2018-08-07 11:32:54

Guys i'm playing top speed 3 and i want play multiplayer mode but i can't. Me and my friends want play but i don't know how. Need i ports or other? Thanks for helping! have a nice day!

my tt server address: gamer-services.jc-hosting.me
ports: 2040
gmail: [email protected], and skype: giorgi gio
my name in playroom: giorgigamer

2018-08-07 11:49:33

you can try connect
my ip is

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2018-08-07 15:35:20

This is not appropriate for the developer's room.

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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2018-08-08 06:23:24

you develeped new thing or what? read discriptions and then poest topic's, you should poest topics like it in general game discaushen

website: mahdi.jc-hosting.me
email: [email protected]: skype: mahdi.abedi82
my name on playroom: mahdi-abedi
my teamtalk server information: mahdi.jc-hosting.me, ports 6661: tell me to give you account

2018-08-08 07:37:39

Have you checked if your system is blocking the program from accessing the internet?

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2018-08-08 20:02:23

Can i connect to the other server i'n behind a router and when i try to connect to friends server it says could not connect to server. I would like to play this game over the internet

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2018-08-08 20:11:38

They need the port open and they need to have an exclusion in their firewall.

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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2018-08-10 20:24:53

the first thing you need to have is DirectPlay enabled, and you can find it under: turn windows features on and off,, Legacy Components, then make sure DirectPlay is checked.
next you gotta make sure that your game is allowed in your firewall.
finally you have to open the ports in your router if you want to play publicly.

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