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As of version 1.5, death match, a new beginning now has a new building system!
Here is the proper way to build your very own starship with it!
First off, you will need a lot of resources. You can get these resources by asteroid processing. In particular, you will need massive quantities of rare metal and iron.
Next, select build a custom starship from the global galactic network menu, and give it a name. The more metals you have, the higher the hull. You need at least, 20, to continue.
Next, board the starship you have created. You are now ready to build. Open the galactic network market menu by pressing g, and select add to custom starship.
When you do that, a menu of objects you can build will appear. Here are what those options do.
Room builds a new room.
Door builds a door, obviously.
Wall allows you to block off certain sets of coordinates.
Airlock (build once), allows you to build an exit out of your ship.
Turbolift allows you to build ways to access and set up multiple decks.
With that in mind, let's build a very basic starship that is just a basic 60 by 60 room, and a few doors.
First, if you haven't already, go get some materials. rare metals and iron are what is needed for this project.
Next, if you haven't done this either, go select build a custom starship from the global galactic network menu.
Board it and let's get going.
Select add to custom starship once you've done that, and select room.
Always start out building a room. Always always always. Never start by building anything else besides a room. If you do that, previous objects in those coordinates will get wiped when you go build the room.
Select room from the menu and press enter. For the purposes of this demonstration, enter 0 for the following.
Room x. Room y, and room z.
When it asks for a roomlength x, enter 60. Enter the same for roomlength y.
Next, the room type. Go through your sounds folder and examine all the step sounds, keeping in mind that there are 2 per type.
The types start at 0. This will take some experimentation to get the hang of, but in time, it will become second nature.
For now, let's just enter roomtype 5, which is used on most ship bridges.
For roomsound, the idea is the same. You can enter any roomsound that is currently in the sounds folder.
You have bridge sounds and room ambiances to choose from.
Whatever you decide to use, you will enter something like this. Sounds/bridge9.ogg
Once that's done, you will be asked to enter a room environment.
This will take some experimentation to get the environment you want, but the best way to get it is to create a map in death match project alpha. That way you can preview the environments there and change it if you don't like it.
Once you have decided on a room environment, you enter it simply as the room environment alone and nothing else.
For the purposes of this demonstration, we will enter "room", without the quotes.
And now you have a very basic, room set up, though we still need to set up walls, so you don't go wandering outside the boundaries.
Let's do that now.
Select add to custom starship again, and this time select wall from the menu.
Important! If you mess this part up, there is no way to fix it without starting over! Your only real solution will be to ask someone to correct the offending lines of the ship file.
Now, let's build the wall that will be on your left (assuming your still
standing at 0 0 0).
When you are asked for wall x and y, enter -1 here.
For wall z, enter 0.
For wall length, enter 60.
Listen, very, carefully.
When it asks for wallside, pay attention to the value you enter. 0 affects the x plane (up and down), And 1 affects the y plane (left to right).
For the purposes of this demo, enter 0.
You have now got a wall that blocks you from going too far left, but we now need to do the same for a wall behind you.
Start a wall again entering -1 as x and y and 0 for z, 60 for wall length, and this time however,
Enter 1, as the wallside prop.
If you did it correctly, you now have a wall behind you.
One note, pliz don't be an idiot and stand behind or ahead of where the wall will be created. If you do, you may remain trapped.
Now, let's create walls for the other side of the ship.
We'll start with the one on the right edge of the ship.
Start another wall, and enter 60 as the wall x, 0 as the wall y, and 0 as the wall z.
Enter 60 as the wall length, and 0 for wallside.
Now, for one last wall. Start another wall.
Enter 0 as the wall x, 60 as the wall y, 0 as the wall z,
60 as the wall length, and 1 as the wallside.
Congratulations! You now have a very basic, 60 by 60 box shaped ship.
If you have stuck with me for this long, feel free to keep reading. If your confused, here is a good place to stop.
Let's add a few doors now.
Keep in mind that doors only block the coordinate they are on, and nothing around it. For this purpose, you need to build walls around, but not directly, where your door is placed.
Let's build 1 door at 20, 20, 0, and have a wall around it.
First off, build a wall. Enter 0 as the wall x, 20 as the wall y, and 0 as the wall z.
For wall length, put in 19, since remember the door will be one tile away from it. If you put in 20, it would block the door.
Finish it off by putting in 1 as the wallside.
Now, the door.
Select add to custom starship again, and select door this time.
Enter 20 as the door x, 20 as the door y, and 0 as the door z.
For door type, you will have to experiment. Go through the door sounds in the sounds directory and find the one you like there.
Once you find it, put only the door type number. For example "3".
For door side, enter 0.
Next, start another wall. Enter 21 as the wall x, 20 as the wall y, 0 as the wall z, 60 as the wall length, and 1 as the wallside.
congratulations! If you've done it right, you've got a very basic, box shaped, 60 by 60 ship with one door! You can do whatever you want after this point!
Some final tips.
Never put two rooms on top of each other. If you do, it will brake, quite badly.
Try not to put a wall on top of a door. If you do, well, let's just put it simply you will be stuck with a door that won't open.

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