I have a MUD that I don't think has ever been listed here before. I discovered it about a week ago. It's a MUSH, its based off of Star Trek TOS, after the Undiscovered Country movie. It is RPI, and if Star Trek isn't your thing, this place won't be for you. This game has apparently been picked up when its predecessor went down some time ago.

It doesn't have a lot of players, but those players that are there now have been through all of the previous game's history and have been involved in this genre for a long time. I've found everyone there to be friendly and helpful.

So what does this game have? It has a very vast and complex space system where each officer or crew member has a vital role to play. It has planets and outpost and bases and other places to travel. There is a fully simulated aspect of needing to do your part, such as in engineering, you would man the console there and provide power to each system, adjusting the balance depending on what is needed from the bridge. It has working hand weaponry such as phasers, as well as equipment like tricorders, medkits, engineering tool kits, and communicators. The ship also has comm panels so that each station can contact another area of the ship, i.e. bridge asking for more power to the engines from Engineering.

SO, now that I've given an idea of what it has for features, let me go over what it is not. It is not a Miriani, Prometheus, SC, CR, or any such clone. It is not a solo experience, roleplay is required, hence the RPI noted above. It is not a type of MUD where you type a few commands and you're in a new place in seconds. Traveling takes time, sometimes hours. The roleplay is turn based, that is, if you're used to RPing on CR, or those other types of MUDs, this isn't the style done here. It's turn based, as in, someone starts with their pose, and it rotates through everyone who is there, and then back to the start. You don't jump in the middle and start acting out things. It is also a slower-paced style of RP. For instance, it might take anywhere from a minute to five minutes to see another's pose. IT has powerful RP tools such as @emit, which basically lets you emote or pose without your name appearing in the text. This is good, because it allows you to be a lot more flexible with your RP, but it could also be used for bad purposes, which should be avoided, etc. Despite it being RPI, it does actually have a few OOC channels, they're listed out and you can join or create your own, the one you'll be auto-joined to when you create is PUB. Since the player base is currently small, most of the players are on one ship known as the USS Excalibur. This is to keep everyone together so that there are folks to RP with.

The connection info is:  TOS.TREKMUSH.NET port 1701. I hope I've written this in such a way that you don't have to try it if you don't think it will be what you want. I realize this type of thing is a niche, but if you think it might be something you're interested in, give it a try. It is one of those MUDs where the people are often idle, and when they come active is usually in the evenings my time, which is EST or GMT - 05:00. The admin behind it seemed a bit skeptical about screen readers and such when I first joined, but he was able to get their web client working with screen readers. I've tested it with Chrome and Safari on iOS, and it does work. I've never seen that type of thing before, usually those clients are completely unusable by us. He has also created a screen reader flag, and says he will keep that thing in mind when working on new systems, to cut out things like ascii borders and the like. Anyway, like I said, give it a shot if you think you might be interested, if not, no harm in just passing it by, but I do quite enjoy it.

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This sounds like another very well developed game that loses a lot of potential to forced RP. i'm the type of person who plays games for the strategic and skill elements and generally try to steer clear of any rp type activities do to my lack of creativity and discomfort with people. It makes me sad then to see that such a well developed game forces people to engage in rp as there is such a limited number of people that enjoy it anyway. Also what tends to happen with these games is the actual systems of the game get ignored in favor of creating better rp possibilities because all the systems are just tools for rp. I wonder if people would have a problem with my friends and I getting our own ship on which to roam the galaxy and have fun so we're not constrained by the rules.

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It's a possibility, but I'm sure you would have to RP your way to that point. It's just different styles, I love RP, it scratches an itch within me for good content. Yeah, you do see things where a lot of the stuff is not coded and you are forced to RP it, especially on MUSHes. I I haven't felt that lack though on this one. If you don't like RP, this one's just not gonna be for you.

If you would like to learn or get better though, I'd say come here, they don't yell atcha when you screw up and I have had that on other ones. But you have to be, well I wouldn't say comfortable with it, because I'm not comfortable with this style of RP just yet, but I'm learning. You would have to be willing to learn, and keep an open mind though. The people there are friendly as I've said, so if its something you would be interested in checking out, you could, but if you're dead set against RPing, its just not gonna work I'd say.

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@ironcross I feel you, man..
When it comes to text games, I play nothing but rpis.. I myself have a few to recommend, I don't post about them here because most people in this community don't like (or care) about rp.

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You guys wouldn't believe but.. Rping in mushes is better than rping in rp muds, for some reazons..
It allows one to flesh out their character more.. You have more time to type, therefore you are able to give more detail to your poses.. It takes time but if you are into that sort of thing, the experience can be very rewarding.. I'm at the point where I have difficulty rping on other games because their style is just too short and not detailed enough for me..
But at the end of the day, to each their own, I guess.. I'll take a look at this game. I've always been a fan of star treck.. Hopefully, the current world of darkness game I'm playing will stop being so addicting.

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hi, I generally do like rp, I don't know much about startreck but will give this thing a try none the less and see how far I get.

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I don't know which style I prefer more, in some aspects, I like RPing on other MUDs where its more immediate, but I can see where that presents problems. I have had a mixed response when RPing some people in the blind community. It can be anywhere from ungodly awful to pretty damn good, so yeah. I know that RP isn't for everyone, which is why I wrote this post the way I did, so that if people looking at it see something or a few things they don't like, they can just move on without checking it out and feeling like they've wasted their time.

I know that people are most active in the evening, however, that doesn't always mean they're RPing, I don't know what they do sometimes, but if anyone would like, we can get something kicking off. I can do a little RP tour of the ship or something. Technically, I am a senior officer, and the captain has given me permission to move the ship, as well as all other senior officers as long as we log it. We can do training flights though on the shuttles, because I feel odd about moving the ship without orders to do so. The captain has allowed for training flights on the shuttle as long as we log the time of departure and when we arrive back again.  I think for now, everyone should join the Federation, that's where most of the RP is to be had, and there is multicharacter, but its something where you have to seek out permission to have a second slot open for you so that people don't get crazy with RP that doesn't make sense because they forget things between their characters etc.

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Hey all,

I think there is a difference between and RPI mud and a mush. An RPI mud is pretty specific. RP Enorced yes, but it's got permadeath, systems of high complexity, etc. The best example of an RPI mud that falls in those line of requirements of an RPI mud is Armageddon Mud, or Harshlands.

Just thought I'd put that out there.


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The other thing to keep in mind is that often, mushes don't quibble about such things as levels. There are benefits and drawbacks to both sides. Recently, I have heard rumblings about an rp mush that has all the things I love about mush rp and all the things I appreciate about mud coding mixed in to one place. Thanks for posting. The genre isn't my deal, but keep at it, Ironcross! I think you'll enjoy it a great deal.

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