2018-02-25 01:44:39

Hi all,

So, with the news that Beatstar is coming to Mac via node.js, I was just wondering what libraries it has that are suitable for audio games? Managing sounds, system voice/sapi, etc?

It certainly seems faster than what Gorthalon is doing with Cyclepath, probably because it's using the Chrome engine. Maybe Cyclepath is in node.js and Oriol just was able to get Beatstar to run faster, I don't know but I seriously doubt it in Cyclepath's case.

In any case I think I will be getting Coderunner on Mac to write it, whatever I end up doing, whether I continue LPTHW or stop that and attempt to turn toward Javascript and Node.

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2018-02-25 01:48:27 (edited by CAE_Jones 2018-02-25 01:49:53)

I was under the impression that node.js was primarily for server-side stuff?
IIUC, all that matters audio-wise is the Audio object, which apparently most browsers now support. If there's some better alternative, ("better" not "technically better"), would be glad to hear.
[edit] I don't know either of the above for sure. Take these as questions. [/edit]

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2018-02-25 05:27:18 (edited by Orin 2018-02-25 06:56:40)

Well, he said in his topic that he's using Javascript and made a Node application. So to me, that basically means node.js unless they're two different things.

Edit: Ah, Electron is a framework to create desktop apps natively. That's what Oriol used.

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2018-02-25 15:28:42 (edited by ogomez92 2018-02-25 15:29:42)

Cyclepath was also written for electron, though it didn't use webpack. I guess webpack makes it faster.

@Orin, if you want to get started with audiogame coding in node, Ghorthalon has a template out there which gets you started. This one does include webpack and everything else, beatstar started from it.
Basically all you need is sono, Ghorth's soundObject and keyboardInput, and some other utility stuff that's included in the template.

About codeRunner, that is just a text editor, like textmate. You could use textEdit and achieve the same result.


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2018-02-25 18:37:09 (edited by Orin 2018-02-26 06:06:32)

Hmm okay, now where to find this template.
Can anyone give a link?

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