The only advice I can offer is to do what I do and mostly just ignore the karma listing.

If I felt really ambitious, I'd see if I could use the flexible web feature in JAWS to filter out the karma listings, but at the end of the day it isn't that important to me to mess with.

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No it just feels like you're waving your dick around and bragging about how big it is, so to speak. Same with post counts on some forums as well though, it's not called e-peen for nothing, and post counts/karma have often been called a dick measuring/waving contest on various forums.

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Other than your location, if you choose to provide it, that could be said of all the entries in the second list as well as the rank listed in the first list. None of them is what I'd call essential information and all of them could be used as my thinggy is bigger than your thinggy flags or badges.

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Just what I needed, to come back to a topic with a controversial subject only to find it turning into talk about penis measuring!  I can always count on someone on ag net to turn a serious topic into a dinner circus commedy!  Thumbs up!  Does that mean yours just grew longer?  :d

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@JaceK, if  we  removed any system on the basis that it could! turn into something nasty or be abused, we wouldn't even have a forum ;d.
If  anyone was being arsy about their Karma, obviously they'd get moderated, but I suspect in  that situation, as indeed in many situations, it would be the inherent arsiness of the person that was to blame, not the Karma system itself, heck people are quite good at finding reasons to be arsy on their own without us having to imagine further

Personally, I like being able to thumb up a post and say "thank you" to someone in a tangeable way and that's what I've seen Karma being used for since we removed the thumbs down  option, which is all it was ever intended to be.

I am afraid there isn't a way to  have users disable display of Karma if they don't want to see it, though I agree that would be a nice option to have for those who  don't care about the Karma system, as it is  your best bet is to just treat the karma system like a public toilet.
it's there for anyone who wants to use  it, if not your free to ignore it, and the staff promise  to keep  it clean and stop it from stinking either way big_smile.

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@Nocturnus: You're welcome. I'll go get my Rodney Carringtom playlist now smile

@Dark: Depends how subtle and sneaky somebody gets about being an ass to others though, and it's subjective realy. I'd say if somebody wanted to be an ass while playing by the rules that's absolutely possible. Ah I was hoping somehow there'd be an option to just hide karma on publi posts, I've no clue how PunBB works but I know on jcink I did that with HTML trickery on my own forum but that's a different system entirely, hiding stuff in the info off to the left of the post there....though again no experience with punbb....

@Orco: I still think karma isn't really essential info though, been on too many forums where it's used as a tool to wave around and show off. Kinda  like Youtube subs or views and that sorta thing.

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Don't get my previous messages wrong, I appreciate it very much whenever anyone awards me with a thumbs up, and I award messages that I feel warrant it a thumbs up as well. I just don't pay a lot of attention to how much karma I have, nor do I go out of my way to try to slurp up every karma point I possibly can by saying whatever I think will get me a thumbs up.


I thought that that was what I said, that I didn't view karma as essential, must have, information. It's nice that it's there to look at when I feel like it or want to, but I would be just as happy if it wasn't there.

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