so i got this idea for a fishing game where you would go out on the lake in a boat fish then cell the fish to restaurants and stores and as you progress threw the game you can get a bigger boat and cell more fish and by better equipment so some one can take that idea i thought of and run with it

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If it's fishing you want, how about an audio simulation of being the captain of an Alaskan crab fishing boat as in Deadliest Catch?

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that would be cool

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[wow] it's a cool idea actually. And the more  you progress through the game, you buy bigger and more advanced boats so you can go deeper in the ocean and catch better, bigger and rarer fishes, and discover new types of them as well.

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ooooooooooooooooo very kool idea! i think this game needs level sistem. If you catch 100 fish you can go another location or something.

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yes i love the ideas you guys are coming up with hope some one can make it happen

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This would be neat. There could also be other challenges like the economy tanks, you lose your catch, or your boat sinks.

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this idea is in constent battle

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This is a really cool idea. I would pay for something like this if someone wants to take on the project.

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