As it says....Why does a new topic automatically come with a poll setting? I'd much rather have individual new topic and new poll buttons or functions like on most forums, as it's cluttered as anything and, ironically, not very accessible to have a giant wad of poll stuff at the bottom of a post new topic page. So, how bout removing the poll options and if possible moving the poll to a seperate post new poll link, I mean new topic's already there so why not. It'd also clean up the new topic page too.

Lastly. Is there a handy keyboard shortcut to post without having to tab or scroll through the entire poll settings stuff, or a way to hide said poll settings if they don't get removed? It's just bugging me is all really. I dont get why I have to wade through a poll setting most never ever use....so just get rid of it from the new topic stuff and move it over to a new poll page already, yanno

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After I've entered the subject and text of a new topic, I get out of form filling mode, then use the B key to skip through only the buttons. I think there is only one button in the poll options so it only takes two presses of the B key to get to the submit button.

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Right but at least here, I dunno if it's my computer, browser or whatever but hitting next button doesn't do anything, it just cycles through the poll fields over and over until I hammer escape to get it out of that. I'd just like the poll stuff spun off into its own new poll stuff, which'd be a new topic with poll stuff, and the existing new topic to just be the stuff before the poll, and the submit/preview buttons.

Or a handy keyboard shortcut, on other sites it's alt+shift+S on Jcink, Vbulltin has a similar system, I believe phpbb has a similar hotkey too

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I should have noted that I'm using JAWS, if you are using something else, you may have to use other navigation options. In NVDA, Escape will get you out of form filling mode, and I'm pretty sure the B key navigates from button to button.

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Even so it shouldn't matter what software you use, I simply want the forum to be easier to use for everyone and splitting off the poll options into a seperate new poll creation would make it easier to use for everyone however.

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I'm afraid there isn't an option to have the poll information separate when posting a new topic, however I am a little confused as to why your having an issue here.

Most screen readers have an option to skip through buttons on a web page by hitting b.
I've used this myself in supernova, Nvda and during my brief experiment with Window eyes, and as Orko said it's available in jaws too. I believe Voiceover on the mac has a similar option (it does on Ios though obviously the command is different using a touch screen), I'm not sure about system access, Cobra, Orca on Lynux or Chromevox, though I wouldn't be surprised if they had something similar.

so all you need to do to post a new topic when you've finished writing your post is get out of the edit box (in Nvda you do this with Nvda plus space, in Supernova by hitting numbpad plus), and hit b twice to get to the submit button.

The only time you#might have a problem is if your relying on just hammering away at the tab key and going through all objects on the page, one after another. The problem your having likely shows why this is a very slow way of navigating web  pages and learning to use screen reader shortcuts is a good idea.


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On Ubuntu and Orca....it's weird, if I toggle brose or sticky browse on, it doesn't jump to the buttons here, I don't know if it's a Linux/Orca setup specific issue but it just seems to leap around at random and I have to hit B and Shift=B a few times to get to the buttons...

Ideally I wouldn't mind one of three things

A) Poll options removed in the long run

B) A hotkey to post, something like alt+shift S
Example: I'm making a new topic, do my posst, do alt+shift+S and it activates submit from wherever I am on the page, or whatever hotkey is set to it, I say alt+shift+S as it's a common one for many forums and works across different forum software though I dunno if punbb supports that at all.

C) A redesign of the forum (unlikely) to make it cleaner and simpler to use and minimise the dead areas

Just my thoughts

Oh and it's a weird issue, it doesn't happen much on my laptop but on my desktop it seems to force focused mode on for the poll options so I'm thinking that's absolutely an Ubuntu/Orca issue now. No issues with the quick reply box mind.

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It unfortunately sounds like the issue here is more one with whatever is going on with your linux and Orca than with the forum itself, since most people can just use the buttons.

~A redesign is unlikely, though I will ask about updating some of the extentions and see if there is a way to have the poll commands separately, though to be honest there are more major priorities I'd like to see done first, eg, a pm notification.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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I think this issue is unique to the OP and thus, doesn't warrant a change. I like the way it is now, if I don't create a poll, its escape or nvda space and two taps of B to get to submit, no biggie. Here's the kicker, I just created a topic with a poll just like 30 secs ago in the dev room and it doesn't look like the poll created. I wouldn't expect it to let me vote on my own, but I would have thought it would have shown a button or something to see the votes. Maybe because there aren't any as of yet, but I don't know, it looks like the poll didn't get created.

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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A tip, if you are finished creating a topic or writing a post or editing an existing post or writing a private message, and you are in the message field, just hit control-enter to send it off. Should work with any reader and any browser.

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