Twas nearly the night before christmas, when all through the houses, lots of things were stirring, though problably not mouses.
Because mouses is grammar so abysmal and bad,
That anyone using it would have to be mad.
And this parody's gone so very much off the rails,
That I'd better stop before it utterly fails.

Either way, complements of the feastive season to all, punches on earth good kills of all men, ---- or something like that. We've been having quite a bit games wise going off in this coldest time of all year, so here's some things to stuff into your stocking, or up someone else's nose, ---- or somewhere, heck I don't know where you stuff stuff do I?

First off, those of an Ios bent might want to go and vote in Applevis' pole for this year's top Ios and mac aps, including games. Find the pole here, and select who should get the golden apple.
Finalists include such well known classics as Timecrest, Audiogame hub , as well as several games not added to the database yet such as diceworld and baby sim, feel free to cast your votes.

Then, some of our favourite games have had updates. In particular, the very violent Blind gladiator, from Audio It is available on Ios, and Crazy party, now walzes into version 46, complete with all new battle cards, microgames,  and yet another new world of minigame madness. 

Now, what would a stuff of stuffage be without some new games to stuff in with it? First off, a new game for new platforms like Amazon Echoe and Google home. Sub war, a combination of the classic battleships with multiplayer blasting, by developer jjaquinta, who's Starlanes game has been in active beta development.
Find out more in Yonder topic.

Then, new developer Rockywaters has made quite a start on improving the selection of games for windows. Games include a couple of self voicing text adventures, a 3D version of the connect four game, and a version of the scunk dice game. Check them all out at The rocky waters games page, and of course feel free to leave feedback in the new releases room.

Finally, news for everyone who has eagerly awaited another game from Na soft, the developers of the very exceptional park boss. This time, the object is actually to move the trains more slowly rather than creating fast action rowlercoasters, as you take on the job of driving an underground train (also called Metro trains or Subway trains in other countries).

In sub sim you'll need to worry not only about your speed, but the safety and comfort of your passengers, giving the correct announcements, keeping the lights on, and of course getting to your destination not too early or too late but exactly on time, ---- not crashing the train also helps too.
Learn more in Yonder topic and download the game, as well as read the documentation on The Nick adamson website

Also, don't forget our new releases room is always full of goodies, whether or not it is the slaying season, so feel free to have a brows of our forums and see what there is to offer.

Now I'm off to build a snowman and pretend he's a circus clown, and run away because clowns are scary, and this clown is even scarrier because he's frozen, and then there are those ghosts from past present and future, and rain deer with radioactive glowing noses, and all those spiky trees everywhere, and some huge creepy fellow threatening to come down your chimney if you've been naughty and dump coal on you, ---- really I thought that halloween was over already?

Hmmm, methinks I'm getting a little stress here, ---- aaaaagh!

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Also, for simulator enthusiasts we have another one gaining a lot of traction. Eurofly recently got up to version 7.5. This is a free aeroplane sim (no combat, but airport flying), it's sort of realistic but not realistic, compared to something like microsoft flight sim, but it's got several planes and over 60 missions.

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@Aaron perhaps you could post a fresh news topic about it so people could see it referenced on front of site without having to look at the forum. I've heard a great deal about the game, and do mean to try it (though flight sims are less personally my thing), but with the amount of attention it's getting it probably could do with some actual front page news a bit more recently, and indeed a db entry.

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sorry for delay, I have not checked this room yet.
@Dark, more detayled descryption of Eurofly I sent to you in pm, believe you sav it. What I writed not to It was address of new Eurofly site, which is:
If you want to know more about eurofly, this is the right place, It contains general descryption as well as download center and help center, with complete manual (now fully translated also quickstart) and audiotutorials. If you need more informations, you can also contact me, I will try to answer any question about Eurofly.
Best regards


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Yeah, and I forgot to write, that Eurofly contains about 90 missions, with possibility to create owns, and also random missions generator, but at this point, I don't know, if It is already released or only should be, but I think It already is.
Hovever, what is main on this and should be also noted in descryption, flight simulation is not priority of Eurofly, it is only extension, main feature of this project is ability of blind persons to browse atlas in digital form, Eurofly contains worldwide map. In this category Eurofly is first and only, nothing else can explayn world geography to such detayls as Eurofly can. Only phisical atlas, but that is also no so accurate and too big, in digital form Eurofly is able to wiev any gps coordinates, that is not possible with phisical atlas.
That is center of eurofly, as I sayd, It will be good if this will be noted in its descryption.


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Ahoy there.
Eurofly could indeed  do with some news and a database entry, however.

@Rastislav, I suggested this in the Eurofly topic but I suppose you missed it due to the volume of posts in that topic.
What I suggested is a new topic with a description of Eurofly with links to the english download page, along with the facebook group where new changelogs are posted be put up in the new releases room,that way it becomes easier for people new to this game to find it and information on it.
If you wish you could also post the link to the older topic in that topics first post,and edit/update the post as new updates come in.

I really suck at writing up descriptions of things or I would have  at least written up a database entry type review thing by now, perhaps someone else could?


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The problem thus far has been more a matter of me not having played eurofly as yet, since it's a big game with lots to do, I was rather hoping one of our other staff more familiar with the game would do a writeup since as usual there's only one of me.

I'll certainly have a look when I can, and I do appologise for the delay, I should have more time once my new pc is sorted out.

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@Grryf, you are right, I missed it, true is that I not reading Eurofly topic at this time because of big^2 amount of posts in it, including fact that it is here only some months, I mean here on audiogames, of course in Slovakia and Czech this game exists about half of year I guess and has success too. I considered creating of new Eurofly topic before some time, but at that time was real option, that new Eurofly topic will stay without posts and go back while old topic continue in growing, but now things are different, so I will make new topic best today or tomorrov with basic descryption and links. Hovever I can not edit first post of old topic, because I have not created it, and noone from authors, it was created by Eurofly players, but I can send post to it with link to new topic.
@Dark, thank you for interest, we will wait while you release descryption in database, primary for us is that you know about this game, because topic with thousands of posts from which lots of are about translation is really not very representative. big_smile
Thanks in advance.
Best regards


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Hi Rastislav.

Yes, I do know about the game. I was waiting to check it out and see if anyone who'd played it wanted to write some news, indeed I'll say now this is why myself and several of the other staff are considering some more news posters.

If you post that new topic though with links etc, I'll do my best to give that game enough of a try to do a writeup for the database.

I will admit I was waiting until I've got my windows 10 machine sorted since I wasn't sure if the game worked on xp, but as I have now heard on the audeasy list that euroflight will work on my xp laptop, I probably don't need to wait.

Obviously it's a busy time of year for family things, but I'll do what I can about trying the game, and I am sorry. Believe me it's not a reflection of the game's quality that it got missed, just being busy and lots of work to do as usual.

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