I'm wondering if there are libraries in Python for audio recording.
Ideally, I need to get a cross-platform solution, how can I record audio through Python.
Ideally, in order that in this library I can either pause with the ability to listen to the recorded fragment and remove it from the audio recording, or record several audio files and after the program work, glue it into 1 audio file.
If someone knows such a decision, I will be happy to receive help.
Thanks in advance!

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For another episode of things you could easily find on google...

https://www.google.com/search?q=audio+r … +in+python

Literally everything here works. If your lazy, use the first (being a library for exactly this). The second is a bit more complicated.

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Sound_lib works fine with me. you could try it.

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I'm wondering if you could fucking use google rather than put 50 fucking topics in the same god damn thread, but I guess not, I guess I"m just reaching too far eh?

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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Dude, learn to fucking use Google. Keep this up and none of us are going to help you at all.

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Python is a pretty popular language. I don't have statistics, but I bet for most non-specific problems you could easily find something on Google. This is a non-specific problem.


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