Someone recently signing up on the forum mentioned this, and I thought it might be an interesting question to discuss.

The Site and forum faq, which is here doesn't actually have any questions related to political correctness, or more specifically what sort of language to use on the forum.

I still personally hold to the opinion I expressed In this topic about rules where one member asked if language such as "blink" or "blindy" should be banned, namely that unless someone is being personally offensive to anyone we shouldn't police what people say.

That being said, obviously since we have sighted devs and other people registering on this forum who might, as indeed this new member did, worry about what to say I do wonder if we need a question on reassurance.
After all I, probably like most other people here have had the "yes you can use the word blind/visually impared around me" sort of reaction in reality, and obviously the quicker people are over that reaction, the quicker we can get to an actual  between human beings rather than just  thought of as an example of homo blindus weirdus.

To that end would a question in the faq help?

Equally however there is a counter argument, namely that if we  point it out in the faq, would that be conflating the issue where there wasn't one? Since manifestly if a perfectly reasonable person registers on the forum and is using language freely, seeing a question which says "use language freely" might have the  effect to its intention.

What do people think? I'm genuinely not sure on this, hence why I decided opening the matter for discussion was a good idea.

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