So, now that It's Your Plane is seemingly gone, and I can't find FS2004 anymore, what options do we blind folk have for successful flight simulation aside from the obvious ones, being Euro Fly, Three D velocity, and 0 sight?

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I have read about peeps having tested fsx, but i don't know how on earth that would be playable ... I know, not very informative, but lets see if others can add to the fsx idea, or have complete other suggestions.

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There was an addon that allowed you to control it with  your voice, but it's not supported anymore. That's why I made this topic to see if there was  any other options

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I play around with Flight Simulator X with Flight Simulator Accelerator without too much trouble, and they are rather easy to find.

I've heard about that voice control add on and actually prefer not to use it for realism. This is a flight simulator after all and real planes aren't voice controlled, so why ruin any feeling of realism with something that doesn't exist in real life?

Even if it existed, I don't think anyone would use it for reasons of safety. We all know how bad voice recognition can be at times, would you want to bet your life on it working perfectly?

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I've got a Youtube channel full of simulator stuff.


That said, here's what I use as of this week. I'm making a transition.

Prepar 3D V 4.3 - Let's face it, it's smoother, sound support is better, 64-bit, developers are switching to it. E.G. HighFigh active Sky, etc. Not to mention it has more of an accessible interface than FSX.
FSX Pilot (also works with P3D) - This is basically IYP 2.0, without the voice control. You can use limited voice control with it, but I prefer the next addon for that. You can fly choppers with FSXP, something that IYP could never, nor planned on doing. There's also those times when I want to completely automate my flights, E.G. Chilkoot Air alliance flights on FSEconomy, where I have to make multiple stops. It's all possible. You don't even need to create a flightplan. Just hop in the cockpit, launch FSXP and do run takeoff and fly where ever. Don't get me wrong, I do miss IYP sometimes. It was fantastic with checklists.
Multi Crew Experience - This is competing with IYP actually, in that it's goals were pretty much the same. It is possible to create flows that will be executed when saying a custom command. FS++ development team only makes these flows for custom aircraft such as PMDG, Aerosoft aircraft, etc. I use MCE to manage ATC, ground services with GSX, and it has intigration with PF3. using PF3 with MCE is like how using RC4 with IYP was.

So that's it. Among me, Blind Flightsimmer and Visimmer, for videos, our channels are a great resource on this stuff.

If anybody wants me to do tutorials on anything I can try to do some.


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@orin, I heard on the list that you are changing to p3d, it would be awesome if we could get one or two tutorials on the product to maybe see the menus and how the program works in general.
Also, would it be possible to do a video on some functions on FSX pilot? Is it for example possible to just start the simulator without a flight plan, sit at a random airport, start FSX and fly around where ever you want?
Also, how could I fly with multiple stops and how does landing actually work?
It would be good if you could do a shorter flight in one of your videos and demonstrate FSX pilot a bit more.
I havent bought GSX yet because it doesnt seam to work for me, sure, I can order things as refuel, catering and so on, but the trucks just stand there and do nothing as it seams to me, are there any other commands I have to do for example open doors?

Greetings Moritz.

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Is Prepar 3D available for 32 bit systems?

And can you explain what all those acronums in your message mean?

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P3D = Prepar 3D
FSXP = FSX Pilot
MCE = Multi Crew Experience
GSX = Ground Services X

P3D probably doesn't work on 32-bit systems, but I'm not sure on that.
@Simba: Yes, you could do exactly as you describe with FSX Pilot. As for Ground Services, there are prompts to tell you when to open the doors and such. If you have MCE and use the support that MCE has with it, you can ask MCE to, say, refuel or catering and the doors will be opened/closed automatically.
I've been meaning to do some tutorial videos. The menus, sadly, are P3D's only problem at the moment, but it's not a complete loss since what can be accessed in the menus can be accessed in other ways, mostly from the scenario startup dialogue.



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Thanks for those definitions, Despite using FSX, the one acronym I knew, I didn't know any of the others because FSX is all I use.

And yeah, P3D is out for me as it only works on 64 bit systems, and while I could install 64 bit Windows on this system, its processor is fast enough at 2.5 GHz, but only has two cores and maxes out at 4 Gb of memory.

Not that I'm complaining, I'm happy with FSX. I don't need all that whiz bang stuff that's in P3D.

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so, what is the easiest rout to take as far as getting a sim set up and flying. I don't have a flight stick, I use NVDA, windows 10, 64 bit, have 16 gb of ram, 1 tb hard drive, 4 gb graphics memory, and a 2.7 ghz duel core that can turbo up to 3.5 ghz if needed.

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Maybe you cold add me on  skype so you could help me get all  set up. Which version of Microsoft Flight Sim should I have, and what other extra stuff do I need to be able to fly with it?

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So, which one would be easier to use, between FSX and P3?

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p3d has support for 32 bits, all the versions support it
reguarding MCE, i don't know how to buy it since in hour country the value of the money (rial) decreases all the time (hourly or less)
but with mce, you even can configure FMC

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alright I'm getting FSX from steam now. What else do I need aside from FSX Pilot?

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@orin, maybe could you write up a little document explaining the basics of setting up FSX  and FSX Pilot, and how to set up flights, take off, set up an airport to fly to, landing. That would be appreciated. I really want to be good at FSX, and how do I get the choppers that you were talking about. Final question, can you get passengers, and when they are boarding, do you hear them getting on and off the plane?

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So, I was looking around for FSX Pilot, and apparently they're making it  free on the first of october, as in, the pro version will be discontinued, and everything will go to freeware. I'm really looking forward to getting better at flying.

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P3D is easier to use. I'd go with that personally.
It's personal preference really.


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I'm installing FSX, and have FSX Pilot installed. What do I do now?

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and, sorry for double posting, but from the p3d demo you did on  YouTube you seemed to be struggling with it. I can get it, as well, if you think it'll be easier.

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Oh really?

Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D wrote:

System Requirements – Prepar3D v4

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

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FSX is successfully installed. What now?

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So, I'm gonna try it now and see how far I get.  Do I need to create a flight plan first, or can I just choose an airport and fly there?

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It's not letting me play the game. It shows up this thing talking about multi player. I can't get out of it without closing FSX.

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What is FSX pilot, I've tried googling it but just get a bunch of websites about idiot flight simulator pilots.


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It's a program that allows you to automate a flight, and every time I load FSX, i get a webpage that loads inside the game, and can't leave the page without closing the game. I hve activated the game and launched it, but that's all I get.

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