2018-01-10 07:04:53

hello guys!
Anyone know of any program to play instruments using the pc keyboard?

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2018-01-10 07:15:24

Do you mean controlling a midi device via the keyboard, or just playing from your PC in general? QWS has an on-screen keyboard (f11) that can be controlled by the keyboard, and I have to assume that would output to an external device if you had it set up as the default.

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2018-01-10 07:17:13

Reaper, but its paid, $60, but its a full-featured DAW

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2018-01-10 19:22:50

I would like to control using the pc. And if possible, a free program

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2018-01-11 08:16:30

Was going to mention Reaper as well, the best thing you could use.  Can get a free trial of it at least to try it out.

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2018-01-12 13:45:01

Reaper for sure. It has a virtual keyboard on it you can use and  play any basic vest of any kind on it, and I’m sure there’s some stuff that comes with it you can use.  It’s a freeware trial with a budget license purchase of only sixty bucks USD.  I jumped to this DAW and am very happy with it. 

Only other app I can think of is Fruity Loops, but it’s not accessible.  Would be a nice addition though, for sure.

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