2018-03-02 09:35:42

Hi all,

Well, the subject says it all. I started reading A Byte of Python, and it recommends PyCharm.

I downloaded the educational edition and noticed it has interactive courses in it.

I did about seven of the tasks by trial an error by figuring out the source code, but unfortunately the task descriptions do not seem to be readable with VoiceOver. I guess the reason why is because it's a Java app.

However, I do like the code completion of PyCharm, E.G. the fact that if I put:
as an example it will autocomplete the other two right parens that need to go there to close it.

I wonder if apps like CodeRunner have this "smart" autocomplete that this editor claims to have. I like the editor and it's keyboard shortcuts and how most things seem accessible, however preferences has a lot to be desired, etc.

CodeRunner is pretty accessible, but I'm not sure how to set it up for Python projects. I wonder, if Pygame installed, if it can autocomplete fragments of internal Pygame functions?

In any case, figured I'd try and and I'm surprised how accessible, I.E. main buttons, it actually is.

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