@ ironcross32, i'd also appreciate it if you could upload it for us, i've got a pc on a stick and i use bluetooth to connect to it, and the audio cuts out hoooooribly. your app is exactly what i need to keep bluetooth audio active. at all times. i did try to make a sort of file to keep it active but it did not go over that well.

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well once I actually end up switching to the thing we can test that shit. Kinda hard to stop updating files long enough on this PC to keep an external prepped enough to make a switch.

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I had these same problems on my Dell inspiron 5577 gaming laptop. The built in windows 10 driver works fine. It took me a while but I was finally able to rid my system of waves max audio. Had to take ownership of the folder and kill the service and it was gone. Only thing I lost was my built in subwoofer but it is not a big deal. It is rare I listen to laptop speakers anyway.

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