Hello. Do you know an easy and friendly tool for Windows using Google Translate?
Generally something for instant translation of any text?

Or maybe someone knows the plugin for Miranda using this engine?

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I think QTranslate uses the google translate engine, although I could be wrong. I think there is multiple translation sources out there.

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I don't know. There used to be an NVDA addon that would translate, I bet it probably did use the googs. The google translate would either have to have an API that the developer of such a tool would call on, or they would have to do some clever stuff with HTml parsing and stuff that's way above my level of expertise.

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instant translate for nvda uses google, and It still works! Just google "Instant translate for nvda" and you'll find it


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for instant translate, not sure if the nowmal one still works, but the dev did. last time I tried the normal one it didn't do anything at all. this one works perfect though. 4.1dev is what I am using now.

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