Hear yee hear yee! yee site art being updated, so yee should be paying yee attention to yee updates, oh yeeees! since if yee doesn't yee won't know what yee updates yee hath made and yee shal miss out and yee shal be depressed and yee shal thence forth mope and moan mightily and yee shal say unto yee "Oh  Woe! woe unto yee that we listen'd not to yee updates"


Yee T W, great to see updates by so many of yee staff! hurrah! yee shal rejoyce (yee shal if yee knoweth what art good for yee).

Updates by dark.

Frandum: A few updates to the entry reflecting more unique aspects of the game such as the new crafting system.
Rs games: Added platform info and links about new Ios version, plus updated entry and fixed all rs games links.

Avalon The legend lives: Entry, description and links.
Erion: Entry, description and links.

Changed status of all Bsc titles to Abandonware, added new download and homepage links from the audiogames archive.

hunter: Completely rewrote description.
Troopanum: Cleanup and additions.
Troopanum 2: Cleanup and additions.
Pipe: completely rewrote description.
Pipe 2, Blast chamber: Completely rewrote description.
Timehunter: Fixed link, expanded description.
Timecrest: Entry, description and links.
BG Word maze: Entry and description.

Updates by Sander:

Added some additional security features to prevent an additional
hexed XSS exploit, kindly suggested by a student team of White Hat

Also fixed problem caused by recent spam attack and restored the site and forum.

Updates by Sebby:
Your story:entry, description and links.
Heathcote: Entry, description and links.

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Yee shall receive an increase in karma for yee fantastic post!

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I Think that was pretty unimaginative of yee!
Also check out eurofly ... it deserves an entry as well.

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Lundin, how dare yee address me so!

I challenge yee to a duel! or it hath been said, come and have yee a go if yee thinkest yee art hard enough big_smile.

Seriously, I've been a little behind gaming wise at the moment in terms of trying new titles owing to working on my thesis. I'll hopefully have more time now, albeit I do also need to sort out a new desktop as well.

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Awesome work as always. You guys should add all the accessible Lifeline games to the database.

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At the moment I don't have an up to date device to try those on, unfortunately. I hope I'm not too late to update to iOS 9 with my iPhone 4S.

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Lifeline stories, plus The Martian and Frequency, are on the waiting list. If nobody gets there first, I will, eventually.

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Yep, I've got all three lifeline games on my Iphone and mean to add pages for them, though I need to give them a bit more of a play before I do.

We also need pages for all of the blindfold games, and delight games, and on the pc side of things we need entries for the gate, survive the wild, redspot, undead assault, euroflight and probably more  as well big_smile.

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Sonic Invaders direct DL link now using AGArchive.net.

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There are actually 6 accessible lifeline games now. Don't bother purchasing Whiteout. That title isn't compatible with any screen reader for some reason. I think it was produced in Unity or some other graphical engine.

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Yeah, I noticed that right after I bought it. sad Huge disappointment.

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