2018-02-16 17:10:28

Hello everyone,

I’m just curious what the most accessible interactive fiction authoring tool is out there now, given there’s so many of them?

Inform 7 claims to be accessible, however things like the testing tool and other things could use work. I don’t consider compiling an entire game for distribution and running it in an accessible interpreter an acceptable practice for testing, for instance.

I know Raul has used Adrift, however that’s pretty much inaccessible nowadays.


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2018-02-17 00:53:26

Hi Orin.
Adrift 4 is very accessible, even though it is very old. As for the others I don't know, except for inform, that is the most inaccessible program I've ever used. Tads is supposed to be accessible, although I can't say if it is I've never used it.

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2018-03-01 16:49:39

Hey people. Here is my list of IF development platforms.

Compiling from the Console

Most IF systems include a compiler, which is run from the command line. These include:

  • Tads 2

  • TADS 3

  • Inform 6

  • ZILF (a modern compiler for Infocom's ZIL development system, running on .net 4.5)

  • ALAN 3.0 (which also has a compiler with a minimal GUI on windows)

  • Hugo (similar to Inform)

  • Ink (choice based system by Inkle Studios, can be found here on GitHub

  • TweeGo (command line compiler for Twine 1.x and 2.x, can be found here

Other systems

Most of these other systems don't use command-line compilers, but they are accessible nonetheless. (At the moment, there are only a few in this section, but expect more once I do a bit more research.)

  • ChooseYourStory (entirely web-based)

  • storealis (similar to choose your story, this site is still in development.)

  • ChoiceScript (with an accessible version of the IDE, which is still being developed)

  • Ficdown (a CYOA  development system based on markdown)

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