Walkthrough of death match: project alpha level 3.
When the tram stops, head right through the door into the corridor. Their is an upgrade station, though I never use it for the most part, its their if you have some spair upgrade components.
Proceed through the corridor into a large room. In this room will be 2 cargo lifts, one serving gravity field generation, the other accessing fusion drive control.
Head to 30, 0, 0, which is the position of the first cargo lift and take it up to gravity field generation.
You will be in another large room, proceed through a door and into a corridor, then into the gravity field generation chamber itself.
Their are 2 peaces which must be tractored into the central unit to survive, tractor them to position 75 and release.
Once both peaces are connected, you will be able to activate the console at position 80. This will cause the gravity field generator to restart, and also for it to depressurize the entire room.
Walk left until a sudden explosion is herd, this will send you flying back to the room with the 2 lifts. Guess its more importent than ever to get out of that asteroid belt, huh?
Take the lift at 40 0 0 to head up to a small access corridor, with your best friend, a tenticle hanging from it. After killing him, use your tractor beam on the door that leads into fusion drive control.
Once your their, their are 2 levers which must be pulled, 1 on either side of a large structural failure.
Walk right until the game informs you that their is a lever, then use your tractor beam module to pull it down to refuel the fusion drive.
The primary fuel storage bay will run out of fuel during the refueling sequence. Fly over the structural failure and use your tractor beam module again to pull the second lever down.
This will complete the fueling sequence of the fusion drive, and close the structural failure so you can proceed where it was with no problem.
Head back through the corridor and take the lift down, then head through the door leading back to the tram station. At this point, 2 enemies will spring out and try to murder you, kill them and proceed into the tram station. Activate the console at 0 0 0 and the level will be completed.

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