2018-07-31 22:43:12


I've playing with the DGD lpc driver these days and I've found that it's a nice tool for game makers, specifically for server-side things.

It includes a two-way and simple telnet model, a binary tcp connection model and a datagram channel for binary connections, ideal for game servers and their two-channel data transfers.

If you can port a http server to the dgd driver, you can include even http-backed content like maps, soundpacks and all such things for your game. No more windows servers for games!

github: DGD repository
Github: The kernel library for dgd

In fact the DGD driver is intended for dynamic MUD servers, but it is a goodness for game makers.

Please note that you need a unix-like environment or a very specific configuration of Visual C++ to build it.


2018-07-31 23:41:29

I could never get it to build lol.

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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2018-07-31 23:53:31

Strange, you only need make, stdlibc++6-dev, libevent-dev and bison with of course the c++ compiler g++ to build it.