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Welcome soldier. If you're reading this, you've found yourself to the hellhole that is the place where operation redspot failed. This document may help you survive, and maybe make some kills of your own in this war torn wasteland.
Note: Since sometimes sections are pretty far apart, searching for ++ will help you navigate. Searching for ** will navigate to subsections.
++1: What is this game even supposed to be?
++2: Account system.
]]3: Game basics.
++4: Misc keys.
++5: Other players and killing them.
**5.1: General information.
**5.2: Starting weapons.
++6: Items.
**6.1: The full list.
**6.2: Vehicles.
++7: Bases.
**7.1: Creating a base.
**7.2: Base functions.
**7.3: Base computer.
**7.4: Destroying a base.
++8: Historical archives.
++9: Closing.
++1: what is this game even supposed to be?
Redspot is not actually a tettris game where you attempt to catch red dots falling down the screen, nore is it a painting program. It is a new fps released by Sam Tupy productions and  Mason Armstrong together. For people    who enjoy senseless killing and distruction, this is the right game for you. It basically consists of running around the map murdering your fellow human beings in a number of diverse and possibly very painful ways.
++2: account system.
Since a lot of people got confused on how accounts work, I will be outlining this here.There is no actual account system. You simply choose a name and log in with it. Character theft is not  an issue in this game, as characters lose all their items and ammo when they die or log out. The fact that items do not save unless deposited in certain places is deliberate and attempts to stop players from getting too powerful over a long period of time. Do not even think about trying to impersonate Sam Tupy or Mason Armstrong, you will most likely be caught because of how their and your name is formatted, and hit with the ban hammer!
++3: game basics
Redspot is one of the few games that supports full on 3d movement. That is, a full 360 degrees walk around system plus a height system.
The current map of redspot consists of an empty area in the south half, really nothing much to speak about. There is a small body of water in the south west area, with a bridge going across it, you can also walk under the bridge. The north half of the map is a forest, unfortunately no trees to blow up by accident. There are several towers around the map for you to fortify and use. Their coords are 60, 60, 60, 260, 60 460, 260, 60, 260, 260, 260 460, 460, 60, 460, 260, and 460, 460. The great thing about these towers is that they can be used as refuge when item grabbing, because climbing them takes a long time and the only thing that can hit you is a rocket fired from the next closest tower. If you have team mates with you, those rocketeers can also be delt with. On the 500 coordinate, a series of steps start which are climbable. When you reach the top you will gain access to another grassy area. At coordinates 645, 501, there is a breach within these steps that allows you to walk through. This brings you into a stony area located under the grassy one. Another breach into this area is at 50, 501.
Movement keys.
move forward: up arrow.
move backward: down arrow.
climb: page up or page down.
move right: right arrow.
Move left: left arrow.
turn left: hold shift q.
turn right: hold shift e.
turn to previous left 45 degree angle: q.
turn to next right 45 degree angle: e.
check coordinates: c.
check direction facing: f.
use camera: hold g, then move the camra by using the arrow keys and page up/down.
check tile camera is on     activate the camera and press t.
++4: misc keys.
the function row can give you other information.
show players online: f1. Gives you a list of players online at the moment, as well as their kills.
Check server uptime: f2.
test ping the server: f3. Sends a test ping. When it returns, you will be told how long it took to return.
check motd: f4.
decrease/increase sapi rate: f5 and f6.
enable/disable chat reading: f7.
enable/disable online or offline messages: f8.
decrease/increase game volume: home or end.
++5: other players and killing them.
**5.1: general information.
if you want to kill someone, in most cases enough players are around for you to do so. These keys will help you find players and eradicate them. Strategy and what weapon you are using playes an important role in your survival. This however also discusses player interaction and how to talk to your killers. You'll also need to know what's around you to find items.
check items near you: m.
review current buffer: comma and dot.
Jump to beginning&end of current buffer: shift+comma or dot.
open chat console: slash. From here, you can enter a message for the other players to read, or use one of these commands.
-/where <playername>: Tells you the coords of the requested player.
/afk: after a timer of 5 seconds, you will go a f k. In this mode, you won't be able to do anything, but you also can't be hit. Type /afk again to exit this mode. Note: use of this mode while using items that stun you while they load or being tasered is not recommended for your own personal health. The ban hammer hovers over any evil dooers who decide to abuze this mode to avoid being killed by other players! You cannot chat while you are afk, and you are not able to exit the mode for a while after entering it.
/t <message>: sends a message to your team.
/teamadd <personname>: adds a player to your team. People in your team, and who have added you to theirs, can't attack each other. If you add someone to your team, you will automatically add everyone  else in their team. Note however that explosives can still damage your team mates! If you add someone to your team, that person will need to add you as well for the teaming up to be complete. Failure to do this may result in unexpected things like exploding barricade bombs.
/teamremove <personname>: removes a player from your team.
/teamlist: Lists all teams that are currently active, its total kills, and the team's leader. Your team must have a teamflag set to be listed.
/teamleader <personname>: If you are the leader of a team, you can hand leadership off to someone else using this command.
/teammembers: Gives you a list of all members currently in your team.
/teamflag <flag>: If you are the team leader, with this command you can set a team flag with which other people can identify your team. You will also be ranked based on how many total kills your team has made so far if you set a team flag. Your teamflag will be shown when chatting and when making kills or dieing.
/teamleave: Removes you from any teams you may be part of at the moment.
/teampassset <password>: This command lets you set a password for your team which will be saved, disallowing people from using your team name to impersonate it. Team members must enter this password to rejoin the team if they ever leave it:
/teampass <password>: Must be used with the correct Password to rejoin a team after leaving it.
/pm <personname> <message>: Sends a private message to the requested person.
/reply <message>: Sends a pm to the last person to send you one.
/bases: Tells you how many bases in total, as well as how many active bases there currently are.
/bestplayer: Tells you who currently holds the most number of kills.
check ammo in current weapon, if it uses ammo: a.
check health and shielded shots, if you have any: h
Check your air supply: r.
use item in inventory: enter.
Drop item/drop to the ground: Bakcspace. If your usage mode is toggled to "using items", you will drop one of the currently selected item. Dropped items cannot be picked up for two seconds, after which they are fair game for anyone stumbling across them. If your usage mode is toggled to "using yourself", you will drop to the ground for about two seconds allowing you to avoid some weapon shots. However, you can't move while on the ground.
Set item as favorite: ctrl+alt+any of the arrow keys. This will set an item as a favorite, making it easily activatable with one keystroke.
Activate favorite item: alt+any of the arrow keys. If that arrow key has a favorite item assigned to it, that item will be used without you having to tap to it.
cycle inventory: tab and shift+tab. Hold down to cycle faster.
Switch between usage modes: y. If your usage mode is toggled to "Using items," you will do just that, using the items you selected. If the usage mode is on "Using yourself," You will use yourself on an object be it doors, computers or switches.
track player: t. After a player is tracked, you can always know where they are in rillation to you. You will hear what direction they are, how far away they are, and what coordinates they are at.
check tracked player location: o or w. This will allow you to hear the information described above. If they are near enough, a beep sound will play at their location.
check players near you: p. Tells you where any players are in rillation to you, if they are close enough.
Give item: Select the item you want to give in the inventory then press v. If a player is within five squares of you, they will show up in the menu and you will be able to set the amount of the item you'll give.
Open inventory: i. Another way to browse the inventory. You can view the items you have with the arrow keys.
go to previous&next buffer: left and right bracket. Cycles between the buffers all, chat, and misc.
select weapons 1 through 0. Equips one of your starting weapons.  Depending on what weapon you want to select, you may need to press the key multiple times.
fire weapon: ctrl. Fires currently selected weapon.
Jump: space. Jumping is a faster way of getting around or away, and it can protect you from some weapons, though not all of them.
Activate weapon ping: grave accent. When a weapon ping is enabled for the currently selected weapon, you will hear a beep sound if that weapon hits something.
**5.2: starting weapons.
These 17 weapons are the weapons you start with. Most have a limmited ammo supply, which can be replenished by collecting ammo from items.
Catagory 1: Unarmed. No weapons at all, because sometimes fists and feat do the job just as well as the newest machinegun.
a: Your fists. They only have about one or two tiles range and do little damage.
B: your feet. They have slightly more range than your fists, do more damage, but fire slower. Strangely you can still run while using your feat to attack someone with no consequences.
Catagory 2: Melee weapons. Stabbing, smashing, and general dismemberment is what these are capable of. If you like to take a risk and get close to your enemy, this is what you should use.
a: the knife. This knife is suitable for close combat only. It fires fast but does little damage.
b: the hammer. This second melee weapon is useful for longer ranged melee combat. It fires slower but does more damage than the knife.
c: The sword. It combines fast fireing speed with good range and large damage. The best melee weapon known to date.
Catagory 3: Missile weapons. Anything from arrows over bolts to knives, this one's got them all. A general rule for these is to be a very accurate killer. Wildly shooting around may work for shotguns and explosives, but these weapons require precision to use correctly.
a: The throwing knives. Throwing knives can be throan at a fast speed and have a good range. If a laser or machinegun is out of ammo, they can be used to bring down shields from a bit of a distance. You start with 20 knives.
b: The crossbow: Another fast fireing weapon, the crossbow is also suitable for bringing down shields, shooting bullet bombs or destroying projectiles. It starts with 45 ammo and It does little damage, so killing robots or other players is not too recommended unless you are a very accurate shooter. I believe it has higher range than the throwing knives, so use this to your advantage.
Catagory 4: Energy weapons. Utalizing electricity, laser or other less commercial ways of power. These aren't the most powerful around but some of them have additional functions or advantages that no other weapons do.
a: the taser. This weapon does little damage and must be recharged for a few seconds before being usable again. However if a taser shot hits someone, they will be stunned for a time. The taser has unlimmited ammo.
b: the laser. The laser fires quickly, does little damage but starts with 20 ammo. It is useful for bringing down shields or killing robots, because if you are a good control spammer and use both control keys (remember to activate right control to fire in options), it can actually be faster than the machinegun.
Catagory 5: Pistols. Smaller guns for people who like to jump in, shoot a few times, then get the hell out.
a: the handgun. The handgun starts with 35 ammo. Fires a little slower than the laser but also does more damage at an increased range.
Catagory 6: Long distance weapons. Feel like headshotting someone from the other side of the map? Need to deal with that pesky hunter trying to storm your base from a far? These weapons are made exactly for this purpice.
a: the rifle. . It starts with 50 ammo, and as long as the player who you are trying to snipe is straight in front or only one tile to the left or right of you, it will hit up to about 250 tiles away. If you hit someone with the rifle, a beep sound will play.
b: The Sniper rifle. This weapon is an upgraded version of the rifle. Its aiming works about the same way, though it does a lot more damage per hit. However the fact that it only has 10 ammo to start with and fires slowly makes it impracticle for close combat.
Catagory 7: Heavy weapons. For someone who likes to go at it with brawn rather than brain, these were made.
a: the shotgun. The shotgun starts with 10 ammo. It has a shorter range and fires very slowly, however it is very damaging and has spread range. If someone is one foot away from you straight in front, they can also be up to 7 feat to the right or left and your shot will still hit. This spread range decreeses as you shoot further away from the target.
Catagory 8: Rappid fire weapons. Bring down shields or get rid of that swarm of projectiles following you the easy and very satisfactory way!
a: the machine gun. The machine gun is a weapon very suited to bring down shields or kill robots, as it combines fast fireing speed with good range and good damage for a fast fireing weapon. It starts with 75 ammo.
Catagory 9: Chemical weapons. Want to go a bit over the top? Here you can experiment with all sorts of poisons and chemical reactions to see what effect they have on the enemy.
a: The sianide pistol. The sianide pistol doesn't have the greatest range, fireing speed or greatest starting ammo with only 15, but its effects can be devastating if you use it well. If a person is shot by the sianide pistol, they will start taking damage, regardless if they are wearing shields or not. This effect stacks, so being shot again deals more damage over time. Gas masks and air tanks counter this.
b: the flame thrower. The flame thrower starts with 30 ammo. it is short ranged however it's fast and quite damaging.
Catagory 10: Explosives. To cause ultimate destruction, there's not much out there that beats this catagory of weapons. Just stay away from the impact sights please. Unless I'm fighting you, then you can just stand still entirely, if you'd be so kind.
a: The grenade launcher. The grenade launcher starts with 10 ammo. It fires grenades which land either after they hit something or can't go for any longer. One second after they land they will explode. The explosion goes through shields, but if you are wearing a shield and a grenade lands near you, you can hear it better than without a shield.
b: the rocket launcher. The rocket launcher starts with 3 ammo. It ignores shields. Aiming the rocket launcher works simmular to the rifle. I believe it has a range of 200 feat forward, and you can be a bit more leenient with aiming with the rocket launcher than with the rifle. It's enough if the target is in front and slightly or very slightly off in either direction. As soon as you fire the rocket will be launched at the target's position. Rockets have a bit of a blast radius so getting away will proove a bit difficult. It is extremely damaging if it hits however. Note that You can also be hit by the rocket explosion so don't get too close to it.
As you can see, most of these weapons have their own strengths and weaknesses so it's up to you which weapons you want to use.
++6: items
There are a lot of items in this game, I will try to explain how they all work. Note: almost all of the items on this list will also damage you if you get too close to the use site.
**6.1: The full list.
1: Catagories.
a: Beneficial items. Any item that increases your character's stats in a positive way be it health, ammo or other related things.
b: Buf. Items that provide you, or another player, with a temporary advantage like increased damage or walking speed.
c: Thrown projectile. Something that is thrown right at an enemy but doesn't explode.
d: Thrown explosive. Grenades, pipe bombs or any other explosive that is armed and thrown.
e: Placed explosive. Any explosive that is set up and placed.
f: Vehicle. Drivable or flyable vehicles.
g: Structure. Different structures or add ons for structures.
h: Structure reinforcement. These provide some sort of reinforcement or help to structures such as bases.
i: Package: These items, when opened, will reveal a set of items for you to use.
j: Misc item: items that don't really fit into any catagory.
2: Item propperties.
a: Homing. The item automatically moves towards the target.
b: Shootable. The item can be shot while still out in the open.
c: Motion triggered. An item that starts a process when someone steps within its sensor range.
d: Timed. An item that starts a process as soon as it is used and finishes after a certain length of time.
e: Stunning. While this item is active, the user is stunned and unable to do anything.
f: Debuffing. The target of the item receives a penalty this being poison, slower walking speed or other bad affects.
g: Remotely activated. Items that must be activated by the user by another item after being placed.
h: Sticky. The item in question gets stuck to a surface, structure, or player when its target is aquired.
i: Flammable: The item can cause a structure or player it hits to catch fire and start burning.
3: The items themselves.
a: ammo, beneficial item. When you pick this up you will randomly receive ammo for one of your starting weapons. The amount of ammo varries from weapon to weapon, for example the machine gun ammo pick ups can give you as much as 80 ammo, while rocket launcher ammo usually only gives you from 1 to about 10. If you buy ammo from the black market using a base, it will come in boxes which will require you to open them. When you do, the ammo will be added to your weapons as normal. Please note that the base machinegun ammo drum is used for the machinegun that comes with a team base.
b: extra health, beneficial item. This can be collected in two ways, extra health which is an instant health boost or stored health, an item in the inventory which can give you a health boost when you need it. One of these items can give you anywhere from about 70 to 110 health.
c: stored quad, buf. This quad damage can be activated at any time, and it gives you a 30 second status effect which makes all your starting weapons and all damaging items do four times normal damage.
d: grenades, thrown explosive. Probably the simplest of all the damaging items. Simply press enter on one in your inventory and it will be throan straight forward. if it hits a player, it will damage that player. Strangely, unlike grenade launcher grenades, these grenades don't go through shields which is kind of meh, but that's just me.
e: mines, placed explosive, motion triggered, timed. When you place a mine, it will always be placed one foot north of your position. Remember this when walking away from it, as it is very possible to get exploded by your own mine! They don't make any noise, and as soon as someone steps on it it will detonate and damage the player. Mines explode after a while regardless if someone steps on it or not.
f: timebombs, placed explosive, timed. Timebombs are placed at your current location and will detonate as soon as the timer runs out. The timer is audible, but get away from it as fast as you can, as this explosion does not differenciate between friend or foe!
g: motion bombs, placed explosive, timed, motion triggered. As soon as a motion bomb is placed, it will start counting down for 15 seconds. After the countdown is complete, if there is something within 15 feat of the bomb, it will explode after a three second timer.
h: pipe bombs, thrown explosive, timed. Pipe bombs are armed and throan. They have quite a lot of throw range. 3 seconds after they land they will explode, damaging anyone near them.
i: small projectiles. These projectiles are launched and home in on the nearest player. They can't go through shields but they do good damage if they hit someone. Note: Small projectiles can be shot down. They will run out of fuel and fall to the ground if they are active for too long. There are several of these.
I: Small projectile, homing, shootable. This projectile simply does damage to the person it hits.
II: Poisoned small projectile, homing, debuffing, shootable. This version of the small projectile poisons the target like a poison dart would.
III: Tasing small projectile, homing, debuffing, shootable. This version of the small projectile stuns the target for 10 seconds much like a taser would.
IV: tasing poisoned small projectile, homing, debuffing, shootable. This version of the small projectile poisons the target as well as stunning it for 10 seconds.
j: claymores, placed explosive, remotely activated: Claymores are set up and they will remain untill you set them off or you die. When you die, all claymores are cleared. To detonate a claymore, simply use a claymore remote, which is another item. The remote will detonate one claymore per use, starting from the first placed to the newest. A claymore has a range of 40 feat in any direction so make sure you're far away from it before detonating. Note: If you pick up a claymore remote and you already have one in your inventory, it will be replaced by a claymore instead.
k: item grabbers, stunning. Warning! Item grabbers are very loud. They are pressurized, which takes a long time then fired, transporting a great many items to your location. While the item grabber pressurizes, you will be stunned and unable to do anything. When you use an item grabber, the entire server will be notified so expect people to come after you unless you are well guarded, too far away to be worth the risk, or are invisible. Watch out, however, that noone can stumble over your grabber by accident. Invisibility doesn't protect you against players randomly finding you in the middle of nowhere.
l: robots, stunning, homing, shootable. Robots can be launched. While you are giving orders to it, you will be stunned and unable to do anything. The robot will run to the nearest player it finds and will start shooting them, with horrible accuracy, if I say so myself. Robots can be destroyed by shooting at them. I hope it goes without saying that cyanide or poison does not effect them in any way, shape or form. Note: Robots have a battery life of five minutes, after which they will simply die. When you launch a robot, the entire server will be notified.
m: bullet bombs, placed explosive, stunning, shootable. When you use a bullet bomb, you will spend some time placing it, mixing chemmacles and programming the bullet bomb's detonator. To detonate the bullet bomb, shoot it with a long ranged weapon and it will explode. They start with 500 health and can set off chain reactions if placed close enough together. they have a short explosion radius but usually one-hit kill anyone who is too close, unless they have a lot of health. Note: Bullet bomb locators can be used to find any bullet bombs you may have placed. Bullet bombs do not get wiped if you die. If you receive a bullet bomb locator and you already have one, it will be replaced by a bullet bomb instead. Bullet bomb locators also tell you about bullet bombs that other team members have placed, if there are any.
n: poison darts, thrown projectile, debuffing. They are throan straight in front of you and who ever they hit will be poisoned. The poison can be cured by poison drinks, which also give you some health. Poison will go away after you die, you cure it, or it leaves your system. Poison darts are blocked by shields. A poison drink gives you around 300 to 500 health.
o: sticky bombs, thrown explosive, sticky, timed. A sticky bomb is throan straight in front and will hit the next person close enough. From what I've observed, they don't have a lot of range, but they will explode on the person they are on after five seconds, unless that person jumps around enough to throw it off, and then they still have an explosion radius of 7 tiles. Their damage isn't too good though.
p: shields, beneficial item. When you equip a shield, you will randomly gain between one and 15 shielded shots. When you have shielded shots, you will be safe from all starting weapon hits except rockets, grenade launcher grenades and the effects of sianide. You are also safe from grenades, robot shots, projectiles and poison darts. Different weapons take off different amounts of shielded shots.
q: invisibility shields, buf. When using one of these it will make you invisible for 30 seconds which will hide you from the p key  as well as player tracking.
r: Suicide bombs, placed explosive, timed. Suicide bombs go off almost right after you've placed them, and will cause 1000 damage to anyone near it. Because of the short time it takes to explode, there's no hope of yourself getting away. If you have very high health, lets say in the 10000 range, suicide bombs cause you no harm. You will still hear the characteristic splat noises, but you will not lose any health. I have no idea why this happens, so don't know if it is intensional or not.
s: Fireballs, thrown projectile, homing, flammable. When you throw a fireball and it hits a player, it will keep following that player until the player dies, they throw water over themselves or the fireball goes out. They go through shields and hp quite quickly and the only way to get rid of them is to use water to put them out. If no player is at the location you threw the fireball, it will simply do nothing. Fireballs can also be collected in boxes which give you around 10 at once.
t: Gas masks, buf. A gas mask can protect you from the effects of sianide as long as it contains air to breathe. If you have a gas mask on sianide pistols and cyanide canisters won't have any affect on  you. If you already have a gas mask, any other gas masks you collect will give you an air tank instead. Note that wearing a gas mask without any air supply will proove fatal.
u: Air tanks, beneficial item. Air tanks are used to get breathable air for your gas masks. One air tank gives you around 40 to 70 stored air.
v: Mass bombs, placed explosive, timed. Mass bombs deal a huge amount of damage to anyone in the area, and placing them is relativly quiet compared to most other placed explosives. Their range is quite high so the best use for them is to place them during a loud fight or robot battle.
w: Antibiotics, beneficial item. Antibiotics can give you from 300 up to 2000 health, over a time period of about 45 seconds.
x: Antibiotic darts, thrown projectile, beneficial item. These can be used to heal people on your team, they won't work on anyone else. They have the same effect as antibiotics have.
y: Candy, buf. Candies provide you with a boost of speed that works when running, and jumping, for 30 seconds. You can only use one of these at once.
z: Rocket batteries, stunning. A rocket battery takes around three seconds to power up, then it will launch five rockets. One back, one left, one right, and two in front.
AA: Throwing stars, thrown projectile. These throwing stars are quite straightforward. Simply throw them at an enemy, and hope you're accurate enough to hit them. These throwing stars can also be collected in volleys which can give you around 12 of them at once.
AB: Bases, structure. Please see relevant section.
AC: Food, beneficial item. Food can restore some health when eaten, however you are also able to die of starvation if you don't eat enough food and you are part of a team which owns a base. Luckaly, food is one of the most commun items in the game, so if you just use it every time you get it you should be fine. If you have access to a base computer, you can also buy food in packs. Food can also be looted as cold food, though if you keep it in your inventory too long without coolers it will turn into regular food.
AD: Wood, structure reinforcement. Wood is used to add health to bases. Wood can also be collected in packs that give you around 15 at once. You can also find metal, which is a stronger version of wood, though its more expensive to buy.
AE: Gas cans, structure reinforcement. Gas cans must be used to power a base's generator. They add about five minutes of runtime to the base. When a gas can is used, it will be replaced by an empty gas can, which can be used to sifen gas out of your or enemy bases.
AF: Barricade bombs, placed explosive, motion triggered, stunning, timed. A barricade bomb takes a very long time to place. However this is made up for by some great advantages. Once one of them is placed, they will amit a continuous beeping noise. If anyone not on your team gets within 15 squares of the bomb, the bomb will start a three second timer. If that timer runs out, it will explode damaging anyone in a 20 square radius. They do about 3000 to 5000 damage when they explode. If the person triggering the bomb's detonation timer steps out of sensor range, the bomb will deactivate and go back to its slow beeping. These can be used to great affect to guard towers or bases.
AG: Bomb defusers, misc item. If a bomb of any type is near the triggered coordinates of the bomb defuser, the bomb in question will deactivate. Barricade bombs are not affected.
AH: Sound grenades, thrown explosive, debuffing. A sound grenade first turns the game volume way down and then plays a very loud sound if it hits a target. The sound lasts about 10 seconds and consists of white noise mixed with a high pitched drone.
AI: Bitcoins, beneficial item. Bitcoins can be used to buy items from the black market using a base computer. Bitcoins must be used at the location of a base computer and then scanned for them to work. Each bitcoin gives you a random amount of money to use, but I can safely say that each one gives you around $200 to spend.
AJ: Water, beneficial item. Water is used to put out fireballs on your person, and can also be used to put out a base fire. Simply use water outside of a burning base to extinguish it.
AK: Dynamite set, package, placed explosive, shootable: This item actually groups three items into one. When you pick up a dynamite set, you can open it and find both one dynamite and a detonator for it. To propperly set up and detonate dynamite, you must first place both the dynamite itself and the detonator. The advantage and distinction from other placed explosives here is that the two items can be placed anywhere, and as far apart as you want/need them to be and the dynamite will explode regardless. After both items are set up, shooting the detonator will cause the dynamite to explode.
AL: Tools, structure reinforcement: Tools can be used to repair items inside the base. These items include the computer, fridge and storage. If you have access to a base computer, you can buy tool boxes which are a more powerful version of tools.
AM: Bottle bombs, Thrown explosive, timed. A bottle bomb is a more powerful version of a pipe bomb. It can fly for about 100 feat before falling to the ground and has a range of about 20 feat. One bottle bomb can do about 1000 damage.
AN: parachutes, buf, debuffing: While a parachute is open, you will take no damage from falls of any height. However, the downside to an open parachute is that your walking speed as well as your abillity to jump is greatly reduced.
AO: Concussive grenades, placed explosive, timed: Concussive grenades are placed and after a short timer, they go off throwing anyone in a range of 13 feat up into the air, causing fall damage when they hit the ground again. It also stuns people who are hit by it.
AP: Propulsion jets, vehicle. Please see vehicles section.
AQ: Bikes, vehicle. Please see vehicles section.
AR: Frequency scramblers, buf. Wen activated, a frequency scrambler hides you from robots, meaning they will not target you for 30 seconds.
AS: Lockpicks, misc item. Lockpicks can be used to gain entrance into enemy bases, allowing you to loot it, take it for yourself, lie in ambush for users, or simply destroy it from the inside. If a base door is picked, the base's owner can reset the code at the computer. To propperly use a lockpick, you must use it on a bases tile. You will hear some scraping sounds, and as soon as you hear a sharp clicking noise, press enter again to use it another time. Keep doing this until the door unlocks for one second. Warnings! If you rush the job, your hand might slip and if the base's power is on cameras may notice you. If you step away from the base's tile while still lockpicking, your efforts will be for naught and you will have to start again.
at: Health movers, misc item, stunning: If another player is at the same position you are at, using a health mover will let you transfer health to the receiver, during which time you will not be able to move. One Health mover transfers about 500 health.
au: Base fridge coolent, structure reinforcement: Coolent must be added to the fridge in order to keep food stored in it cold. When you use coolent on a fridge, the item will be replaced by a base fridge coolent extractor which can be used to sifen coolent out of your or enemy bases.
av: Base lock booster, structure reinforcement. Adding lock boosters to your base from the outside will make lockpicking take more time allowing for longer response times.
AW: Stun grenades, placed explosive, timed, debuffing. Stun grenades cause no damage and their effective range is practically nill, however if they do hit someone after the timer runs out they will be stunned for about 15 seconds. I also think that stun grenades knock out base power if used on a base's tile, however I'm not sure since I couldn't test this yet.
Ax: Health pods, beneficial item. If you use an empty health pod on yourself, you will transfer some health into it. The empty health pod will become a health pod, which you can then give or send to another player. If that player uses the  health pod, they will gain the health contained inside the pod and it will turn back into an empty health pod.
Ay: Item carrying projectiles, package, homing, shootable: If an item carrying projectile is used, you will be prompted to select an item from your inventory to transfer. You can select whether the item should be deployed when reaching the ground or not, consider this a way to remotely use items like cyanide canisters on unprepared enemies. You will then enter the x, y, and z coordinates the projectile should go to, and it will attempt to go there. These projectiles can be shot down however so don't always expect the payload to reach its destination.
Az: Packs, package. Some items, like those purchased from the black market will come in packs which must be opened in order for the items to go into your inventory. You can also find empty packs which can be filled. If you use the empty pack, you will be able to put 20 items of one type into the pack. This can then be sent off with an item projectile,  given to another player, put into a base's storage or simply kept for later.
ba: Base generator boosters, structure reinforcement. Using a generator booster on a base will make its generator more efficient, it will use less gas thus giving you more runtime. One base can boost the generator ten times.
BB: Food coolers, misc item. If you have a food cooler and cold food in your inventory, cold food will not become regular food. Instead, the cooler is used to turn it back into cold food once its timer runs out.
Bc: Spy Cameras, misc item, remotely activated. Spy cameras allow you to see who, or what is located in the area where they were placed. To place a camera you must have both the cam and a spy camera controler in your inventory. The placed cam will be linked with the controler, and when you use it you will be able to select amung all cameras you have placed so far. Cameras have a limited battery life. They must be recharged with battery packs to keep them going. If the controler connects to a camera, you have several commands you can perform:
I: Player scan, key p: Scans for players in range of the cam. This causes the cam to emit a noise which might expose it.
b: Battery pack scan, key k: If the cam detects a battery pack near its position, the pack will be used to recharge it.
c: Item scan, key i: Scans for items in range of the cam. This also emits a noise which might expose it.
d: View information, key v: Displays camera coordinates.
e: Stun charge, key t (hold for one second). First charges up, then releases an electric stun attack that stuns people near the cam for a signifficant amount of time.
f: Auto-destruct, key backspace (hold for three seconds): If this key is held down for three seconds, the camera auto-destructs and disappears from the controler menu.
BD: Battery packs, misc item. These are used to recharge spy cameras.
BE: Satelite bombs, placed explosive, remotely activated. When you use a satelite bomb, you will first program its code. To do this enter a four digit number from 1000 to 9999, the only other rule here is that 0 cannot be put at the start of the number. Then place the satelite bomb. After that, you can use a satelite bomb remote to detonate all the bombs on a speciffic code. Watch out, because other people can easily detonate your bombs if they know or guess the code!
BF: Teargas canisters, debuffing. Teargas canisters cause people who are affected by the gas to walk slower for a time.

**6.2: Vehicles.
There are a number of vehicles in redspot to use for transportation and combat.
A: Bikes.
Bikes are a very quick way to get around. When you press enter on your bike in the inventory, you will move 10 feat forward, that is 10 feat in the direction you were facing. You cannot use bikes in the air. Note that you can indeed crash bikes into towers, and if you do you will lose a little health and your bike will be destroyed. Bikes have a radar that tell you if you're moving close to something you could crash into. If you move with the bike and something is within 10 feat of you, a beep sound will play. You cannot bike on water.
b: Propultion jets:
Propulsion jets require propulsion jet gas to use. It must be used in the air, otherwise it will deal around 1000 damage to you. When used correctly, it will firstly propell you forward about 50 feat, and secondly allow you to float for a short amount of time during which time you can also move about. You can stay afloat longer by using the jet again while still in the air. Note that if you go too high with a propulsion jet, you could take fall damage so  having a parachute handy is advisable. Each use of a propulsion jet uses one propulsion jet gas. Propulsion jet gas can also be collected in tanks which give you about 15 at once. Watch out! Because of the high speed the propulsion jet propells you, collision with anything will most likely be fatal.
++7: Bases.
Bases are a large enough part of the game that they deserve their own section. They are a central point of defense, organization and restocking for your team. The base must be defended and guarded, as well as kept stockpiled with food and items encase your hunters and runners require them. A base however also gives you strategic advantages over other players, such as the abillity to buy things like items or an item storage area to deposit your items for retrieval later encase you die. I've never seen one person solo managing a base, so a team is very, very recommended.
**7.1: Creating a base.
To create a base, you must have 100 wood in your inventory, you must not be in the air and not be within another base. When you first create a base, you will be told to enter its name. The base will then be built, and you will be told the temporary door code which you must let your team members know if they want to enter the base. When a base is created, the entire game will hear about it, so make sure your maintainers and defenders are in position when creating a base.
**7.2: Base functions.
a: Entrance and exit. When a base is first created, you will receive a temporary door code with four numbers. To enter a base you need to switch to "using yourself" usage mode, and press enter on the base's coordinates. You will be instructed to enter the door code. Watch out while entering it, as the way the server handles the input doesn't allow you to type the code in very fast. if you get it right, the door will unlock for one second during this time anyone can enter as they wish. If a base unlocks and locks itself, the base computer will play a sound notifying the people inside the base. The door code can be changed at the base computer. The exit door is located at 10 0 0 within the base. You are not required to unlock the base when exeting it. Unfortunately, if you have a slow internet connection the wait time you need to endure to enter the code will increase. There is a time limmit of a few seconds you have to enter the code, which resets every time you enter a didgit. If the time limit is reached, you will automatically receive a code error and will need to try again. This base function is operational without power.
b: Base power. If your base doesn't have power, all it will be is a shelter from attacks until it is torn down, nothing else. The main breaker to toggle the base's power is located at 20, 0, 0 within the base. The base's generator will run as long as there is fuel to power it. Generator fuel must be fed to the base from the outside. Each gas can adds around five minutes of runtime to the base. This base function is operational without power.
C: Base computer. The base computer is located at 0 0 0. It has another section of its very own because of its complexity. This base function needs power to be correctly used. The computer can be destroyed, making it unusable.
d: Fridge. The fridge is used to store food. When food is in a powered up fridge long enough, it will turn into cold food, which is a more powerful version of food this meaning it gives you more health. However if the power is off for too long, cold food will begin to turn back into food. It is located at 0 20 0. The fridge requires coolent to correctly work. You can use base fridge coolents at the fridge to add coolent to it. This will turn the coolent item into a base fridge coolent extractor, which can be used to extract coolent from your or enemy bases. This base function needs power to be correctly used. The fridge can be destroyed, making it unusable.
e: Storage area. The storage area is used to store items you have collected and want to save as a restocking opertoonity for your team or encase one of you dies. It can be accessed by using yourself on it, and is located at 20 20 0. Once accessed, simply follow the prompts. You will be asked if you wish to store or retrieve items. If you choose to store, you can select the item you wish to store from your inventory and enter the amount to be stored. If you choose to retrieve, you can select items from the ones the area has stored, and choose how many you wish to retrieve. This base function is operational without power. The storage area can be destroyed, making it unusable.
**7.3: Base computer.
The base computer is your central hub where a number of things can be done. To access the command list, press space. The command for each function is also provided here for your convenience:
a: Alarms, key a. This feature will allow you to turn on and off different alarm signals within the base. The different alarms aren't allocated to one scinario so you can have different alarms mean different things: The following is a sample on how alarms can be used.
none: Everything normal, no raiding parties attacking and things are generally going good.
yellow: Danger of an attack. Your hunters might have caught sight of something that may point to an attack on your base, and the defenders should be extra aware while this alarm is on.
red: Your base is under attack and there is a battle going on outside. Anyone who is not a defender or hunter position should remain inside the base for safety reasons.
blue: Infiltration. Someone has lockpicked your door and there is a possibillity of an infiltration. The base owner should be notified asap to change the code.
fire: Something flammable has hit the base and it must be evacuated and the fire put out as soon as possible. This alarm activates automatically if the base starts burning, however it can be manually toggled with f as well.
Crytical: An enemy strike has doomed the base, and it will surely be destroyed. A crytical alert means the base has been officially written off by your team, and everyone must evacuate as quickly as possible.
b: Door controls, key d. This screen allows you to change the door code with c, or unlock the door with u. Only the base's owners can change the code.
c: Base information, key i: From here you can access a sub menu which displays different elements of your base's stats.
1: General overview, key space. This tells you whether your power is off or on, how many owners the base has and for how long the current level of gas in the generator provides you with power.
2: Location information, key c: This tells you where the base is, as well on which map it is.
3: Fridge information, key f: This tells you how much cold food and regular food is stored in the fridge and how much coolent it has.
4: Health information, key h: This tells you how much health the base has remaining.
5: Base generator information, key g: This tells you how much gas is stored in the generator and how long this level of gas will last you.
6: Os information, key o: This tells you the current version of the computer os your base is using. This has no real value, so you may ignore it.
7: Uncatagorized information, key u: This tells you various misc things such as the number of times the door was unlocked, lock boosters and generator boosters used etc.
d: Message log, key m: The mesage log allows you to review the last nine messages the computer has received with the number row. You can also coppy all base messages to the clipboard by pressing 0. Pressing space will allow you to enter a custom message for other users.
e: Scanning system, key n: From here you can perform a scan from within the base to locate players or items near it. The scan range is 50 tiles. To scan for players, hit p. To scan for items, hit i. You will be told who/what the thing is, and how far away it is.
f: Owner management, key r: This menu lets you add base owners with a, list owners with l, and remove owners with r. Owners can do things like change the base's code. Only someone who is an owner can modify this.
g: Store, key s: The store allows you to purchase items from the black market, you need $ to use it. In the store menu you can press s to scan your bitcoins, and m to review items along with their prices and purchase them. note, to successfully purchase items, you must have scanned bitcoins converted into $. Use the up and down arrow keys to browse the available items, press right or left arrow to add and remove items from your cart, space to view the price of the currently selected item, tab to view the price of the total purchase, and enter to confirm. Once an item is purchased, it will take anywhere from two to 15 minutes to arive. A shipment is dropped in shipping containers by helicopters, and must be picked up from outside the base then used at storage. Here is a current list of items and their prices:
stored health: 10
stored quad: 75
grenade: 25
claymore: 75
mine: 10
small projectile: 10
pipe bomb: 50
poison dart: 10
poison drink: 25
invisibility shield: 50
stat pingger: 25
item grabber: 120
lazar ammo box: 20
handgun ammo box: 30
rifle ammo box: 15
shotgun ammo box: 50
machinegun ammo box: 20
flame thrower ammo box: 25
rocket launcher ammo box: 65
throwing knives ammo box: 30
crossbow ammo box: 40
cyanide pistol ammo box: 40
grenade launcher ammo box: 65
robot: 50
bullet bomb: 75
sticky bomb: 25
poisoned small projectile: 50
tasing small projectile: 25
tasing poisoned small projectile: 75
shield: 50
antibiotic: 50
rocket battery: 50
fire ball box: 105
candy: 10
suicide bomb: 150
mass bomb: 75
air tank: 50
gas mask: 75
motion bomb: 25
timebomb: 25
barricade bomb: 75
antibiotic dart: 50
water pack: 10
cyanide canister: 75
throwing star volley: 105
wood pack: 50
gas can: 45
food: 10
Food cooler: 3
Food pack: 100
bomb defuser: 50
lockpick: 125
Tool box: 300
tools: 125
dynamite set: 100
bottle bomb: 25
sound grenade: 40.
Parachute: 75
Propulsion jet: 200
Propulsion jet gas: 5
Concussive grenade: 60
Item carrying projectile: 30
Empty pack: 1
Frequency scrambler: 55
Base machinegun ammo drum: 250
Base lock booster: 350
Base generator booster: 1000
Base fridge coolent: 100
Base fridge coolent extractor: 50
Bitcoin: 275
Health mover: 100
Empty health pod: 5
Bike: 75
Stun grenade: 50
h: Weapons terminal, key w. Here, the weapons the base currently has can be controlled and their status checked. The following is a list of weapons the base has, or can aquire and how to use it.
1: The machinegun. The machinegun does little damage but fires quickly. To activate it simply press space in the weapons terminal and it will begin fireing at anything within a range of 15 tiles. To check the machinegun's ammo, press a, to check if there are any players in its range, press r. The base comes with 125 machinegun ammo, and machinegun ammo can also be bought but not collected in drums which give you 225 ammo per drum.
**7.4: Destroying a base.
Destroying a base works just like killing players does. Any damaging item or weapon can be used on the base, although it should be obvious that tasers, cyanide and poison do not effect it. Also, fists do not do any damage. However, if something flammable like a fireball hits the base, it might begin burning. Until the base is burnt down or the fire is put out, it will continue to burn. If a base has less than 300 health remaining, the door will be destroyed allowing entry and exit without a code for anyone. The base can also be destroyed from within by using explosives. Lastly, the computer, fridge, and storage area can all be destroyed as well, requiring tools to repair them.
++8: Historical archives.
This includes items, weapons or systems that were once used widely but have been retired do to being made useless by other emerging weapon technology or defficiencies.
a; Jets, item, vehicle. These were once used by soldiers to traverse the skies and deal death from above to great effect. Their weapons included small but high damage bombs that could be fired with space and harder to get but  devastating missiles used with right alt+m. However, they found little favor because of their klunky controls and limited turning capabilities. Also, some keyboards lacked a right alt key, making the firing of missiles impossible. Because of this, all jets were pulled out of circulation and their manufacturing and production was stopped entirely.
++9: Closing.
Well soldier, I sure hope whatever I have found out will help you in this hell on earth. Good killings to you, for that is the only way to survive here. If we happen to cross paths, I shall most likely be required to blow your head off, but that remains to be seen.

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