Hiya, audiogamers!

Remember Audio Game Hub, the collection of eight arcade minigames? It's soon going to be even more awesome, with more new games for you to play, and an exclusive game for those who donate to its development.

But they need your help to fund it. They will choose, by vote, for five games to be developed when they reach their 6000 NZD goal. With three weeks to go, and already about three-quarters of the way to their goal, there's still plenty of time to spread the word and donate. This is a golden opportunity, so please pitch in if you can.

To donate, and for complete details of what will be coming when they meet or exceed their goal, check out the Kickstarter project.

Happy audiogaming.

Just myself, as usual.

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Hi seby.
As pr and tester of sonnar interactive I thank you for this posting.
We are at our minimal goal of 6000 now.
We would really like to go to 50000 or as close to that as we can within the rest of the campaign.
Its good we have so many dedicated users.
If you look at the ks page you will notice interesting stats, 30000 downloads and rising is the main one.
We need organisations from banks to supermarkets to schools, to institutions to businesses to banks to previde cash as well as users.
Its good we are getting support in this forum alone.

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hi, [wow] this is amazing. [wow] this website was recommended to me so i'll spread the word about it. Hope things work out for i am liking downloading games and i'll add a favourite along with anyone who likes whatever game i-ve downloaded. I've quite alot from various websites at least now i no where i can download any games i've lost, from jake.

I might live in poland, but i can help out whenever possible so stress is low! Oh yay!

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I love Audio Game Hub, ever since it came out I've been hooked.

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Its good to see we hhave fans that care, continue to support us.
We are static on 9900, for all of you, it may not be enough but the major stretch goal is 18000, try to get to at least 12000 and that will be good enough.
if you can makke 18 or higher that will be good we have 2 weeks left.

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Hi all.
Thanks for supporting audiogame hub and sonnar interactive, while we didn't make the 12000 stretch we made just over 11000 worth.
You guys rock.
I am unsure what is going on with sonnar but unless nothing happens  we will see you january/february next year or there abouts.
I doubt we will be releasing anything but sho knows.

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