2018-06-25 17:12:34

the description of the audiogame real sound no regret was found on MobyGames, and the following is the description.
Mizu Sakura is a Tokyo elementary student who is transferred to a new school. There, she falls in love with a boy named Hiroshi Nonoichi. The two decide to elope together, fearing that nobody will accept their relationship at such a young age. However, Mizu never shows up for the meeting; a while later Hiroshi learns that she has been transferred to another school.

Several years have passed. Mizu is looking for a job and Hiroshi attends college. It looks like both have moved on with their lives. But their past catches up with them when they learn about a mysterious disappearance in the subway system.

Real Sound: Kaze no Regret is an audio game: it has no graphics or other visuals of any kind. Gameplay-wise, it is identical to visual novels, with written text and images being replaced by sound. The player listens to the voice-acted story, which is occasionally interrupted by a chime, prompting the player to make a decision and branch the plot.
hopefully you guys can update the description

don't wish to become like the oceans, flowers, sun. oceans will dry out, flowers will die, and the sun will vanish. be yourself and nothing and no one else and hope for a better tomorrow.

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