ok, if the fighter has not fought yet then the only info you will have is his height.

So if he is taller the chances he might be a counter puncher or even a sissy, unless I had hiss weight class and height though I cannot really give any accurate advice.

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Even so, if I had a fight, how am I supposed to know which one of us has the strength advantage, the agility advantage, the speed advantage. I checked, I'm his first match.

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You can't get that info. Straightly. But you can reason things out. After checking a couple of your opponent's previous fights, you can see what style he uses mostly. If he uses counter a lot, for example, he's tall, then he's a counterpuncher, right. So he has a good speed, very light build etc You can imagine his build in total, not detailed, but in general.

For the first fights, it's a bit harder, cos of lack of info. But still you can check what's his height. In general the rule is: the shorter- the stronger or the taller the weaker. If your opponent is taller than you, he has less strength than you. Also you can check his other fighters, guys tend to run similar fighters. If most of his fighters are ropists,the new one is a ropist also probably.

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Ah ok. One annoying thing I was trying to use sparring to tune my fp a bit, see where things fall apart, then tweak. But you have to fill in the damn thing so many times, and when my opponent got DQ'd for cheating, which I never eve put in the damn sparring form, Spar again reset the form, so frustrating. I don't want to sit there and fill out that damn form so many times. I wish they would have a way to randomize the plan until it looks good, or have several premade ones to choose from. Yeah you can change the guy, but it leave the plan at like 6/8 all the time.

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I checked your fight with one of my dudes. It's not bad. But you someway lost this "H" in the second headhunting attempt in round 6. So your fighter went 5/10/5 instead of 5H/10/5. This headhunting adds 20% to your stun power, not much but still.

Another thing I've already mentioned, the taller your opp is the more aggressive you should be

in short- if your opponent taller or same height with you, you should be more aggressive- start with 9/1/10, 10/1/9

when your opponent is shorter than you, then less aggressive- 7/1/10, 8/1/10

if much shorter then 5/1/14, 6/1/13

So you should write a several variants of the same FP with low, medium and high aggression. And vs tall guys you should use a high aggressive one.

The total number of the points which you spread between aggression- power - defence is always = 20. So 5/6/9, 7/1/12, 10/3/7, 6/7/7, 5/10/5 etc

Check your fights, think them over, try to find a way you could do better.

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Oh, you use practice fights? That's awesome, the fastest way to learn how all this works.

You should use "Practice Fights" then "advanced form" where you can put any build + any FP in for 2 fighters and generate fight report

You should not reset/fill the form many times. In the bottom of the page, after the report generated, you may find your form with all stats saved (only fighters build are being changed to normal all the time). But if you go back, on the previous page, everything in your form stayed saved as it was

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that's not how it was when I did it. It said spar again, I pressed that, it put me on the page, but everything was reset

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Aaa lol

Dude, you're in the wrong place, you found this link on one of your fighter's page, right?

"Beginners might want to get into the ring with a sparring partner"

It's for fun, but not the right place.

Go there: lefthand bar -> Practice Fights (Your Gym submenu)

There you can do very different things very easy, create different opponents, give them FPs, test your FPs vs them etc

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Yeah that's where I was. Oh, OK, there's a different one, I'll check it out.

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