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Patch 10
September 2nd, 2012
- Finished work on different weapon classes. Finally working online, too.
September 1st, 2012
- added 3 new voices.
August 28th, 2012
- Fixed map syncing of sound objects
- Started work on different weapon classes
August 19th, 2012
- The game will now detect screen reader changes as you play.

August 18th, 2012
- Fixed the bug that would continuusly play the objects looping sound when the map was freed from memory.
August 16th, 2012
- Fixed the bug where if you were in voice mode, some of the information keys would still be processed.
- Hopefully fixed spawning, so you couldn't be shot to death twice.
August 15th, 2012
- Optimized the sound handeling even more... I hope that got rid of the sound issues people  were having.

August 11th, 2012
- Improved some things with the sound handeling
- Added a new map, Factory.

August 10th, 2012
Added screen reader support.
august 8th, 2012
- Added server list option, which downloads a servers.list file from the dragonapps.org server and allows you to choose. This will be improved, of course, when people can host their own servers.
- Added a version check, which should also download new patches as they become available. Yay!
August 6th and august 7th:
- Made plans to have the game support multiple cores, if possible. This is not implemented, but it might be soon.
- A few small fixes here and there. Nothing major, probably not important to anyone but me.
August 5th, 2012:
Started changelog ... Let's seeif I can stick to it.
Changed  the arrow keys to turn how they used to, due to popular demand. Play with a mouse though, it's much more  accurate and get's you somewhere.
Fixed a bug where the game thought it was cheating when you collected QDamage.
Release notes:
Road To Rage I: Fires Of War
Release notes

This document does not pass as a readme. It's something I quickly threw together to get everyone started with the game.
Note that this game is still in early beta stages. Things may not work fully, or be incomplete.

I do believe I've fixed all issues of beta 1 patch and 2. This, however, doesnot  mean I actually did. I've just noticed not as many bugs myself anymore.

        Key overview:

W, A, S and D move you in the 4 directions. W moves forward, S move sbackward, A and D sidestep, or strafe, you left and right.
Optionally, you can use up and down arrows to move forward and back.

Left and right arrows turn you left and right. Hold these keys down.
Optionally, you can hit Q and E to turn into the 4 compass directions. Q turns you left, E turns you right.

The number row selects your weapons. 1 through 0.

Left shift reloads your gun.
Left control shoots your gun.

Pressing V will activate the voice command mode. In this mode, each key becomes a voice command it will then say over the radio to other players to enjoy.
Pressing Z will tell you what direction you're facing.
Pressing X will tell you how many shots you have loaded into your gun.
Pressing C will tell you how many clips you have left to reload.
Pressing B will tell you your current coordinates.
Pressing N will tell you the nearest beacon, though this isn't used yet!
Pressing Slash will activate the console. From here, you can type chat messages, change your nick or team, etc.

Pressing F will tell you who has the flag in capture the flag mode.
Pressing H will tell you your health.

Pressing I will do a megajump forward, K will do a megajump backward.

Pressing space will jump you, useful for avoiding bullets.
Pressing tab will giv you information on the current multiplayer game.
Pressing escape will get you into the exit menu.
Pressing Enter will spawn you. Do this when you join and when you die.
Pressing left and right brackets scrolls through chat and server messages. Right shift and these keys will move you to the last/first.

In menus, up and down arrows move through the menu, and enter activates. Should you want to jump to one option immediately, press the number of the menu item.

        Known issues

Seeing this is just barely a beta, the game might be full of issues. A few that are already known:

The fists are currently handled just like any other weapon. So, you have QDamage. big_smile

Capture The Flag might be a little bit buggy. It wasn't tested enough, due to the small amount of maps to test it on. It might work though, it's just not tested as much as death match, team death match, and last man standing.

Sometimes, if you join a server, your default team won't get set. To be sure, type
/team 1
-team 1
, where 1 can either be 1 or 2.

Chat commands:
All commands need either a slash, or a dash in front of it. Both will work, due to keyboard layout problems and shift keys.

nick <name>
Change your nick name, without having to change it in options. Example:
/nick Someone
Will set your name to Someone

Team <1 or 2> Will set your team to that number
/team 2
/uptime: See how long you've been connected for.

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hi dragon
you! rocks!! I had once a plan to sleap to night, but that plan is gon now big_smile

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one word, downloading

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Damn, this is gonna rock, i don't care how buggy it is, i am getting nowowowowowowowowowowowowowowoo

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I noticed the server needs optomizing, it likes to get a little slow and unresponsive when processing too many commands at once.
Sadly, as of now, I have absolutely no idea how to do that. LOL. I'll just experiment, I guess.

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Well, I was going to do something with the url on my clipboard, but since I need to copy the server address... I guess I'll drop it here, all off-topic-like
http://www.cracked.com/article_19585_6- … movie.html
I'm amazed by two things at the moment: How much faster than usual my download speed is, and how long it's taking to download despite that. smile
Though, at 35% it tells me 8 minutes remaining. That's not bad.

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mine seems to close ad random times and when connecting to the serverl.  I wonder if the files didn't get extracted properly or if it's giving some kind of error

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Hooray Ghorthalon!  smile  I'm thrilled to see that your game is finally getting into the hands of the people to try out.  Tracking down bug reports is going to consume your life for a long time now, Muhaha, welcome to Hell sir!  big_smile   Good luck with everything and I'll be sure to give the game a try when I get some time.

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[wow], couldn't wait for this. Thanks!

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Hi all!
I have a small problem. When I enter the game, this allways closes after 5-10 seconds.
What I must to do to work well? thanks in advance.

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dam it i can't wait untill it downloads

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hi dragon, congratulations friend.
dragon I have a doubt.
in the past you  said that the game would be the size of 1 gig.
I 've downloaded and the file of the game only has 241mb.
this is the real file size, or may be corrupted.
thank you for this wonderful game dragon.

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Just to add to what most people said, I can't wait to give this a go. I've waited long for a PVP like this. smile
Thanks for the hard work you did/do by creating this game!

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oooh yeah, congrats Gorth!!

Downloading it right now. Any bug reports should be done in this topic or you preffer other channel?

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Thanks for the comments! Let's answer one by one.
@CAE: big_smile I've most likely already read that article. Cracked.com-reading takes up a lot of my time I dont' spend coding. Lol!
@krishna: This could be due to your game not properly loading the maps. It happens when you want to connect to a multiplayer server right?
@Aprone: big_smile Thanks for the warm welcome to hell. That pun was sorta intended. Lol!
I'm already trying to figure out why the server likes to take quite a bit of time when a lot of people do a lot of things at once... Let's see if I can minimize that. big_smile
Let's just hope I don't get overrun by bug reports... big_smile
This game wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for you man. So, many, many thanks! smile
@staindaddict: No probloem!
@stefan_ilioaica: Is this when you're trying to play online?
@hadi.gsf: YOu'll have to. big_smile
@mario navarro: I managed to make it smaller! big_smile It's not corrupt.
@bcs993: Just remember that when posting bug reports! Lol
@lucasradaelli: Bug reports can be anywhere, I just need to see them. Oh, and please don't post anything that's already mentioned in the release notes.txt file.

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Hi Ghortholon.
Don't worry. I've played swamp from it's very beginnings and probably experienced most of its bugs and I still greatly enjoy and appreciate the effort that went into it. I'm sure this game will be similar for me.
Now I can't wait to get the hang of this. Another game on my list of walk throughs to do... smile

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I can't wait until people make recordings. Do you even know how it feels if you hear that?
Do you know how much ... Let's call it pleasure, encouragement, something undescribable ... It feels when you hear that other people really enjoy what you're doing? big_smile
It's just awesome! Wait, one won't cut it.
big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile
That's better. LOL

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questions/vubgs for gorthalon
1. When you have died in a game, and press escape, you can choose an option from the menu. No matter which one you choose, when ou press enter, you will respawn and you will be in the menu still
1. how do I know which voice command is which without trying them all in multiplaer? The v command doesn't work in single player
2. could you create a weapons guide so we now which weapons is better?
3. Wil there be a way t edit maps?
4. Is there a wa to test team deathmatch, capture the flag or lms ins ingle player?

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Hi Key,

1. I've known that, I forgot to add it to the list of known issues. There is also the issue of hearing sounds of you hitting when you try to shoot through a door, but you don't actually hit.
1. No worries, I'll write this up in a bit.
2. I certainly can, yes.
3. Yes, once I release the map maker. I didn't want to without an audio demo, since it's rather complex.
4. No, but I'll release the server in a bit, so you can just host servers.

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oh btw I found another bug. It appears that your comparisons don't compare often enough or are too narrow because both Aaronr and I were wandering around the map, immortal, with -10 hp.

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This is another bug with the server I shall fix.

Meanwhile, NerdBall has created a small podcast on Road To Rage which you can find Right here
And his website is Right here, So thanks to him. smile

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Hi gorthalon. Love the game man, it's fantastic. Just practicing in single player for a while so i don't constantly get my ass handed to me lol. Sorry but i'm not the best at reaction timing in multi player first person shooters, at least, not yet.

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The server seems to be off. I checked the server, port, and they are as  Gorth described in the first post, but it does not connect.

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i'm still downloading, i have 40kbps speed now.

btw ghorthalon. you wrote a thing like
"Pressing V will activate the voice command mode. In this mode, each key becomes a voice command it will then say over the radio to other players to enjoy"

that means you've implemented the suggestion which i made... that voices being broadcasted on the radio instead of just yelling??

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The server isn't mine, it's ran by a friend of mine. (andrelouis.com). It might be down, I'm not quite sure why. He didn't message me, I'm quite sure he's asleep. Maybe someone crashed it somehow...
I will start mine in a second. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

@Hadi: Not only that, you can also hear them yelling when you're close by! big_smile

@Arq: That's totally fine. The server is down right now anyway...
I will let you know once the server's up again. Again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience

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