Is there a guide for paladin of the sky? Not a users manual. I'm talking about a guide that tells you  how to do certain things. The reason why i'm asking is because I'm having issues navigating around the map.

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I don't know about a guide specifically but if you want to ask questions people might well be able to help.

In paladin you basically navigate by hugging walls.

The game is played from a top down perspective. That means you use the arrow keys to go up, down left or right while the landscape stays still around you just as if you were moving a piece on a chess board, ----- rather the way that games like super egg hunt, the great toy robbery super deacout or self destruct work if you've ever played any of those (not to mention a good few of the Crazy party games).

When an object such as a person, thing or save point is left or right of you, you  hear it left or right as in most audiogames. When its above or below you, you  its pitch change.

when your close to a wall you'll hear a tone. Medium tones in the left or right sterrio field mean a wall is left or right of you, a higher pitched tone mean a wall is above you, or a lower pitched tone mean its below. You can then use these tones, along with some mental logic to determine where your going.

So, for example you begin and hit down arrow (you can actually do this in the tutorial), you will go down until you hear a low central tone and you'll know your at the bottom of the area. You head in a direction, say left until you hear a tone on your left or right indicating your at the side of the area, head up until you hear a high pitched tone at the top and you'll know your at the top etc.

Obviously however tones aren't square. Lets say your tracing your way up the right hand wall and the tone suddenly stops. Ah! there is an opening. You can then hit right arrow to walk along and you'll start hearing a tone below you. You know you've walked out of the area you were previously in and are walking into an opening on the right wall. if you also at this point start hearing a tone above you, you'll know that this is a very narrow tunnel on the right wall. if however you don't hear any tone above you you'll know that this is a wider opening.
when the tone below you stops you know you can start heading downwards, since you've now gone out of the previous area and are into a new area with new stuff below you, so you'll start hearing a tone along the left wall.
You can follow this down and see what is down there.

its all essentially a matter of keeping track of where you've been, though if in doubt, always hug the walls and the majority of time you'll get back to a familiar landmark such as some stairs, just take note of the occasions you cross openings so you don't wind up going round and round a central point forever big_smile.

I will say I do wish paladin of the skies, and indeed manamon had a key similar to that in shades of doom to tell if you've visited an area before, since that would make checking your progress rather easier, but stil navigation is doable, if a little clunky.


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Thank you. I have an issue. I am in tower of regret floor five. There is the person that I need to rescue on that floor. But I'm having issues getting to that person. I've gone north, south, east, west, what direction do I go?

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They're kinda in the south east area, try looking there.

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I think its that floor which is very wide and you have to find there is only one person. If you are on the second last floor which it should be then go around 40 steps left from the right wall and start heading upwards. If you don't find it then try going some more steps left and then go upwards. It will be somewhere in the centre of the room.

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That room is so annoying!
It's basicly an enormous square room with a person standing in the middle. That room is truely enormous, and there's one little tiny person in the middle that you'll have to find. Annoying, right?
If you don't want to figure out where the person is on Your own, here's some spoilers for you.
That person is about 84 due North from the stairs, then right. You should find some items there as well, not to far away from the person.

Hope this helped!

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If a certain moronic developer would make the key fragments in the same place every time, I wouldn't get so annoyed

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I absolutely hate this game! I love the idea and concept, but the strike scrolls are practically impossible to memorize and beat. As the developer has stated he will never consider adjusting the timing on them, I pretty much gave it up. If anyone had a guide for those, that would be nice.

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Yep, the scrolls completely ruin the game.

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I don't even mind the unnecessary maizes or the unbalanced stats for the characters. The swcrolls are ridiculous though, and unnecessarily hard to do. I gave up on the game early on because of that.

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