hi all. so I want to know how to go live on youtube. and if you cant do it in the browser, can you please tell me how to do it with o b s?


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There's a process you need to go through on youtube which gives you the ability to stream, you need to verify with your mobile numbeh with a code they text you. You then gotta get OBS and setting it up to stream ain't really hard, but setting it up to not look like horse piss is. It probably will need sighted assistance to get it looking not lame.

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well? I doent have a phone so yeah, thanks anyway.:(

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For anyone else who is interested in this thread,

From my understanding, there is a way to set up OBS without help from sighted help, but I have no idea how. In order to verrify that you haven't caused any trouble, there is a 24 hour waiting period, before you are able to read what your streaming key is. All I had to do was enable  streaming by either starting a live stream from my phone, or there is a link/button you can hit enter on, to enable it. Then you just wait...

Hth, big_smile

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I don't have a mobile phone and did it with my home phone and it works for verification purposes.  Unless you just don't have a phone number.  Never streamed but have set it up to do so, it isn't hard to set up a stream once you're verified.

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