Nope it's not a new rap group, it's the huge gangster sized biiiach worth of news todayabout all the new games and updates we've had rollin' in through the door here at

First off, and muchos appologies for the lateness of this one is Oroiol Gomez new title Rythm rage. This is in some ways a sequel to the highly popular Beatstar.
As in beatstar it's a rythm and music game with a little simon style memory occasionally, however the rythms here are far more about getting in touch with the music. Also, they range through different types of challenges, from being the very rythmic executioner for an evil, but rather jazzy king, to changing the course of the spanish world cup, or helping out the kung fu monk Jago of Killer instinct fame with his sluggish memory.

You can grab the game here on Oriol's site and of course discuss in This topic

Then, of course the crazy doesn't stop with crazy rythms either. The extremely popular Crazy party has recieved a major new update.. Additions include an entire new world after the Volcano, some extra special bonus options (and a joker), for online party mode, new minigames (particularly in the factory), a new way of displaying decs in the battle mode and a complete translation of the game in Spanish. Pragma has posted the full list of changes in This forum topic where you can also make comments on the game. See you in the party!

It's not just Windows games that are getting the update treatment though. Adventure to fate has received yet another new character class, the arcane archer, as well as some changes and balances, so now there are even more ways to stop the invasion of the past by the future in classic rpg fashion. The update should be hitting your ios devices very soon.

We then have a few new Choiceofgames  available on Ios, android, or via windows by your avourite web browser. These include A mid summer night's choice, a debarcle with romance and the politics of the fairy court in rather shakespearian fashion, and the new hosted games title, Fog of war where you play an android in a steampunk  spy mission.

Other newly released delights include Offensive world, a side scrolling defensive game, The Lucky cop a side scrolling police shooter, both from new developers, an attempt at a speaking roguelike and even some new adult orientated interactive fiction games who's access is just working out.
For all of these, check out Our new releases room for details.

Happy gaming.

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Dark, it seems you have forgotten the release of BG Word Maze from Spoonbill Software and the constant stream of games from Blindfold Games, not to mention their recently-announced Blindfold Racer Championship:

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Hi Tj.

Woopse, yes, I did sort of forget those, and indeed feel a little bad since I got an email about BG Word maze and indeed the blindfold games as I am on both mailing lists. However, I will confess I've been ridiculously! busy for the last week, since I was at anual music school and not particularly paying much attention to much else beyond singing for eight hours a day before last sunday. This news item was mostly prompted by the fact  I hadn't written anything on Rythm rage, and the new updates to crazy party and adventure to fate are things people probably should know about.

Hopefully normal service will resume in the future now that my lady and I have a little space to relax for a bit and no major international visas to sort etc, ---- though equally if any of the other news posters fancy writing up news items, they're very welcome to do so, since as I've said before there is only one of me big_smile.

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