3. There are currently elections for the next dragon queen, who is to be a player!

What about changes?
1. New planet.
2. Christmas events.
3. Tons of bug and typo fixes.
4. clans! clans are complete! they have fondly been renamed to clanclanclanclanclanclanclanclanclanclanclans in cosmic rage, much to our amusement.

ho ho ho and a merry christmas to you all!

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I am not to sure when I will log back on, but I have a question or two. Has anyone tried a grav jump with a factory in tow? When I log back in, I will need to rebuild my factory seeing that went and lost it in a field. Part of that is rebuilding the jump satalite for it along with collecting what I need to rebuild the factory itself. I do wonder what a good way of find a area out in uncharted that will not give me that field problem. Does the fields like the astraroid and planentary fields move about? I do not want to go through the trouble of rebuilding and towing if I was to only drag into a field again. I know that turning off the autostop helps, but I do not want to arive at a set a coords that was empty the last time I check only to find it within a field. The rent can be painfull for the factory, but I am thinking that some that are well placed should bring a few good creds. LOL. Anyway, I was thinking about having the coords for the factory over 6000 just for kicks.

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yes, that ryacus rp is gone, but really, i miss him, lol
have a nice day

HI All i try to download the sound pack, but the link isn't working.

hi there
first off @cw, autostop really is the only way to ensure survival against fields.
garvjump shouldn't work with factories, and you will need to use warp.
@buildGamer, there is a link findable by typing @soundpacks, which shows you our soundpack from within game.
Thank you

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I can use warp to go survey an area with a ship with warp, but, unless I am mistaken, the factory hauler has no warp. Anyway, I really need to log in at some point.

All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be king.
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hello everyone!
It's that time of the month again... no, not the one where every guy runs for the hills and every woman tries to kill them... not that one.
It's the time of the month where the hosts of cosmic rage sit down and talk about where to go next!
Topics being bought up this time are:
1. Current and new host positions,
2. Host to player communicators, htpl's
3. Player concerns and annoyances
4. New event scheduling
5. Host concerns.
6. Host projects.
7. and much much more!

The host meeting is on sunday the 8th, and I plan to hold a player meeting on saturday the 7th.
A player meeting is an hour, or two hour long, event in which players have the opportunity to assist to just chat to a host about the concerns they have about the game.
These concerns can be things they like, hate, make them want to quit, or just want to talk about.

Our last meeting we did like this was a resounding success and we hope this one will be too,
Hope to see you on the game!

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hello everyone!
I want some help from you
I type exit when on the taxi and I has kick in to space at secter 02 I don't any spacesude could any one can help me out of the space?
I stae for long time but I not die!
thanks for reading


hello parnooson1234
you should assist
only hosts can  help you,

and have a nice day

Hello everyone. does anyone know if there are any soundpack of this mud for mush client? VIP mud is a great client, but I actually prefer to play with a mush client and its pluguins, it is much more comfortable

Sorry for my english


Okay, I've decided to give this one another try. I didn't stop playing because of any specific thing, just because I was rather busy getting married at the time.
I am resetting my character, since I want to see where things go, also this one definitely needs a db entry.

I have two initial questions.
First, is the soundpack link perminant? What I mean is, if I put a link in the database entry to the soundpack, will it stay the same.

Second, I looked through the last few announcements in this topic, and there is some interesting stuff I'd like to have a try at, another reason I'm resetting.
Have the help files been updated with the changes? For example, is the new tutorial planet mentioned in the newbie help files?

Looking forward to trying this agai and seeing what happens, certainly the most fun I've had in any space  mud thus far, and also I hope to get a db page written when i've given things a good try and can gather how things work.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

hello friends and players alike
I apologise for a delay in responce to your questions, but for some reason or another the forum was playing up yesterday, so I was unable to post.
In this post I'm going to do two things.
1. Answer questions.
2. Catch y'all up on announcements:

Part 1.
To answer the first question no. The soundpack link does change, but it is always up-to-date in the @soundpacks command, so you could advise to perhaps type that?
Secondly, help files are always being updated, and we do our best to make peoples experience as stress-free and easy as we can.

There is no mush pack for the game currently, more because I can not use the client, let alone make a pack for it.

Part 2, announcements, you are gonna love these!

nate: a belated good afternoon to you all. This announcement brings 3 important changes to cosmic rage, which with any luck, everyone will like! Change number 1. A new activity! I bring you... Star coring. In this thrill seaker activity you have the opportunity to capture the extinct core of a star and do one of the following to it: 1. extract gas from it for use in gas giant atmospheres. 2. harvest minerals from them, of which there are tuns. 3. annalyse them for star data, which you can give to the npc on science core hq, 4. split them into star chunks, for transfer. 5. all of the above! The rewards in this activity, as said by the player who  tested it are, "haut!" It is one of our highest level activities, but really is great fun to do and carries both danger and fun with it. To view help on that activity, type ahelp list and ahelp star core.  Change 2. Skyjumping. This is the first of two minor time take ups we have added to cosmic rage. Ever wanted to go skydiving? Ever  wanted to be shot hundreds  of feet up into a gas giants atmosphere, with only a suit and a generater to keep you safe? ever wanted to have only 5 seconds to type a command before your character starts heading to his or her death? Then this is for you! In skyjumping, you are literally shot into a planets atmosphere from a platform and do literally have only five seconds to type the command, now!. It doesn't gain you a reward, but is a real heart thumper for those thrill seakers. Type help skyjumping for more information. Change 3: Furniture creation. If the top 2 didn't interest you, maybe this third and final one will. Do you like customising? do you like making up stuff as you go along? Do you have an idea for a piece of furniture, but the game just doesn't have it? Not a problem because now we do, or rather, you do! Found on gas giants, furniture creation labs give you the ability, providing you have 10 pieces of wood, to create your own customised furniture. This could be a chair you could not sit or lie on, only curl up on, or a   sofa bed that you can only lie on. What ever the taste, it is very simple to do, and sure to please all! For more information on this crafting activity, type chelp furniture. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!
nate: Hello folks! You're not going to believe it, because I know I certainly don't! So earlier today, you remember we released a new higher-level activity? That was unfair to you middle level players, right? those ones finding it hard to level? Not a problem. I bring you, at long last, our second activity of the day: City researching! Finding out about the human races past is facinating, especially after so much data and so many lives were lost in the great disaster, not to mention the pollution catastrophy on earth. Due to this, we cling to any possibility of finding out facts and under water cities are one of these ways! The activity consists of you going into an underwater city and exploring the randomly generated area, finding artifacts to give to the npc researcher but beware! There are two dangers in this activity: 1. Monsters, they're everywhere, and they're nasty! 2. Waves. Did you know that in storms, waves are above and below the water, well if you don't, you do now! Because of the disturbances you cause in the water with your energy dome, huge waves are going to try to throw you about every 60 seconds, so you have to be quick on your commands! Please see ahelp city research for more information on this activity, and I really, really hope you enjoy!
nate: hello folks! It was recently pointed out to me that the galaxy spread here was more than slightly scueued compared to the size of stars. That is why I have now added two or three more galaxies, and expanded them so that sectors are smaller than galaxies by a longshot. Here are the current galaxies in space. Remember, info about the sectors galaxy and solar system is found by typing scan sec. Galaxies: the milky way, The herpafulous galaxy, The purding galaxy, and The nitsorifan galaxy
nate: hello folks. I've just added a new posibility for our stars. Ever used a plasma cannon? Ever run out of plasma, and gone, seriously, now I gotta buy a cannister and asdfasdfasdf. WEll, now, with the plasma refill net upgrade, you are able to go into a stars coordinates and begin refilling your plasma hold, directly from the star itself! The commands are refill-plasma, and refill-abort. Enjoy!
nate: hello folks! The long awaited big change is here! I bring you, cosmic rage's take on starship components! AS you might have seen, your components have been split into about 10 or so various types of component. AS these components get damages, your ship will start acting up in one way or another. See shelp starship components for more information on that. Note: They only get damaged once defensive armour has fallen. What is unique about this, however are thus: 1. They are repaired at battle stations. You must take your ship to the battle stations and repair them there. 2. They can be upgraded to a massive strength of 50,000 units! AS requested the damage screen only shows damaged items now. It should be noted that, if your hull gets to 100 percent, your ship will explode. I hope you enjoy this new exciting thrill that we have added to starship combat, and I seriously look forward to the ideas you guys come up with to make it up to our high standards. Enjoy!

WE also now have htpl's. Taken from the help file:
HTPL stands for host to player liaison.
What they are:
1. Planners, HTPl's plan events with one or two hosts and come up with new roleplay tools or new ways to roleplay. These include items, events and character interactions.
2. Communicate: They are there as a step between player and host. They are there to comfort and to sooth, or, if you are angry but afraid of being rebuffed by the hosts, they are there for you to approach so they can raise your issue with the hosts. This can be annonimously.
3. To work out. Not all hosts have player characters, simply due to the time and effort they put into the game itself and so we can not always accurately gage peoples reactions to new systems, or a change. HTPL's are there to tell the hosts "That works" or "the players hate that, change it."

Finally, as if all this was really not enough reason to play, here are some recent statistics drawn from the game:
1. We have exactly 45 activities as of the writing of this post.
2. The activity range is from 1 to 1100, though that activity scales right up to 1400, make of it what you will.
3. WE are one of the only, or perhaps the only, space moo's to boast nearly an entire earth solar system, I say nearly, because venus is still missing, owed to the need of an event and it to be built.
4. All planets in earth's solar system now have accurate size in meters, plus some public information on them that is accurate in todays world.
5. Cosmic Rage has 3 game modes for you too choose from, and an offer of giving you the ability to have more than one character.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi Dardar.

New activities etc sound great. I'm running through trying each of the activities in turn, so it'll be good to get to those, that will also let me write a more complete description of the game (It's had to be a little on hold with the forum not working).

Here are a couple of thoughts.

First, Love the new ore extraction, that's actually quite fun to do, especially fighting off monsters, I also love the fact that fishing now gets you lots of points, since again it's a nice break, plus now I've got myself a home to store gear like a ishing rod in. I also enjoyed volcano harvesting and trash collecting, indeed you might consider adding similar miniquests with volcano harvesting to the trash ones since they're really fun to do.
I'm afraid I have run into a few problems with activities related to boats.

First, the help on boats doesn't mention that the command to put a boat onto a boat trolley is "move "boat name" onto trolley, not load.
That one confused me initially.
Likewise, the command to unload the trolley is simply unload trolley (useful if you've labled your trolley), not "unload boat from trolley"

Having these fixed though, I was able to dredge successfully once I found the boat research center.

Speaking of centers, that I'm afraid was a problem, since for several activities, the relevant research center isn't apparent and I had to ask on chat, and not many people knew. I would therefore suggest you perhaps consider adding a "research centers" category to the informational computer, (you might also consider adding a few more boat research centers since having to transport a trolley load of dredged material to saharriana each time got a bit of a drag).

I would also suggest you consider either having a "push trolley" command, so that the character is pushing the trolley and you can use normal movement commands until you let go, or having the automove upgrade for trolleys also let you automatically move a trolley to the landing pad, that way even if there is only one boat research center it'd be far less typing heavy to get stuff to and from it.

Water analyzation worked fine, though the skill time wait for water analyzation skill does seem very long.
The activity I really ran into trouble with was rock analyzation.
Firstly, the swimming timer on death seems rather random, indeed I don't think the timer resets correctly when you surface, this means I died several times. Each time I died, this also left my boat floating out in the middle of no where with no way to get it. There really needs to be a boat recovery system, since while peoplke did give me lifts, with the frequency of death due to drowning with the timer not resetting (despite a swimming skill of 5), I would've been a right pest to others.
Also, once I did get my rocks, finding the rock research center was a pain, especially since it's not called! the rock research center and isn't even on the same planet as the boat research center, again, a "research centers" category on the informational computer would be really helpful.

The one other really weerd thing about rock analyzation, is that frequently the rocks were generating at a depth too deep for me to swim to, often as much as minus 19 or minus 20 when I can only swim to minus 10.
I eventually had to get a boat with a submarine upgrade, take the boat there, dive out underwater and grab a rock. This worked fine right up until the point that I got killed by the drowning timer not resetting, (when I died I had barely been underwater for five seconds).

The last activity I tried was gem collection, which I'm afraid hasn't worked out well at all, since every water pod I've had has ruptured before I've barely collected two gems. Either the pods are very very weak, or I'm doing something wrong, though i do plan to buy a pod and try the extra damage upgrade on it to see if that can actually get it to last long enough to do some good. Still, since there doesn't seem to be a way to repair the waterpods you might consider either making the pods a little tougher, or having some sort of in pod repair kit, after all most real life submarines usually have some way to patch up.

Again sinse I've not collected many gems from the water I'm not sure where the research center for those is, though i suspect from the help file that you can transfer gems on the docks.

So that's what I've tried thus far.
Today it's probably time for pollution collection which I'm looking forward to, and maybe another go at gem gathering with a reinforced waterpod or possibly the underwater city exploration as I do enjoy fighting off those monsters, though soon enough I do hope to get my first ship and start on space activities.

Definitely enjoying the game thus far.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

hi there dark!
Not sure if you saw this, but recenly a command called boat-get was added the moorings. furthermore, the glitch with swimming has been fixed.

In terms of the swimming bed, often you need to dredge the depth down enough, then do the rock activity.

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Hi Dardar.

I did try dredging, even going right to the coordinates of the rocks, but however much I dredged, the furthest I could swim down to was minus 10 it seemed.

I got gem collection to work, though only with the max damage upgrade for waterpodds, and I do like rescuing.

pollution collection was fun, though not quite as lucrative as some other activities considering that most pollution seemed to appear a ways off, though I do like mineral collection with a digger as a sort of advanced trash collecting.
Most recently I've bought my first couple of starships.
I'll say getting used to things was a bit off, with all the heat shields etc. It might actually help to have a "how to fly a ship" type of file, rather than the list of commands, something which just details what you need to do to fly from one place to another since there were a lot of details to take in between heatshields, different types of scans, jumps etc.
On the plus side I've now tried dust analyzation (odd it doesn't use the dust laser skill), orbit harvesting, and! a combat mission.

I enjoyed all of these.
My only direct balance question is that volcano harvesting still! pays out a shed load of points and credits, even compared to more advanced activities which seems rather odd, indeed just as there are some activities which don't pay much by way of cash, it'd be nice if there was something that was a cash generator but less on points (maybe space walking and artifact grabbing when the bug with leaving airlocks is fixed).

Oh, and I did my first combat mission which was cool!
Love the fact that combat is actually doable in this game, much better than star conquest.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)


Okay appologies for the double post, but just a couple of things.
First,  thanks for the boat-get, that is really handy and I look forward to trying rock analyzation again.
then, my ship got destroyed by running into a star. That is faire enough, however again nobody told me that could happen in the ship navigation file (I was trying to salvage some debris).

I am also a little confused about cargo drones.
I was able to orbit clean quite successfully with just my standard cargo hold, but then I see there are upgrades for lots of other things like orbit cleaning, debris salvage, building materials etc. Do I need the specific upgrades for things? or can I just do them up to 100 units as per my cargo skill.

Lastly, I'm afraid yet again! I'm running into a basic geography problem.
I'm looking at building transport and passenger transport and again, no idea where centers for these are., I even got a warning for asking on the newbie channel, (I get the idea here is to promote rp, though I'm a little confused why informational questions like "where can I find so and so" count as rp, still fair enough if that is the game rules).
Could we however please! have a centre lookup  on the informational computer? this is a big game, and checking all of 60 odd planets for rooms which probably aren't called what they're said to be called (the rock research facility on kalida was called something completely different), is rather long winded.

I don't mind exploring for quests and npcs and random stuff and checking things out, but basically to find places to do activities, places which should by rights be advertising their services anyway is a bit of a strain.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)