Hi all,
As you may or may not know, I am doing a tomb hunter giveaway, for those who would like to join, go to this link:
After I posted my topic, I came up with an idea and I thought I can post about it here.
I don't think it is something hard to do to be honest, basically, , if the giveaway has an end date for excepting the entries, and it should have one, the moderators give the topic the Sticky flag so it stays on top of the list until the giveaway ends and the person who is giving away the stuff has posted in the topic that everything is done.
I had this idea because this way, more people will see the giveaway topic, and I am glad that there will be one of those every now and then.
What do you guys think?

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An easy way to do this without needing moderator intervention is to require that drawing or contest entries be posted in the give away thread. Each new entry will bump it back to the top, so it should stay quite visible.

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Orko is correct on new topics being bumped to the top, though equally I do see the logic of sticking a topic if there is a long term contest running, in general though the hole gifting thing is something we need to look into in more detail.

Maybe we need a gifting games forum, maybe we need to set up some sort of small scale charity or system for receiving donations (paypal were a dead loss), either way its something the staff will be having a talk about.

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very good idea
sorry guys but
who's creater of audiogames.net, and when it created

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According to the footer at the bottom of audiogames.net pages, the site is copyrighted by Creative Heros, so I'd guess they created it, and the dates are from 2002 to the present, so I'd guess it was started in 2002.

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