2016-10-10 13:21:26 (edited by JasonBlaze 2016-10-10 13:21:57)

small spoiler:
try to messing around with room control

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2016-10-10 15:15:38

Hi Jason,
ah, thanks, the restart command was available directly in room control itself. I see now. It worked. Nice trick. :-)

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2016-10-11 03:22:19

Hi Kevin,
I've done everything I can to pressurize the room to get the door to unlock and still no luck whatsoever.
I did try different inputs like 10 and minus 10 but first I had to get Sam to where a protection suit by inspecting the lockers.
I went into room control, set the mode to manual, and kept typing the same numbers and not different ones.
I need hints on how I can get passed this door.
also, is the game CPU intensive?
I try and make my way to the next part in the game and somehow it's lagging even though I'm trying to complete it.
I'm not running more programs nor anything else in the background.
I've tried numerous times to pressurize both rooms to get the door to unlock and I don't know if there is a number that can instantly unlock the door.
should I try something like minus 50?

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2016-10-11 04:15:16

Hey, so the pressure remains when you change it, it doesn't change with respect to your starting value. If you decrease it by -10, it'll remain decreased by -10, the next change by -10 will decrease it to -20 below start. The value doesn't change linearly, so just approach getting them equivalent and use smaller and smaller numbers as you get closer. The number doesn't have to be exact, you have a range of a tiny bit.

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2016-10-11 07:02:52

you don't necessarily have to use only 10 and -10, you have to use smaller and smaller numbers. try to pay attention to what diference is between the pressure of the rooms and imput that difference. you can also imput decimal numbers like 2.45

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2016-10-11 07:25:43

Hi Kevin.
The different sapi voices read the letters differently. If I'm using ESpeak, it reads all letters fast without any pauses, which means you can't tell what's a username and what's the password. You can't tell either when it's reading the next username or password, because there is no pause between two usernames when using this voice. Therefore it would be nice to have a feature where you could read the usernames and passwords letter by letter by for example pressing shift and the arrow keys. I could of course cheat and read what's the password to deactivate the robot, but that would take out the fun of the game.

Best regards SLJ.
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Happy gaming... :D

2016-10-11 10:48:11

@ Nick
the input that should immediately solve the pressure puzzle is -61
spoiler end

we'll add a feature to choose which voice that you have installed the game uses
i don't think i'll be able to make the game work with a voice like the one you're describing

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2016-10-11 11:25:48


Did you checked this solution to add screen readers support to the game?
It's coded in Unity so I think it's possible to compile this library:
Maybe this will not work but still, worth checking out. This is the same what was used in Skullgirls, 2d fighting game on Steam.. I'm not sure if it will work here as Mike Z have his custom engine so it was (probably) easier to add this library.

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2016-10-11 12:01:54

@ Lirin
no sorry this won't work. but i also think that the current solution is actually better.
I'll add some functionality like rereading the previous lines and then it's not that much different but has more functionality and has a better organization of what you'll hear.

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2016-10-11 12:28:12

Ah okay, just wanted to help somehow. smile

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2016-10-11 12:54:41

@ Lirin
didn't mean to sound like it wasn't helpful. sorry.
thanks for any feedback and suggestions.

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2016-10-11 20:11:46

Hi Kevin,
I figured it out.
I set the mode that pressurizes the room to minus 61 and it unlocked the door,.
however I'm enjoying the game but the game is lagging on my windows 7 64bit laptop.
is there a way I can reduce the lag so that I can play the game smoothly?
I open up task manager and I go to the processes tab and I find code7.exe is using a lot of my CPU time and the fan speeds up Whenever I play the game.

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2016-10-11 21:47:50

Hi Nick,
it's a 3D game on the basic level so it needs some cpu and graphics card power. we can't just turn these things off in the background. sorry.

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2016-10-12 19:22:46

Hi Kevin,
I found the part where I have to neutralize the robot but how do I get the code to deactivate the robot?

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2016-10-12 19:37:16

Hi Nick,
try accessing the elevator and remember how you obtained codes like this before.

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2016-10-12 22:31:54

Hi Kevin,
I did try accessing the elevator,
but the robot breaks down the door after sam closes the door.
I also tried the previous codes that I remembered including sqpyq,changeme, and l21x9f.
if I try to deactivate the robot it says access denied.
how do I get a override code to deactivate the robot?

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2016-10-13 02:48:42

don't try the codes you got before, they are situation specific. Maybe look at the entity keeping the doors shut? smile

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2016-10-13 09:17:19

the idea of the game is of course that you find that out yourself. if I give you the solution, it wouldn't be a puzzle anymore.

do you remember how you got the codes for the doors?

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2016-10-13 12:52:17

yes Kevin,
I do know how to get the codes for the doors.
I will try and get that robot deactivated.
but since you can't give out the solution I'll just have to keep trying.

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2016-10-13 15:17:21 (edited by Nick 2016-10-13 18:52:56)

Hi Kevin,
I solved the solution to the robot.
the override code is 82x3me

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2016-10-13 22:01:43

Sorry for being frank, but I doubt you had to do that? @Nick. Spoiling the game for everyone who likes to figure things out for themselves?
Yes we no now what the code is, but what does that bring us. Easy pie to complete that lift, and no enjoyment of the game? I personally thought when reading your posts, that you are one of those folks that want everything fed to them on a tray. If given to you on a tray, what is the goal of playing the game then?
Why can you not guess and try things on your own accord? No teaspoon feeding here. I've mostly worked this out on my own without spoilers on the pressure door, and the other things. When you play story games like this, the goal is to figure out the story by yourself.
It is not helpfull to, once others helped you with the teaspoon, push the password to the robot or any other area forth to all the world to see. It spoils things for them.
If you had put the word, spoiler, there, people could skip past your post, but you just went on...the code is blabla. I read it, but I will forget it, just to spite you, and then I'll figure out the rest on my own.

Sorry for invading your space, but this canine needs to eat, and it can only eat your flesh!

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2016-10-13 23:29:09

just finished the demo. it's a very cool game! it took around a hour to distribute the energy, but finally I did it!

any plan to have this game on iOS?

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2016-10-14 02:25:12

This might have been asked before, but I don't want to risk spoiling the game by reading through the topic. What is the override code for the door to the room Sam is locked in. I have tried typing what she says when you go into the database, but the game says it is wrong.

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2016-10-14 03:20:55

hi kevin,
This is fantastic, i love these type of games!
haven't completed episode 0 yet, but from playing 30 minutes, i'm definitely interested, and it is a must buy for me.
i'll try to donate to the quickstarter Project asap.
best of luck to you and thanks a lot for making this playable for us! it means a lot!

bokura no daibouken 2 by yukionozawa. installer:
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2016-10-14 05:41:24

maybe i'm not understanding something? can't find the code to door 025.
i don't want the solution, because it is aparent already. when i inspect the desk in the science lab, sam sais that i must have received some logs with names and passwords. but i can't find anything, where are those logs?.
i've read the mails and listened to 3 logs on another computer, but nothing.
i don't want the username and password for comte computer or the override code for door 025, only wanna know how to Access those logs she scanned.

bokura no daibouken 2 by yukionozawa. installer:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/897 … _setup.exe
bokura no daiboukenn 3 by yukionozawa. download page:

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