I have searched for about an hour now, and am starting to get mad. I can't make the thing load passengers.

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Well, It's been a while since I've had to ask questions on here which I guess is good, but I've run into a few questions and issues now. Sometimes in FS passengers when I try to load using realtime load they never get on. I have the door open but they won't board. If I use quick load the plane automatically crashes for some odd reason. I've gotten a crap ton of new planes and they're not in FSX Pilot's plane info list. How do I get the specs of the planes, take off speed, approach, cruising, speedsafe, so I can add them to the list? How do I select a destination in prepar3d for ATC? I know how to set a destination in FSC pilot and fs passengers, but I can't seem to set the destination in the sim it's self. And, how could i make the weather dynamically change as I travel? It's not very realistic to see the same weather half way accross the country from where you started. and my final question, is there any sort of good accessible mods that allow you to fire weapons at other aircraft?

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Weapons, no. Not at all.

As for weather, you need Active Sky for P3D 4.

For ATC, make a flightplan within the sim. It should be self-explanatory enough.


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I try to load my plane with passengers but it keeps crashing every time I load.

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