Following the recent laughs and blushes after our post of the 2008 audio game Dark Room Sex Game (which was nominated next to Spore as Best PC Game at last years E3 expo), we thought it would be a fun idea to start a little MOD competition:

Make your own Mod (see our MODS page) for Dark Room Sex Game, using sounds of your choice. The goal is to create a "different" game, while still maintaining the same mechanics. For example: two (or four) characters speaking, guitar players or tapdancers battling, robots fighting, etc. Movie clich

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Odd thoughts but don't have the skills to do it -
Tug of war
Starting a car engine

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i love modding. looks like i'm gonna download the game the. i had an idea for dark room saber duel.

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I can't mod worth my own life, real or game like.  But if someone wants to offer to come up with an idea, I'd be glad to help.  Between the two of us we could think of something.  That car engine idea is a neat one, I've always liked dezils myself.

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I have another fun idea, how big desruction you can make? from just knocking out glasses to destroying streets? mmm I might do it.

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