2018-07-06 05:29:18

So I was thinking a few days ago and I was like, hey, this is cool! I'll probably have the game released in from three days to a week. But anyway, what you can do is:
*walk around on a 1d sidescrolling environment.
*buy special items and run a healthy life style.
*Don't die of starvation, you can buy food from the shop
*gamble money at the casino
*mst be at your house after 8 p.m. to go to sleep. After 8 p.m. your character won't be able to move until 7 a.m. rolls around.
So I know braillenotes are rather old, but if anyone has it, then please download it, I'll tell you guys when this is released.

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2018-07-06 06:20:22

Does this work on the Apex? Also where do you download it?

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2018-07-06 09:04:13

I'm still coding it. By the way, visit this link to get bazic, which you then need to unzip. Yes it can be played on apex, it can. That's what I'm coding this on. So here is the link for bazic.
ftp.ifarchive.org/games/zcode/bazic-0.1.zip and on braillenote when you download this, you need to rename when you download, it asks the folder, put in my games or whatever. Then asks filename, type bazic.zip. It tries to download as a .1 file I do not know why but it does. They, unzip that, go into bazic.z5, type load, and then, whereever you have life sim installed, enter the path. For example: \flash disk\my projects\lsim beta 01.sav.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-07-06 10:27:45


I'm afraid the new releases room is only for actual new releases, not perspective ones. If we had people posting topics of the games that might be released in the future  the forum would be covered  in speculations with nothing to play.

So, for the time being I'm moving this topic to general game discussion, but once you have a demo or something people can download and try out, feel free to post another topic in new releases.

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2018-07-06 12:56:25

Is it for the Braillenote Touch? Then, I'll share it to the Braillenote Touch users in my country.

Best regards SLJ.
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Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

2018-07-06 16:18:03

No. I think this is an interactive fiction type game. That would be the only way he would be able to create games for it, unless he made something in HTML, which, then, you could run on any machine, but this looks like it is an IF game, because that's the only other way, as HumanWare never made a way to run other Pocket PC programs.

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2018-07-06 20:43:10 (edited by Slender 2018-07-06 20:53:21)

Technically they can run, but what they can do is limited by KeySoft since it's hooked so deeply in to the OS. The most KeySoft allows external applications to do is display a message box, they can't show a UI or anything similar. Though if a program integrated with CE in some standard way, KeySoft could use it; at one point I leveraged this to add support for Atari SAP files to the KeySoft media player, though I couldn't open them directly from the file manager.

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2018-07-07 01:20:12

ah. my apologies, dark, i will take this into mind in the future. btw is what you'd called half-if. it is going to be a saved program which you will be able to load from bazic, a basic interpreter for the z machine. that's all. I know I coded in basic, but there is only so much you can do.

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2018-07-10 11:32:58

ok, the game is done, I will be releasing beta 0.30 tomorrow. I'll give a link to that. If you have ideas, suggesttions, complaints, bug reports, or feedback about the game, when it is released, then please put it on the new releases room topic because that's the one I'm going to be checking.

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2018-07-11 13:49:05

high when the game release?

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2018-07-13 12:50:09

hello guys i can't wait for this game, when it release?

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2018-07-13 18:42:54

When it's ready. I don't think keep asking the developer will help. In fact, it'll probably slow them down as they would take time to reply to your post.  Time which could've been spent ironing out that annoying bug in the code.

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2018-07-14 00:46:59

Can this game be played by people who don't have this device?

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2018-07-14 01:29:07

hi. I have actually finished making the game but I need to write a read me for it. when that's finished, which is probably tomorrow, I will be releasing the game. sorry, I thought it could be released a few days ago but sadly there was lots of bugs that needed fixing. they are now all fixed and when the readme is done the game will be released.

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2018-07-16 13:58:36

high I have two quesstions: 1 when the game release?
2 can i play the game with pc?

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2018-07-17 02:42:12

Here is your answer: Read this topic.

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2018-07-17 03:51:57

I have my BrailleNote Apex sitting beside me, and can't wait to try this out.

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2018-07-28 09:43:00

I'm pleased about that, because it is going to be released tomorrow! for real this time! and, also, the updates are based around your suggestions and your feedback. I mean, of course I will make stuff in the game, but mostly, its what the players want. so beer bottle, cigarrette, football, children to look after, whatever you want, just put it on the new released room topic!
actually, I'm going to release it right now!

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