Rand? Hi, are you serious? I can't even get 200,000 after 10 minutes, can you give tips on how the hell people are getting 1 million points, and a level 34 or so gets over 500,000? Like I said I can't even get 200,000 and I am over level 50, any tips would be helpful, thanks.

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well, post 101 to answer your question, the key is to collect power ups when you can, kill anything you can when you get a weapon. collect as many lights as you can when you get light doublers. use the boost to your advantage. and most importantly, upgrade powerups when you can. I collect a lot of lights, then upgrade one thing at a time. for every max upgrade, it will cost you about 26000 lights. just remember that. note. the game can only achieve a full max speed. once it does, learn the patterns and how many seconds it takes to pass a zombie. it increases ever so slightly the longer you play. if you kneed any other tips, just ask. hope that helps.

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FEERtheGAME wrote:

FEER is nominated for "Game of the Year 2018" at the Futurezone Awards.
Big thanx to you all, you made us come that far

Congratulations! Can we vote on this?

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