What do you do when some young wood be magician gets hold of your phone and won't stop calling you? Why try to save his world by mucking about with the laws of physics of course.

this is the scenario in Timecrest, an absolutely awesome new game from Sneaky crab games available for Ios.
Your Iphone has been contacted by Ash, a young mage on the world of Alynsia (apparently he was communing with apples). Talking to you through his watch, he can send messages across time, (when he's not busy). You can even speed up and slow down time yourself in Ash's world.

Unfortunately, the weather in Alynsia seems to be occasional meteors with some chance of total devastation,so your probably not going to get too much time for a nice cosy chat.

The developers have just made a major update to the game, adding a huge range of accessibility features, including lots of handy sound effects. With a complex interactive story set in a very different world, an awesome soundtrack, relations with different characters and a vast world to explore, this is a game which takes the concept of interactive stories to the next level, heck, I've only played for a few minutes and I'm hooked, ---- so everyone ought to join me.

You can find out more in  this topic and to find the game, just check the ap store.

Now, please excuse me, I think there's a wizard on the phone! (just as long as it's not that Gandalf cchap complaining that he's out of hair dye again).

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Hi Dark,
Awesome post, but just wanted to let you know it was Sneaky Crab. smile

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Thanks patjkk, I did actually wonder if I'd remembered what was wrong with that crab big_smile.

I've fixed it now.

Interestingly enough, their other game is listed as a pet care game something about cows. I wonder if that is also accessible?

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[wow] dark you are cool. i don't have an Iphone so i won't no what it's like. shame you can't get it on pc or mack for shame some games are not available for people who can't afford a massive android or Iphone. oh well some games i'll probably download review's of them i'd say but that's as far as i might be able to go.

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Well I understand the frustration of not having access to a given platform, but i will say Ios has some awesome games available for it and many things that couldn't be done on Pc.
Timecrest for example is literally like a text conversation your having with a young mage in another world, so you get alerts when he's doing various things, so it wouldn't really work as a pc game.

Actually, ios is these days probably the second most popular platform for games to windows, and there are more and more games coming out for it.

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