Hi there audiogames comunity.

I am prowd to announce: simter productions online game host.


currently this only holds a tk server, but soon more will come. Please share here your feedback with me, and ideas what i mait host. And download tk and have fun.

greatings, simter

don't know how to set signatures. Seriusly how can i do that?

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website: mahdi.jc-hosting.me
email: [email protected]: skype: mahdi.abedi82
my name on playroom: mahdi-abedi
my teamtalk server information: mahdi.jc-hosting.me, ports 6661: you should create account to login, and for it, send me private message, in your pm, send me username and passwordh

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Can you give us more informations what is this thing about?

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just a kid's playground

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something strange and holy happened


a guy called ivan s2 logged on to my server using the developer client. He fucked the map and the whole server at the end. It is back now but future is not clear

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@simter you might want to ask Ivan what's going on there, either he's not happy with you or someone's trolling as him.

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he said it isn't him but anyway, later rtr will be added and maybe also sbp, but i think not. If you have any ideas feel free to right them in here. I would be happy to know what you want.

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8 (edited by simter 2018-09-15 17:07:41)

he was on there again, again with dev client and hided

would be so bad if i already would need to take this down

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An rtr server with small maps would be good.

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the tk server may close at monday, because i hurt about some strange banning scenarios

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this is the end of my tk server. It was crashed again and it will nevver come back

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we have something new. We now host a sbp online instance.

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oh good. But tk crash is bad. Good luck simter

my tt server addres: gamer-services.jc-hosting.me
ports: 2040
gmail: [email protected], and skype: giorgi gio
my name in playroom: giorgigamer

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A bid of-topic question, but did you get your server hosted by the same probider as your website?

Sorry for my very stupit spelling and english

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Was it free?

Sorry for my very stupit spelling and english

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sorry i already tolt you. Of course not.

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Sorry for my very stupit spelling and english

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sorry for the slight sbp downtime, was messing with the server and forgot to turn it back on, enjoy it again

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hey sinter if you ever see this, i wanna sbp with you, yuh know, fight some one, and what were you doing with the server?

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@ all players: you have to create your accs again. This is because of a mistake i made by rights reconfiguration. Sorry about that. We now also have a hosted stuff page on simtergames.ddns.net, so the server by it self.

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Lol, you can just tell he’s trying to copy IDT with that topic name.

The answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42.

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sorry i didn't understood that one. Can you please say it again?

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@22 why? i don't see any copying here.

flawless victory!

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