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https://dl.dropbox.com/u/109889244/Meta … 0Solid.mp3

Download and tell me what you think. This walkthrough was created using other plugins, and its a lot better than the last one I did in my opinion, although quicksaves didnt work with that one, so in order to do a good walkthrough i restarted the game a few times lol. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. Tell me what you think! This walkthrough has better sounds than the other one I did, although dont be surprise, the loading screens are cut, and thats what i like about this plugin since it saves space in the recording.

Metal Gear Solid walkthrough

Note: I would suggest that you play this game using headphones.
If you find something is missing, don't hesitate to tell me. Also, if you find a better way to complete an area, don't be afraid to tell me, we're here to help each other.

1. Controls

It is recommended to play this game using a controller, even with the PC version. Here are the controls for the playstation version:

Directional buttons: Move Snake in any of the 4 directions. Left moves west, right moves east, up moves north, and down moves south.

X: Crouch

Square: Use current equipped weapon
Press square while walking to throw your enemy behind you
Press square behind an enemy without walking and hold it to hold him. While doing this, you can use him as a human shield
Press square multiple times while holding an enemy to choke your enemy when no weapon is equipped

Triangle: First person view mode, hold it to listen to your enemy's foot steps and know if they're close to you. Note: you can't attack when you're in first person view.
When in first person view, hold l1 to listen a bit more to the left, and r1 to listen a bit more to the right.

Circle: Punch. Press it multiple times and Snake will do a punch punch kick combo. Useful to knock an enemy down.
When you're back against a wall, press circle to tap on the wall.

L1: Unequip currently equipped item

R1; unequipped current held weapon

l2: Items' menu

r2: Weapons' menu

Select: Use codec, answer codec calls

Start: Pause the game

2. Weapons

Here's the full list of weapons in the same order as they appear in the weapons' menu along with their descriptions.

No weapons: When no weapon is equipped, Snake can throw / choke his enemy. See the control's section for details.

Socom: Semi automatic pistol. Hold square and Snake will aim in front of him. If you're facing the direction of the enemy, Snake will autoaim automatically. Release square to fire.

Famas: Assault rifle, hold to fire.

Grenades: Standard grenades, hold square to pull off the pin, then you have 5 seconds to throw it before it explodes. Note that the longer you hold square, the further the grenade will be thrown.

Nikita Missile launcher: This is a remotely controlled missile. Press square to fire the missile and then use the directional buttons to control where you want the missile to go. Keep in mind that the missile has fuel and will explode if you take too much time.

Stinger missile: You use the arrows to aim. When you hear a beeping noise, that means you're targetting your enemy. Press square and the missile will automatically follow your enemy to hit him.

Claymore mines: You plant one by pressing square. Note that you can pick it back up by crawling to one.

C4 explosives: Plastic explosives, plant one by pressing square, then press circle to detonate it. Be sure to be a bit far from the c4 before pressing circle though.

Stun grenades: These grenades stun your enemies for a short period of time. Throw them anywhere and it'll hit the enemies in the area. Useful to escape and to hide somewhere.

Chaff grenades: These grenades will interfear with electronic devices rendering them useless for a short period of time. Useful against cameras or gun cameras.

PSG1: Your sniper rifle. When you equip it, Snake will crawl and you have to use the arrows to aim just like with the stinger missile.

3. Walkthrough

This is the part that everyone has been waiting for. I will try to explain to everyone here the best way I get through every areas of the game. Some sighted people might think of other ways to get through some areas, but what I'm going to write will probably end up being the best way for you to complete the game. Note that I'm totally blind and I can assure to all of you that this game is fully completable without sighted help.


If you're spotted by an enemy, try to run away and hide. If you're trying to kill them all, they will pretty much always respawn so it's pretty useless. Unless you're forced to defend yourself, run.

If you're low on health, you need a ration. This will restore your health. Hold l2 and scroll while pressing circle at every item you have till you hear a noise, that means Snake is eating the ration. You can preequip the ration so that when Snake dies, he will automatically recover full health.

At some point in the game, you will have to open doors to proceed. To equip the card key, press l2 and then up once. You'll have the card key equipped.

When you kill a guard without getting spotted, he will drop an item. Pick it up.

The docks

When you get control of Snake, go back in the water by going south. Go west, north, then east. You will grab a ration. Get back south, then a bit east. Go north to climb the stairs and exit the water. Head west. Then, crawl and go north under the pipe blocking your way. Then, get up and go all the way north. Enter first person view mode by holding triangle and listen till you hear the guard yawning. Then, wait a few seconds before going east 2 steps, then north 2 steps, then without touching the directional buttons, press square till you break his neck. Go all the way north, then enter first person view. Wait till the guard gets away, go all the way east. Go north to grab a ration, then go left. You will get a call, saying that the elevator's not arrived yet. Go back east and wait till you hear the elevator coming. Enter first person view, and wait about 15 seconds, since there's a guard in it. Wait till he gets out, then go west about 9 steps then north to enter the elevator.


Go all the way west. Then, go south to grab another ration. Return to where you came from and go all the way east. Go north 15 steps and then west till you hit the wall. Go north and you will hear Snake say "Surveillance camera?" Immediately go north till you hit the wall otherwise the guard patrolling here will spot you. Go west 9 steps, then south till you hit the front of a truck. Go west about 3 steps, then south about 8 steps. Get back east about 3 steps and you will be behind the truck. Go north to climb in the back. Go north then west to grab your first weapon, a Socom pistol. Get back down the back of the truck and then go left about 3 steps. Go all the way north, then west. Go in first person view. You should hear a guard snoring. Go south 1 step, then a bit west. Not a lot, because there's a camera there. When you receive a call, crawl and go a bit west, then north to enter the vents.

A great tip from DD to get to the ducts easier, thanks man. "just instead of going west, go south a bit then west until the guard is in front of you, head north and as the camera sees you, throw him
and crawl through" This will assure you you're in the right direction to enter the ducts.

The ducts

Go north a few seconds, then press right six times to turn right a bit. Go north, you will get a call and be told to follow some mice. Then you will come across some water. Go north till you dont hear the mice anymore, then press left six times. Go north till you don't hear any mice, then left six times again. Go north and you will get out of the duct.

Tank hanger, first floor

Now that you're out of the duct, proceed north all the way. Go all the way west, then one step south. You will get a call, saying you need to take the elevator. Go west a few steps, then north till you hit the elevator doors. Go east, then press up once for Snake to face the call button. Press circle to call the elevator. Note that if it makes a punch noise, you're actually not in front of the button. Note 2 if you want the elevator to come faster, press the call button twice. When the elevator is there, go west one step then north. Go west, then south to access the pannel on the south west side of the elevator. Press down once to go to the b1 floor.

Tank hanger, b1

There are some doors here, one to the west and an other one a bit farther to the east. However, we have no cards to open them. Go all the way south, then east. Go north, you will get a call. Press circle to climb up the ladder.

B1 ducts

Go north about 5 seconds. Now, press left 6 times. Go north for about 30 seconds, then left six times again. Go north, you will get a call. Now, go north and keep pressing circle at the same time till you open the grating.

Darpa chief's cell

Immediately equip your weapon, and go north. Crawl and go west under the bed to find a ration. Crawl back south and stand up. Wait till the door opens and head south to get out of the cell.

Now, as you heard, you have to fight some guards. Immediately face west and shoot all of the guards. After you kill a few of them, the girl will start helping you. After the little sceen where she shoots three of them, go west till you pick up some ammo and then immediately south one step to pick up another box of them. Go in the north east corner and face south, that way the guards will have a hard time shooting you. Shoot the guards with the help of the girl. Note that some of them will drop rations or ammo. Near the end, one of them will drop 3 grenades. Stay in the north east corner, that way you wont get hurt. Kill the remaining guards to trigger a cutsceen.

Tank hanger, b1

Now, hug the door by moving east. If you don't hear it open, that means you need to equip the key card. Hold l2 and press up once, that's a shortcut to equip the key card if it's not already equipped. Anyway, open the door east and then go south. Go east one step and then south. Head east and you'll open the bathroom door. Grab the ammo and get out. Head a bit north and west to get out of the cell area. Go all the way north. Now, you're facing the elevator doors. Go all the way east, then 1 step west. press up for Snake to face the call button and press circle as usual. Get in the elevator and press up and circle once at the pannel to go back to the first floor.

Tank hanger, first floor

Get out of the elevator and go south 5 steps. Go east and open the door there. There's a guard sleeping to the east of this room, so walk slowly and choke him. Get the socom suppressor behind him, then get back to the elevator. Press down twice at the pannel to go to the b2 floor.

Tank hanger, b2, armory

There are trapdoors in this area, meaning that if you walk on one, you will hear a clicking sound. Just dont stand there, continue running and you wont die. Get out of the elevator by going south and hug the wall, we're behind a little room and we need to enter it by the other end. Head west 3 steps, go south five steps, then get back east 3 steps. Enter the room north and collect the 2 packs of c4 at the north end of this room. Get out, hug the south wall again, you're behind another room. Go a bit west, south, then get back east a bit to face the doorway. Enter this room and grab the socom ammo. Get out of the room, then head 6 steps west. Enter the northern room for some grenades. Get out of this room, then head all the way west. Go north, a bit east, then all the way north. Head east till you hug the wall, you're suppose to be at the west of the elevator. Now, equip the c4. Head west one step, then knock on the north wall. You're suppose to hear a different sound, if you do, place the c4 on this wall. Head west and press circle to detonate it. Head back east and enter the room we just made north, collect the items there. Get out, and go east like 5 steps. Go north, you should be walking on different tiles, right in front of the elevator doors. Go east, south a few steps, then east a few steps. Head north, then hug the west wall. We should be on the east of the elevator now. Go east one step, knock on the north wall, this one should sound different as well. Plant your c4, go east, detonate, and get back west. Enter the northern room we just made, and grab everything you can. Note that there's a trapdoor in this room as well. Get out, and now go back all the way west. Go south, a bit east, then south again. What you want to do is go all the way south west of the whole floor. Now, knock on the south wall, it should sound different. You know what to do, plant c4, go north, detonate and then enter the room south.

Go south like 9 steps, then knock on the east wall. It might be a bit north or south from there, but once you find that the wall is different, plant the c4, go north, detonate and then go back south. Enter the room we made east, and hug the east wal. Head west 2 steps, and knock on the north wall. Plant the c4, go west, detonate and go back east. Don't enter the northern room we just made, since there's a last room we need to make by blowing a wall east. go south one step, then knock on the east wall. Plant the c4, go west, detonate and then go east. There's a ration on the southern end of this room, but there's a gun camera as well, so be careful. There are doors as well, but we can't open them. When you're ready, equip your socom and head in the room to the north to face the first boss battle.

Boss battle: Revolver Ocelot

You're in a square shaped room, but do not go in the middle. As you heard, Kenneth Baker, the guy you need to rescue, is tied up to a post. Touch the cables, and the c4 tied to him will explode. You're on the south part of the room. What I like to do is go all the way left, then run after him around the room, without ever going in the middle. When ever you think you have a clear shot, shoot. When he reloads, he takes a lot of time, so take the opportunity. Eventually you'll get him.

When the boss fight is done, head east and grab some ammo. Head all the way west, then south to get some more. Get out by going east and south, then head west. Go north to get out by the doorway we just made before with the c4.

Tank hanger, b2, armory

Head one step east, then a few north. Equip your socom and shoot the guard. Head north, then east. Head a step south, then go east about 6 steps. Shoot the guard east. Head back all the way south of this area. Enter the middle room to find some socom ammo. Then, head to the room west of this one to grab some grenades. Get back east, then go north about 7 steps. Go to the eastern room but crouch right when you enter. There are some laser wires and you have to crawl to get pass them, otherwise it'll alert some guards. At the other end of the room, grab the famas and some ammo. Get out of the room, don't forget to crawl. Head all the way west, then go north. Search for some items in the 2 rooms we created with the c4, then enter the elevator. Before going on any floor, call Meryl on the codec. Her frequency is 140.15, meaning you have to press left 70 times while at Campbell's frequency, which is 140.85. After the call, go to the first floor.

Tank hanger, first floor

Get out of the elevator, and go a bit east, then north till you get a call from Meryl. Now, head all the way west, then 1 step east. Now, some infrared sensers are moving up and down, and if one of them touches you, it's game over. If you use an emulator, I would suggest using the quick save feature, if not, it's a matter of trial and error. Wait a few seconds then go north, if not, wait a bit more then go north, etc. Anyway, you'll definitely get passed this. Go through the door north to get out of the building.

Open canyon area

Head all the way west. Answer the call you get, then go east 2 steps. Go north till you get a ration, then you should crawl and pick up a few mines, we'll need some later in the game, they're in the middle of the canyon, so pick some up if you can.
When you're ready to proceed, hug the west wall, that way you wont step on a mine. Go north to face another boss battle.

Immediately throw a chaff grenade, then go north 1 step and east. Go north 1 step again and head all the way east. Head all the way north,. The tank is to your south west now,. Equip the standard grenades, then hold square. Run south west for a while, and when the tank is centered in your headphones,release square to throw the grenade in the tank, then go back north east a bit. If you're lucky, the first guard will die instently, if not, repeat the process till he dies. A second guard will come now, but do the same thing you did and you'll eventually get it. Just don't go too far from the tank or else it'll use its cannon.

Nuke building, first floor

When you get control of Snake, head west then north up the stairs to grab a ration. Go back south then head east. Head all the way north, there's a door half open in front of you. Crawl north to get passed it. You'll get a call, and you'll learn that you can't use any weapons on this floor, so be careful not to get spotted. Head west, then go in first person view to listen to the guard patrolling there. When he walks away, head north 2 steps, then all the way west. Head south to grab some grenades, then head north up the stairs. Go east nine steps, then press up to face Snake with the button for the elevator. I suggest pressing the button twice to open the door faster, there are guards there and you need tu hurry. Get in the elevator and go to the b1 floor.

Nuke building, b1

Get out of the elevator, and go west about 8 steps. Head through the door north to enter the bathroom. There's a guard there, as soon as you enter the bathroom go north 4 steps, then quietly walk a few steps west and choke him. Hide in the south west corner till the other guard comes. When he does his thing, head north 4 steps, then a bit west to break his neck as well. Now there shouldn't be any guards in the area. Head all the way north, then head west to grab a ration. Get out of the bathroom and hug the south wall. Head east till the southern door opens. Head south, then grab some ammo by going west. Go all the way east, then south, then hug the east wall. There are 2 doors on this wall. Go north till you can open the one unlocked. Enter this room to grab the nikita missile launcher and some ammo for it. Get out of the room, then head to the north east of this area to grab some stun grenades. Head back west and exit north by the same door we entered. Do one step right, then press up so Snake faces the elevator button. Go to the b2 floor.

Nuke building, b2

Get out of the elevator and enter the southern doors. Now, you'll be told to destroy the electricity boxin the north west wall. Also, you'll slowly lose oxygen do to some gas filling the area. Head back north to get some air, then head back south. Equip the missile launcher and shoot it facing south. When you hear the missile moving, and I'm talking about the noise it makes when it turns, not the sound it makes when you shoot it. After that sound, count 4 seconds. Press left to make the missile turn west, after that sound count 2 seconds then press up to make the missile turn north. After the sound, count 4 seconds. Press left, but right when you hear the missile turning, press up. When you hear the missile turning, press right. Count 1 second after the missile turns, then press up to destroy that box. It takes timing, but you'll eventually destroy it.

Go back through the northern door to get some fresh air. Once you're ready, head south through the doors. You're going to encounter three doors on the east wall. The first one contains a ration, second one is locked, third one contains a gas mask. Once you got those, head all the way south, then head east through the door. There's a gun camera next to the door, just hug the north wall to avoid it.

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Yeah, definitely.  Bradp's always been telling me that its a cool game and I should get it.

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Yeah I am very, very interested.

Best regards SLJ.
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Happy gaming... :D

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as am i, however i still! haven't gotten the game as i ordered it but thanks to our fantastic mail system, it never arrived.  so i'm a bit reluctant to try again. lol

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I would be interested as well.

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@dan you could always use an emulator, lol
seb, got any tips on this tank? its driving me crazy, because I can't seem to destroy it unless I'm really lucky, even then I blow off like 8 grenades
or are they really not that important in the long run?
also thermal goggles, haha I just went to grab them for the hell of it to see if I could get better at finding my way around the game
last thing, something the faqs don't mention is you can get the suppressor after meeting meryl and killing those guards, its only a level 1 door

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ah, that's true.
any tips on which ps1 emulator to use and how to get stuff to work with it? only asking because doesn't it require different file types from nintendo ones?

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This! is where to get the best PS1 emulator. And by the way, its coming out with an update a couple of weeks! That being v1.8.0, after 4 yeas! The latest currently, is v1.7.0.

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thanks trenton. 
its a shame as i'd try ordering a coppy again but as its such a famous game its not exactly dirt cheap. sad

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problem with EPSXE though is it seems to require some really good hardware,because I tried using it with MGS and sound/music is lagging, horribly
I've got a 2.2GHZ processor along with I think 2 gigs of ram, you'd think that'd be enough for PS1 emulation though
or maybe its the plug ins
that's another thing, you need to find everything yourself, sound and video and then there's setting it all up

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I could do a walkthrough also if anyone wanted, because you can never have enough walkthroughs smile
also, I could upload my working configuration of EPSXE if anyone wants, All plugins are configured accept the controls which I  will leave blank for configuration with your gamepad of choice. Just post up here, and I will throw it on dropbox for those of you that are interested.

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just wondering what plug ins do you use? I think something's messing up with my setup

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it was audio that was giving you issues wasn't it? I always swair by eternal SPU 1.50. It's not the most up to date, but it's verry stable and it's psx reverb emulation is pretty much spot on.

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yeah, Im on 1.4 something, its giving all the music/conversation choppiness and slowdowns
where can I get 1.5?
also do you know where I can get a lower GPU plug in? as in just regular old PSX style graphics? that should be able to be handled by my comp, a have a feeling my graphics card isn't too high end but Im not sure how to check

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try doing the graphics in software, it's much much more dependant on the type of CPU you have in your system, But I think you said you had a dual core 2.2 GHZ CPU, that should be enough for fast software graphics. That or use pete's D3d driver, set graphics mode to fullscreen, 640x480 and make sure that none of the high end filters are getting used. I will throw eternal SPU up on dropbox for you in a little while.

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problem withthat one though is it seems to crash EPSXE, the only one that actually does anything is the open GL, which is the one giving the lag
oh, also figured I'd ask, does anyone have an iso of the integral version? I've been looking for it but no luck
new weapon with infinite ammo! sounds cool

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sorry for double posting, but seb just wondering if you could help me out? I just destroyed the tank with a bit of luck, now in the nuke storage building
Im sticking around on the ground floor because I want to get the powerups to make life easier, but I'm going to need to destroy that electricity box soon, could you give me some tips with that?

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Alright. When you went through both doors and are right in front of the electrified floor, equip your missile. First let me say that the first time I played the game, a sighted person shooted that box. I was like, I'm never going to be able to shoot it myself, it sounded pretty hard. But, it requires a lot of patience and you'll get it, that's for sure. Anyway, facing south, shoot the missile and wait 5 seconds. now, press left once, wait 2 seconds, then press up, wait 5 seconds. Press left, wait a second, press up, wait like half a second, its pretty tight there. Press right, wait till you hear that noise of the missile turning, then press up and the missile will crash in the box, destroying it.

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okay thanks, I'll try that
edit: rofl! this is the first game I've played where someone is in the bathroom and you can just wait until he's done, stand in the north east corner and blam!
now to find my card again, and the door the items menu is different from the weapons menu it seems as in its not up once removing the item you have equiped but actually going to the next one

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Alright, good luck. As for my walkthrough, I'm going to post the first part later tonight. Would you guys like to have an audio walkthrough with a text version as well?

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personally, I say whatever works better for you
either works for me
edit: arg! this is killing me
so just need a bit of clarification, when you say 5 do you mean 5 as in 1 is when the missile launches? because the sound of the missile turning is 2 the way I'm doing it now
thanks for the help man

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Yes please, both would be great.

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Both an audio version and a text version would be amazing, but otherwise a text version would be the best solution for me. I like skimming through text in the speed I wants to. smile

Best regards SLJ.
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Hey Exodus, could you please post your plugins folder to dropbox?  Mine don't even work.  Thanks

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To dd:

Yes, you count five seconds when you hear the little noise that the missile makes when it turns. Basically, you have to turn the missile just before it hits the wall, right before it explodes. So if you hear it explodes, that means you wait too long before turning. Hope it helps.

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