no i don't wanted to coppy that one

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aha, i understood what you ment @25. Yeah, it's very similar lol..

flawless victory!

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so for some people that may be a sad news, but i have to tell it anyway. because of almost no usage, the sbp server was token down. please send us ideas. btw, does anybody know how i can set signatures and stuff? Greatings simter

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Simter, is it possible to host RTR

Sorry for my very stupit spelling and english

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it is not running on wine for some reason so i would need to run it on pc, and that always ends in disaster.

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it runs on wine, I got my RTR server to run on it.

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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well it is not runing on mine, it is always saying some shit about ntm out or so

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You still don't get it apparently... TK, is not your game to host, so what do you expect, that people just leave it be... When are you <cuts out word> ever going to get it in your head that as long as you host stolen sources, you're in the rong eithr way...

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it was not even stolen, ha

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