2018-03-05 00:04:36

Hi guys.
I've tried the two most popular windows automation tools. Namely, AutoIt and AutoHotKey.
For someone who has a programming background AutoIt seems more appealing than AHK. Anyone who has written a line of code in their life can't stand the AHK syntax.
Besides there's a lot of UDFs for autoIt which makes the language better than its counterpart.
Although AHK is useful for simple things but when things get a bit complicated I think AutoIt can handel that better.
I've tested both and I encountered just one issue in AutoIt which if I couldn't be able to solve it I might switch to AHK and that issue is performance.
Long story short, I built a GUI boath in AutoIt and AHK.
the AHK GUI was more responsive than the AutoIt one.
When I pressed tab in the AutoIt GUI, NVDA responds with a small bit of lag.
Well, To wrap up things:
1. Is it possible to fix such an issue?
2. Which one is better in terms of performance?
You see, I really really like to stay on AutoIt because there's even a tolk wrapper for it and other things I'd need a lot.

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I am a new mobile phone game designer. I am working with the game producers from Indus Net Tech.  For the last four years I have been waiting for someone to create a game similar to Audio Defense.  I guess I just got tired of waiting. So I figured I would do it myself.  Since this is my first time doing something like this I have acquired Marty Schultz to assist me with the negotiations and budgeting.  Indusnet found me on LinkedIn.  I am a newly published author. They decided my idea  was good considering I am a blind gamer.  Nobody ever really understands why blind person wants to play video games. Just like people don’t understand why lying man goes to a strip club. I get asked that question every time I go. I tell them I go for the same reasons most guys do.  People just don’t yet that being visually and paired doesn’t make you stupid.

League game I created is called The Circus Masters Revenge.  So, instead of zombies attacking a solo Blind defender. It will be 23 different kinds of circus performers.  We think this game can be released in the Apple phone platform as early as September. They want to add a mode for the visually sided gamer with virtual reality.   They will have to go into the settings menu to activate this mode.

My game will eventually go to other platforms like android and Google play. That was Audio D’s mistake. I need help informing the Blind gamer community about this project. The game producers want me to prove to them that this type of game is being sought out by blind people. If I can’t prove it to them they will scrap the whole visual impaired part of the game I need help informing the blind gamer community about this project. The game producers want me to prove to them that this type of game is being sought out by blind people. If I can’t prove it to them they will scrap the whole visually impaired part of the game.  If you want to help me out. Here is a link I need to circulate within our community. https://www.applevis.com/forum/ios-gami … io-defence

Sorry that this was so long. If you want more information about the game iTs on that link.

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2018-03-05 17:03:50

Why would you post that here inside this topic that has nothing to do with what you're talking about, rather than create another topic. Also along those lines, why not try it in the general discussions area since most people will go there and not everyone will come to the developer's room.

Also this looks like dictation.

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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I don't think there's much you can do. Basically the reason AutoIt GUI's are slow is that AutoIt developers have a really large sleep time in the Windows Message loop of the window. Which I guess is fine for sighted people, but screen readers end up lagging as a result of the program taking longer to reply to accessibility queries. That being said, everywhere else AutoIt doesn't lag this much. I `don't know what kind of program you're working on, but tray menus as well as input and messages boxes behave normally.

<Insert passage from "The Book Of Chrome" here>

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2018-03-05 23:55:10

Mainly needed to work on automation stuff but sometimes wanted to make simple GUI apps.
In such situations, I wanted to have access to the excellent UDFs in AutoIt but the lag is annoying.
Also let's not forget that there's a wrapper for tolk in au3 format which I can't seem to find for AHK.

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